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When Is A Lump Not A Lump?


While I was performing full time nurse duties for Mom L during her first two week home from hospital, I had to spend a good bit of time in our bed just to make sure she was warm and comfy and pain free. But as you can imagine, once in a while I just had to make that inevitable trip to the litter box. I never had to leave my duties to go eat, Dad P made sure if I was on duty then I received my meals in bed along with Mom L. Seemed perfectly normal to me, right?

Anyway, I made the litter box trip pretty quick this one time because I just knew Mom L needed me back quickly. She was restless. You can just imagine my shock when I jumped back on the bed to find this incredible LUMP right in front of me.


What the heck is that! It wasn't here when I left!

What the heck is that! It wasn’t here when I left!

I was very concerned that something had wormed its way under the covers with Mom L and I had no idea how dangerous it might be to her well being. It was a large lump under the quilt bedspread. That ‘other‘ very large lump on my left is, of course, Mom L’s leg hoisted high with an ice pack.

Back to the more important matter of that mysteriously appearing new lump under the covers. I sniffed, I poked…and still could not figure out what the heck it must be.

Let me nudge this lump. Hmmm...seems kind of soft

Let me nudge this lump. Hmmm…seems kind of soft

Still nothing from the lump. I was increasingly worried for Mom L’s safety.

What to do *wringing paws* Should I call for Dad P?

What to do *wringing paws* Should I call for Dad P?

And then that lump, that was NOT A LUMP, moved!!  It was TKS who had moved in while I was making my quick trip to the litter box. She inserted herself under the quilt bedspread hoping to take over MY nurse duties.

Harummppff! pfffttt! That TKS is just so annoying.

Harummppff! pfffttt! That TKS is just so annoying.

She climbed out, gave me a nod, and then left. Lucky for her because after giving her my back of disrespect I was gonna turn around and apply a little smacky paw. But then I reconsidered because I did not want to upset Mom L. She finally drifted off to sleep.

Paw Pats, Savannah

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65 thoughts on “When Is A Lump Not A Lump?

  1. kittiesblue on said:

    Just cannot trust those whippersnappers. They always try to insinuate themselves into their elder’s designated spot. Seems you intimidated her, Savvy. Job well done! XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

  2. catfromhell on said:

    Savannah! Yous is so furry nice to NOT play smacky paws when your Mommy was recovering! Yous the bestest!!!

  3. Katie Isabella on said:

    You two have MANNERS! You mom sure has helped you learn well. xxxoo

  4. Glad you take your nursing duties seriously and doubly glad it was not a dangerous lump after all!

  5. Sure glad that lump was just TKS and not something more serious or dangerous!

  6. Sage was subbing for you although she was obviously sleeping on the joy if she didn’t feel your nudges.

  7. meowmeowmans on said:

    Good thing you didn’t just pounce on that lump, Savvy!

  8. You should have pounced on that lump, Savvy. That would have made things real interesting!

  9. Unbelievable! Sage muscled in on your job! Well, sometimes a good nurse needs a few minutes off, I guess…

    Love and licks,

  10. Mee-you Savannah wee wass nervuss sumfing was wrong with Mummy L fur a momint…leeve it to Sage to sneek in while you were reeleevin yurself 😉
    Her heart wass inn thee rite place even if shee was not!!!
    Much luv an **nose bumpss** ‘Purrince’ Siddhartha an LadyMum xxxx

  11. You did such a good job of looking after Mom L, Savvy. Sage couldn’t hope to do as well, but she must have wanted to at least try. You showed her, though!

  12. Hmmm, that lump is lucky you didn’t give it a good whappy paw!

  13. I am sure Sage was just trying to help you while you took your call of nature. After all, she did leave again when you came back on duty.

  14. Aaaaw Savannah weez sure she wusn’t twyin’ to take over. She wuz just fillin’ in while yous had to take care of business.

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Lexi

  15. The Swiss Cats on said:

    MOL ! We have some lumps like this here too ! Purrs

  16. That’s right. You have a “relief nurse” when you have to tend to purrsonal stuff. So cool!

  17. pilch92 on said:

    You are very thoughtful not to want to upset Mom.

  18. if think you’re both doing a great job looking after your mum,Relax Savvy ,Sage is just having your back,xx SPeedy

  19. hahaha! very good investigating Sav!
    ღ husky hugz ღ frum our pack at Love is being owned by a husky!

  20. Wow – You really are a good nurse! We are in awe. Bo and Kobi

  21. Two Frwnch Bulldogs on said:

    You should see when this Fatty makes a lump. It’s a mountain
    Lily (& Edward)

  22. she was just keeping your spot warm for you 🙂 good job keeping the mom comfortable

  23. Your mum is so lucky she has you both!!

  24. wow that means there was an UNDERCOVER agent in your bed….disguised as a lump… very clever that Agent 009 Sage, huh?

  25. I’d have been tempted to jump on that lump and give it what for!

  26. Well Savvy, while the lump wasn’t there when you left briefly, the lump moved in to take over your nursing duties just for a few minutes while you were gone so really TKS was simply providing “coverage” for the PRIME nurse – YOU – while you were “indisposed”! Not such a bad thing – right?

    Hugs, Sammy

  27. mistletoeandhitch on said:

    You’re lucky that your Mom doesn’t activly invite strange “lumps” under the covers! Every time I turn around my HuMom is suggesting Hitch might get cozy by her feet. Lucky for me, he’s smart enough to know not to mess with my HuMom! Just cause he’s bigger than me doesn’t mean he can muscle into what’s mine!

  28. Wow, Sage must have been fast to get there while you were at the litter box, Savvy!

  29. Aww Savvy….you need a nurses union card for that Sage..i mean to do your shift while you were busy..see problem is a victim aka mum L is an awfully tempting place to get warm 🙂 I am glad no smacky paw was reverted to and that all fell silent hahaha 🙂 loves Miss Bev xx

  30. She just made sure while you followed nature’s call that your “mum” was well taken care of.

  31. LOL, we have a lump like that here too.

  32. I knew what dat lump was gonna be. Guess I’m psychic. Momma says psycho. Po-tay-to, po-tah-to.

    • Hi Crockett and Travis. I just visited your bloggy and left a comment explaining that I found 9 of your past comments, including this one, in our spam files. So very sorry we have missed seeing your comments. We are going back now to read them and reply. Hugs, Mom L and Savvy

  33. Mumsy's Little Chancy Man on said:

    Sweet Savannah what a super nurse you are, you are doing a terrific job watching over your sweet Mom. Maybe sweet Sage was just making sure she was okay while you were in the litter box. We are glad your sweet Mom drifted of to sleep and we hope she is healing well. Keep up the good work sweetie and she will heal that much faster with you on duty. Hugs and nose kisses

  34. You are doing really well looking after Mum. Tell her my Hipster fits my iPawd perfectly with room for purse and sketch pad too!! It’s summer here so I take it out with me everywhere!!

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