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And the beat goes on—


Now don’t get fooled to thinking that I am loving how this “beat” keeps going on—’cuz I’m not. You know how much I luvluvluv my personalized tent, right? Well, you can see that I am now spending my daytime nap time in Alfie’s bed under a bench!! Sheesh!!

I didn’t even bother getting outta my Alfie bed when Dad P loaded up Kit Katie (KK) to take her to Petco adoptions with Community Concern For Cats (CC4C). Most of the public stopping by the cats up for adoption are asking “where are the kittens?” so there is pent up desire for kittens which keeps families disinterested in even young adults like KK.

KK spent Saturday and Sunday at Petco. Not loving it at all. KK is in the top cage.

I’m gonna watch the street because people scare me

Finally she did turn around to check out what all the commotion was.

Who the heck let these humans in here?

Toward the end sweet KK crept even closer to the front almost as though she knew that she just might find her forever family.

Hey? Wanna take me home with you?

Beyond the nerve wracking time spent at adoptions, KK has been keeping all of us entertained. Mom L was not, and still isn’t, well. She is having her first ever horrible experience with positional vertigo. She spent a good bit of time in bed after being at emergency earlier last week. After a long nap, Mom L woke to find KK right next to her, me at her feet not far from KK and TKS was next to her head on the other pillows. Yes, we were all right there doing our best nurse duty.

Everybody shape up! Mom L needs us!

And yesterday, KK gave Mom L a total fright. She did what not even TKS has done since we moved here. She jumped from the staircase landing bench to the TOP of the curio cabinet!! Limpy leg and all!!

Wow!!! That was fun!!

Needless to say, Mom L was not amused!

Thank you all for your many kind words of comfort to Mom L on her Facebook post about her vertigo episode. She continues to experience it and is not a happy camper to say the least.


Community Concern For Cats

Contra Costa Humane Society

Petco Re-Homing

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15 thoughts on “And the beat goes on—

  1. I’m so sorry to hear about your vertigo. I thought it was kind of a funny condition after seeing it in cartoons. Not so much after I developed it myself. Best wishes.

  2. When the staff are in need, the felines, one and all come to the rescue!
    We sure hope that the power of the purr and paw gets you feeling better very soon.
    As for folks wanting kittens, it seems the same old same old issue, and super felines such as KK will be left. The thing is I hope that in some way because of that, when the folks come for her, which I know they will soon, they will be the right ones this time.

  3. meowmeowmans on said:

    Darn. We sure hope Mom L feels better soon!

  4. The Island Cats on said:

    You guys sure have a lot going on. We send purrs to Mom L and hope she’s feeling better soon.

  5. We were hoping the vertigo was gone so sorry it is not. Sure hope it leaves soon. Hugs, purrs and prayers for your sweet mom LM Hugs and nose kisses

  6. Purrayers an POTP to your Mom & Katie – and you and Dad & TKS too.

  7. Something like this vertigo is no fun for someone as active as you, I hope it clears and you can get back to being lively Mom again.

    I am hoping and hoping for Katie. If we were in American I would take her in a heartbeat. We take the slightly shaky, the older and the confused here, they feel so much at home.

    Love to you all. Hang in Katie, Savvy you can DO this!!!

  8. Our Miss Fitz used to freeze in place during those events and it got to the point that people kept asking if she was sick. Not good for the others if the public thinks there is sickness. Of course she was fine as soon as she was back in her Foster Room at home. After a looooooong time Dad relented and gave her a home. We purr that Katie will find her forever home soon as she is a sweetie.
    Nurse Dad says those attacks can be really debilitating and sometimes they cannot find a cause (Iatrogenic) Hope Mom L stays better but you better keep the nursing going. Purrs all
    Timmy and Family

  9. The Swiss Cats on said:

    We send Mom L tons of purrs and hope she feels better soon. Purrs

  10. I hope your human feels a LOT better soon!

  11. S & S & K; we iz sorree ta lurn yur momz not doin sew grate…we hope bye de grace oh cod two dayz a WAAAAAY better day & vertee takez a go….and goez….. we noe how vizshuz it can bee…..big hugs two her N grate job bye ewe all for helpin her thru it ~~~~~~~~ ♥♥♥

  12. Nice jump sweet Katie! Purrs to your Mom from all of us.

  13. We hope your Mom is better soon. We are glad that you allowed KK to help out with the nursing duties, seems as if she is fitting into your family rather well. And boy can KK jump. Way to go KK. And KK we think you are feeling very confident to make that jump.

  14. KK is an adventure kitty for sure,hope your mama feels better soon…..having you balance out of wack is no fun,xx Speedy

  15. wow KK can jump like a tiger… we send lots of hugs to your mama and we hope that good things will come to her and to you all soon…

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