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What’s It All About Alfie?


I wanna share a long time friendship, virtual, but real to me. I ask all of you to tell me in comments if you believe your virtual friends are as real to you as my UK pal Alfie is to me. And yes, Alfie hit the road for The Bridge back at the end of January 2016, but I have proof pawsitive that he is hangin’ around for a bit longer.

Wanna know why I know this for a fact? Read on—

Alf and I met in June, 2012 when he and his huMom Miss Stella reached out to me and my huMom L for some help gettin’ started in Blogville. He had a sidekick, his twin sister Mollie aka Mollops to friends.

I promised Miss Stella that I would not make this celebration of Alfie’s “here on our earth” time maudlin nor sad. Alf, like Miss Stella, always loved a good joke and a ton of humor! He taught me to hang loose and be cool. And so I asked him once—”What’s it all about Alfie?” What do you think my UK pal answered me?

It's all about love and friendship

It’s all about love and friendship

What’s it all about Alfie
Is it just for the moment we live,
I believe in love, Alfie
Without true love we just exist, Alfie
Until you find the love you’ve missed
You’re nothing, Alfie…
Excerpt from “What’s It All About Alfie”
Written by  Burt Bacharach and Hal David

Straight up, Alfie found that love with Miss Stella and eventually with his woofies best pal ever, Mollie. I asked Alfie to share his rescue story with me back in 2012.

Alfie here, tooo look at mee’s you would fink I had alway’s been spoilt and led the life of luxury, well’s dat’s not the case. I use to live with a family, they wern’t very nice to me cos they picked me up, took me in the car and dumped me. Yes, just dumped me. I didn’t nose where I was. I was scared and sooo fightened. I loves to be wiff people but there was no peoples about.

I don’t nose how many day’s I spent, walkin on my own, trying to find somewhere to live, someone to give’s me some dinner. I hadn’t eaten in yonks! I eventually came across an old gal, she took me in and did give mee some food. I fought my luck had changed. She put me outside her back door and told’s me to go on my way. On mee way where’s?? I didn’t have anywhere to gooo.

The weaffer was getting real bad, rain and cold. I found a bush to cuddle up in. The rain was still heavy and I had to keep lookin for a home, someone I could luv’s and someone to luv’s me. I was now a bag of bones!! Soo weak, I smelt, I was dirty, wet, yoo’ s name it. I found my way to a little close, wiff a few houses. I jump’s wiff the little strength I had left, onto a window sill. I stared into the house. It was cosy and looked so warm. I was soaked through and shakin. Then I saw a Human comin to the window, meee heart started fluttering and a managed a small meeeow ( help ). The Human took me in, wrapped me in a blanket, gave me a drink and some corned beef. ( that’s all she had as they didn’t have pets ) She asked around if anyone new where I had come from. Someone mentioned the old gal but she didn’t want me. Human took me off to the cat doctor, I was injected, prodded , de flead and microchipped. Did this mean I had found a new home ???? Yes… and that’s how Human became HUMOM ! Now I’m fat, lazy, warm and cosy and spoilt. This isn’t a story, it’s true.

Don’t ya think Alfie found his true love in his true home?? Come on, tell me in comments so Miss Stella knows for sure that Alfie dashed to The Bridge with joy and love in his heart. Well, except for one thing.

Ahem—ummm—ya see this is where the whole question of are “virtual pals” versus “real pals” comes in. Here’s the deal. Miss Stella made this ahmazzing supercalifragilisticexpialidocious bed and blankie for Alfie. And he dashed off to The Bridge before he could even give it a test drive.

Fast forward, Mom L asked Miss Stella if we could buy Alfie’s legacy bed and his legacy blankie. Now here is the real story. It arrived, and normally I don’t give two of my favorite treats for “new” anything. But that bed and blankie, well they called to me.

That blankie has MY name on it??!!

That blankie has MY name on it??!!

And then there was the bed. You see, Alfie has only ONE WING!! He must have two to make his complete journey over The Bridge. Why would he ask for only ONE WING?

Can this be real??

Can this be real??

Unexpectedly, I could hear Alfie encouraging me to give that bed a try—

alfie calls to Savvy

I did in fact try that bed faster than any other new cat bed brought in to my forever castle—and Alfie was right there with me.

savvy chanels alf 2

And not only did I try that bed, I have never left that bed!! It is the softest, more delicious beddy ever.

At peace with Alfie

In fact, TKS waits until I leave my Alfie bed and she dashes in to take a brief turn.

Finally!! My Turn!1

Finally!! My Turn!!

It took me a couple of days before I could try out the blankie Mom L placed on my our short cat tower, but eventually I hopped right up and made myself at home.

I hope you are now wondering why, oh why, would Alfie ask for ONLY ONE WING?? Well, Alfie has a few things to settle on with his fur sib, Mollie aka Mollops, the blonde bombshell border collie who appeared out of nowhere to share his life. Alfie took her arrival in stride, except he does have just a few things square away before he accepts his second wing.

alfie and mollie forever

And Mollie just built up Alfie’s need to keep a paw present—



But in the end, they are bonded for life. Mollie misses Alfie, and he waits for her at The Bridge.

Real love

Real love

Now I ask once again, can we have true friendship virtually? All I know is that I kept having to wipe Mom L’s leaky eyes as she typed and then she gently wiped my leaky eyes as I celebrate my REAL friendship with my pal Alfie. And I know for sure he is still waiting in the “wings” , pun intended, to reap his havoc with Mollie. I hope you will all join the fun when Alfie One Wing takes after Mollie. The stuff cartoons are made of!!

Enjoy a few photos to remember my pal, my love, Alfie.

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37 thoughts on “What’s It All About Alfie?

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  3. Marty the Manx on said:

    oh Savvy we are late to post but yes yes virtual friendships can run so deep and true! Alfie was so wonderful and we really miss him too. So glad that a part of him is there with you in your new beddie and that you love it! This was such a beautiful tribute post, Mom’s eyes are so leaky she is going to go have a nice cry and go to bed now.

  4. Beeuteefull tributte to Alfie One Wing! Mee did not know him well butt mee did mee-yow with a bit befur hee went off to Pure Land. He sure DID have a sense of humour mew mew mew…
    An what a story about him beein dumped an tryin to find a new home…what a troopurr hee was; nevurr givin up till hee foun Lady Stella. An funny how Mollie came along an how they both were same colors?!?!
    An mee finkss virtual furendship iss JUST as reel as face to face furendss Savannah.
    Oh an you look pawsum inn Alfie’ss bed an that blankit iss purrfect!!!
    Fankss fur a wunderfull blogge; Alfie iss lookin down on you with LUV…..
    ***paw patsss*** Dharth Henry xxxx an {{{hugs}}} LadyMum

  5. What a beautiful tribute to your furriend Alfie and his story made sad and happy at the same time. He is loved, he was loved and we loved Alfie too and we didn’t understand if it was a joke when we heard about his passing…half passing… but when it got through our head, we had to cry too. For Granny and I we feel furriendships from a distance, even if we don’t have so much contact, only through the blogs, but we feel connected and with some kitties we have even a deeper bond, than with others and sometimes it just comes from one side… Just like in ..can I say real life..I guess I can, because it feels like it. Now get a nice sleep in Alfie’s bed and tell us, when he comes to see you again. We love to hear about it! Double Pawkiss for this fabulous story 🙂 ❤

  6. The Swiss Cats on said:

    What a great story, and what a beautiful friendship ! Purrs

  7. What a lovely post Miss Savvy! We miss Alfie, Mollie and Stella very much but Mollie & Stella must be so lonesome without Alfie.

  8. Whether pals are next door and we see ’em every day or halfway across the world and we’ve never met, they’re still pals, IN EVERY SENSE OF THE WORD. Purrs, Seville.

  9. What a wonderful and sweet story. We have made many wonderful friendships with our blogging friends, including ones we haven’t met in the fur. We applaud Mom Stella for giving this kitty his second chance and for you, Savvy, and Mom L remembering and honoring him with this beautiful post. Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

  10. TW’s eyes are leaking and that means trouble. I knew Mollie and Alfie only briefly. I did win the Pope thing on their blog and a statue of myself. Yes, online friendships are real. I just have trouble with virtual marriages. That bed and blankie are pawsome. I’m so glad you like them and have something to remember Alfie by.

  11. Friendships that start online aren’t any less “real” than those with friends on the other side of town. It’s just a lot less convenient to have them over for dinner.

  12. Flynn on said:

    I miss Alfie too. He found himself a good and loving home where he was very happy. I really do believe some virtual friendships can be as strong as face to face friendships.

  13. Mary McNeil on said:

    Beautiful ! Friendships are real, whether you ever meet or not !

  14. A fine, fine tribute to a dear friend, from a dear friend. My eyes weep in celebration of a life and friendship worth having and sharing. Distance and media do not diminish what we feel, in fact they more often strengthen it. purrs Erin

  15. Aww Alfie is such a fun one wing kitty,I am glad you tried out that bed and blanky Savvy,the bed really suits you,xx Speedy

  16. What a loving tribute to Alfie. And now you have something to remember him by. Sleep in that bed well. 🙂

  17. S & S…what a total lee awesum post for Alfie….we loves it & we noe him doez two….we all mizz him sum thin feerce; N we noe mollie & familee due; even mor sew…high paws two ewe….. yur new bed & blankit rock de houz…they R mega kewl ♥♥♥

  18. Love, love, love this we KNOW sweet Alfie was in the right home and with ones that could not have loved him more. We can well understand why he is still hanging around. It thrills us to know that sweet Savvy is enjoying the bed and blankie. Glad to see sweet Sage gets a turn in the bed some too. Sweet Alfie from The Bridge is still passing out that love and caring. Hugs and nose kisses

  19. Well, you made us cry. We miss Alfie.

  20. What a wonderful narrative.

    Emma and Buster

  21. Love Alfie, Mollie and Miss Stella so much

  22. What a wonderful tribute to Alfie! Yes, I think virtual friends can have a true friendship! It’s all about connection, whether in person or from a distance.

  23. hannahandlucy on said:

    What a wonderful bed and we’re sure it would be oh so comfy to sleep in Alfie.

  24. This is the sweetest, bestest post! I did not know the story of how Alfie’z found Stella Bella but I am glad they found each other! And I am happy that Alfie’z is taking a bit of time to make it to the Bridge. It makes it a bit easier to adjust… I have some leaky eyes too.

  25. Beautiful to know our friends are still with us. I know Zac is with me – I’ve told Raffy he can’t take his place.

  26. Wee say wivsout a doubt virtual furiendships are evry bit as reel as in da fur ones. Sometimes wee finks dem is bettersome yoo can tells virtual firiends fings yoo woods not tell in da fur ones. Wee lovs our ondaline furiends veri muchli an our Momster woods neva havs got frew all her healf problems wivsout dem

    wivs lov
    Da K Krew

  27. We also love, love, love Mollie and Alfie. And Miss Stella. Nothing surprises us about the magical bed and blankie.

    Love and licks,

  28. What a special bed! I never got to know Alfie… my loss.

    • Alfie and Mollie with Mom Stella’s help, initiated, managed an incredibly successful online auction in 2013 while I was at my first BP…they raised $2000 tp cover vet costs for Leo’s recovery from hepatic lipidosis. I didn’t even know they were going to do it. Alfie always helped Stella pin up her sewing, he is missed greatly.

  29. That was a beautiful post about Alfie aka Gaylord, Miss Savvy! We didn’t know the story of how he found his HuMom and Mollie! I think it is entirely possible to have true buddies who are “virtual” because in actual fact no one is “virtual” when they can be loved and love back!! We have leaky eyes! xoxoxox

  30. Alfie found the bestest place a lonely kitty boy could ask for… a place full of fun, treats toys and LOVE. And he was a true friend to so much bloggers… like his sister Mollie still is, and we hope so much that we once will meet each other in the furs… I mean we plan this since 2012, so it must be good, right?

  31. sandy921 on said:

    Thank you for such a lovely post Savannah, even if it made my eyes leaky.

  32. mollieandalfie on said:

    What can I say’z Mizz Savvy Doll, what a wunderful’z pozt youz haz dedicated to mez. Youz know’z how much I lub’z you, the Kid and Mizz Linda. I am’z sooo pawleazed youz luvving the bed, it’z juzt your color. Me wing’z being’z tugged, so dat mean’z I haz anuffer task to do. Gotta fly’z.. Lub’z youz all. Your Alfie One Wing xxxxxxxxxxx

  33. Alfie was and is indeed a real friend in every sense of the do not need to be in the same room..same town..even the same country to have a real friend..there are so many in your life people who may as well be virtual Savvy for all the joy they do not bring! i think you know that Alfie sent the scent of real friendship in that bed..and that is the love and purity of our friends ..both near and far..lovely post Savvy Loves Miss Bev xxx

  34. Alfie had a lovely home right there – and the peeps that just dropped him out with bad weather to come shall go to that mythological hot place and not even be able to get warm there with their ice-cold hearts!

  35. The bonds of friendship run deep. Yeah, I know, our friends can be ‘virtual’ online, or ‘real’ buddies but the commitment of friends online does not make them less real. Promises made by virtul or real friends are promises that will be kept by true friends. Alfie was a handsome lad and losing him must’ve been so tough for his Mum, but the friendship is still in your hearts – it will live on, in another way.

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