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Waiting Requires Cat Patience


This usually happens every single night. I have to do ‘drive bys‘ to get Mom L’s attention so she realizes “I” am ready for bed. (please forgive Mom L’s high pitched voice as she tries to tempt me to come back…sigh…she has required a lot of training)

What? Oh no, I do not require her to ‘tuck me in’…I just expect her to deliver my nightly ‘bedtime snack’ before I retire. Doesn’t every cat expect that??

Out new home has lots of levels and Mom L always has to come up from the living room to get to the kitchen, which means she must pass through the dining table level first.

You got it! I found a new spot to patiently await her decision to retire and serve me.

This dining table is hard but thankfully there is this nice table runner to lie on

This dining table is hard but thankfully there is this nice table runner to lie on

So here I dig deeply for my feline patience…

What in Ceiling Cat's name is Mom L doing??? I am ready for bed!!

What in Ceiling Cat’s name is Mom L doing??? I am ready for bed!!

Finally she moves…

Well, you certainly took your time...

Well, you certainly took your time…

Of course I have to make sure she is actually ‘going to bed and will serve me my bedtime snack’…so eye contact is imperative.

You're sure Mom L? Honestly? Ok...then I'll meet you upstairs...bring the food

You’re sure Mom L? Honestly? Ok…then I’ll meet you upstairs…bring the food

Humans…sigh…they require so much guidance.


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27 thoughts on “Waiting Requires Cat Patience

  1. Mee-you Savannah LadyMum just *swooned*….
    Shee says yur tucked inn pawss just made her go all wobbley! (She’ss rite; yur gorgeeuss!)
    Trainin Hu’manss iss purrty innterestin isn’t it?? Mee iss still inn thee process aftur almost 9 monthss of beein here. LadyMum servess treetss aftur mee Bach’ss an eye treetmint when wee get up. Then afternoon treetss are delivered in “Treet Mousie” between 3-4 pee em an nite time treetss are rite about now!! 9:30 pee em.
    Shee has food an snack timess down pat. (Fankfully!) Now wee just must sort out thee ‘bring mee inn to use thee litterbox’ situashun, mew mew mew…her understandin of Burmese iss pawfull πŸ˜‰
    keep on werkin Savannah…yur Mumma iss almost there! πŸ˜‰
    **paw patsss** Siddhartha Henry xxxx

  2. Your mum DELIVERS you yours treats? MOUSES! I need to speak to my union rep, ASAP. MOUSES!


  3. To say humans are a work in progress is overstating it a bit. They are just a piece of work! MOL

  4. hehehe that look on your face says it all Savvy,xx Speedy

  5. You really know how to use “The Look”. Great job training Mom L, Savvy.

  6. meowmeowmans on said:

    Excellent technique, Savvy! We are all about that pre-bedtime snack, too.

  7. Tell me about it. No need to look sad when you can bite her. Lately we also have a routine where when TW is ready to pick up my plate for the night, she brings it over so I can take what I want. After I eat, I walk calmly into the bedroom to wait for her to join me. WE’re so much alike.

  8. We can see Mom L still has some training to do. πŸ™‚

  9. Sweet Savvy we can tell that you have the eye contact and guidance down to a science. Good job sweetie. Hugs and nose kisses

  10. Ooooh that face!!! You are training Mum really well aren’t you! It’s all in the eyes you know!!

  11. Marty the Manx on said:

    That is a lot of work Savanna. You are such a patient mentor. We all gang up on Mom at the same time so that she knows it is time to go to bed, that way it gets through her thick skull that we are all ready to turn in πŸ™‚

  12. We do the same thing, Savvy, especially Ashton. As it gets close to bedtime, she starts to circle and meow, asking for her snack before bed. Any time the head peep moves an inch toward the cabinet where the treats are kept, she races in to wait hopefully. We had no idea that we had the same routine you did!

  13. You exhibit a WEALTH of patience, truly.

  14. You have your mum trained well Savvy. I get supper when my mum goes to bed. Since I was ill I get fed 4 times a day to keep me eating so I don’t lose weight again.

  15. S & S…….yea bye de time yur mom getted ewe a bed time snax…. it’z all reddy like break fast time { 12:01 AM }

    …..R ya sure she lives in de same time zone az ewe ??? πŸ™‚ β™₯β™₯β™₯

  16. Savvy, we have our bedtime snacks too. When mama gets up we both get up and assume our “treats position” and automatically, she opens the cabinet and out comes the treat bag, yay!

    We love your table. Looks like it could accommodate a lot of kitties for a lounging pawty.

    Emma and Buster

  17. Hmmmm, I got chewed out when I tried to set on the dining room table. Apparently kittehs are allowed where elkhounds are not…


  18. Two French Bulldogs on said:

    Just whack her in the ankle
    Lily & Edward

  19. catfromhell on said:

    Love your training technique!
    Kozmo starts YELLING at Mommy about 9 pm! Then, if Mommy or Daddy moves, he runs into the bed room, yelling and waits on the dresser (still yelling) for his treats. Now if they does not goes to bed, he is quiet and and when they does goes to bed, he starts all over again! And yes, he gets more treats.

  20. You are a great trainer, Savvy!
    On a side note, I LOVE how you know how to be on a table! Loaf position! Where else does a loaf belong but on the table?? MOL

  21. MOL, we have our humom trained well. We get night time treats as well. It’s great that our caretakers are consistent learners and train well. And what human can resist constant meows. We loved to be babied. Purrs, Greyson, Mr. Chivers, Chloe & Tabitha

  22. Humans DO need a lot of guidance but when we can deliver that guidance with a “LOOK” or a certain pose we’ve got it made Savvy… obviously have trained your Mom well………………..

    Love, Sammy

  23. It’s a great idea to show your humans when it is time to jump on your pillows… think I try that too :o) Savvy I love your photos you look fabulous relaxed on the table, seems your new headquarter becomes actually your home :o)

  24. My human’s boyfriend gives us cats bedtime snacks… when he is out of town doing shows, we get NOTHING! My human does not give bedtime snacks at all. Grr!

  25. Hahaha well Saavvy yes..we have similar here although i call it the ‘hurry up”..when it is time for beddies the girls go into the big bathroom or AL-CATRAZ reason being they go nuts all night and fight if allowed to free range..go here they have their igloo beds water a route out to the Kitty Day Spa and of course their nightly Marbles starts it..she jumps up on the tv unit and starts marching back and forth in front of the tv..then proceeds to the side table where she claws at the wall..and meows..this is a round up of the Mum.she ramps it up to couch scratching if i fall behind..she is the only one who does this but as Matriach she decides for the rest who when i get the snacks all fall into line..a mad house Savvy a mad house πŸ™‚ you give a great stare down too i must say πŸ˜‰ loves Miss Bev xx.

  26. My two show me my bedtime, too. Not like you, Savvy, they come up and rub themselves on me. When that fails to get my attention , Kessy, as she is the younger one, plays Riding Messenger and runs wildly through the flat. Next escalation: Both are out of sight and suddenly I hear high pitched cries from Kessy and she comes fleeing through the living room … Yesterday nothing helped. So they lay patiently on my bed and waited. Bedtime snacks? YES!

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