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Loss of A New Favorite Toy


With great reluctance, I have decided to share with my readers my new most favorite cat feather toy. Shockingly, it replaced my beloved Peacock Feather as the focus of all my playful attention. This blue feather flapper wand toy drives me mad, mad, mad!!!

DSC_7613 ed sized 2

I can see it; I am focused!

You can see by the glint in my eyes that I was focused for the kill! And I delivered my best bitey bite.



And, knowing my pal Spitty is already ‘mad’ I thought I would share one with him to learn if he too could be as distracted as me. You will have to ask him, but Mom L knows, from Spitty’s human, that Spitty, the ‘Spittster About Town’ was also driven even more mad than he is whenever my BFGF gal pal Cathy Keisha is near him. And now you know this is one powerful feather wand!

But, just to make sure it was also appealing to cats with less sophisticated taste in toys than me; I had The Kid Sage test it out as well.

Yes! Tasty!

Yes! Tasty!

I could see that she clearly was…ahhh, ahem…well…’interested’…



And now, my cat pals, you all are wanting to learn just where this blue flapper feather wand toy can be had…right?

Nowhere, nada, zip, zero,nigdzie, nulle part, etc. Yep, it is gone, gone, gone. We bought THREE. TKS has already broken one of the FABULOUS pheasant feathers, in half…you know, the young ones play rough. I gave one to my bay area pal, Spitty. And we have one more that is still intact as I received it. 

You kitties are all wanting to know from where I purchased these, right? Well, they are out of stock indefinitely. Very sad, yes very, very sad indeed. This pet product company makes, right here in the USA, all their pet products. And I guess those blue feathers pheasants are not sharing any more of their feathers. Bummer, a total bummer indeed. Please, if you want to try this fabulous engaging feather wand toy, write to Mountain Pet Products and beg, whine, mew to plead with them to make more of these captivating feather wand toys.

This is not a product review, I received NO PRODUCT FREE…I just want to have all my pals beg them to make MORE!!


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23 thoughts on “Loss of A New Favorite Toy

  1. Yeah, feathers don’t last long in our house either!

  2. That toy looks lovely. I hope Santa Paws stocked up before they stopped making them!

    Have a lovely Christmas and all the best for 2016!

  3. That feathers sure give some action, Savvy 😀 Extra Pawkisses 🙂 ❤

  4. pilch92 on said:

    That is a pretty feather, sorry TKS is so rough.

  5. That is a beautiful feather, Savannah, and that toy sounds super special. Maybe begging IS in order.

  6. Those birds need to grow feathers faster so you can get some more toys!

  7. Feathers don’t last long in our house either, Savvy. It doesn’t matter what color they are. 😉

  8. Better than peacock feathers? When Autumn lived with Gramma, one of Gramma’s friends had a huge bird and she used to give Gramma blue feathers that molted off the bird. Autumn loved them. I still have half a one and like it whenever TW gets it out for me.

  9. tonkstail on said:

    Seriouslies. Birds need ta get AT IT, making more feathers for our toys – Chop Chop!! ~ Faraday

  10. Two French Bulldogs on said:

    That toy looks like so much fun! You can even bite it!
    Happy Holidays
    Lily & Edward

  11. That is a fancy feather Savannah. The pheasants sometimes leave some in the fields for me, but they are never a lovely blue like that.

  12. Oh now I want one of those. M is going to write to them and beg! M says tho that Peacocks only shed their feathers once a year, so it might be we’ll have to wait until fall. I like peacock feathers, but M can usually only get them in the fall.

  13. Dang, there might just be an uprising!!!

  14. For a girl who loves feathers, that new toy is a WIN/WIN!!!!

    Hugs, sammy

  15. maybe you can sing Peggy Lee’s song “You Give Me Feather” in the phone, so the company will bring a truckload to you?

  16. We got pheasants! I could ask around if any can spare fevvers?!!! xox

  17. Wow you sure killed that fevver good , Savannah 🙂
    Have never seen fevvers in that colour in Sweden 😦


  18. Wow, somebody needs to make those pheasants cough up some more feathers!

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