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Friday Memes From Our Cat Colony


First I gotta let you all know that Mom L and I are so very sorry we could not post on Monday. Sunday was the year’s second SNIP Clinic and Mom L and Dad P both worked the clinic in the morning. Then Mom L took Katie to Petco adoptions ‘cuz Dad P had his turn the day before. Mom L could not lift her thumbs to type for me.

And today, she is not over her six hour visit to Emergency hospital on Tuesday night when she suffered a severe unexpected vertigo attack. Never ever never happened before and caught her and Dad P off guard. We kitties spent Wednesday and Thursday in bed with her…yes…I mean “all” three of us.

Mom L is the bump in the middle

The next day the tent came down and you can’t see TKS, but she is right up by Mom L’s head. I allowed Kit Katie to get on the bed closest to Mom L as this was her first time serving Nurse duty.

Ok KK, you take good care of Mom L

We hope to be back again with full health next week. But for now, here are a couple of memes I created for your Friday Smiles. The first kitty is from the SNIP clinic Mom L worked with Dad P this past Sunday.

Calico girl going in for spay at SNIP clinic…not happy!

Miss Cali gal was whacking the trap when anyone came near her! She was very feisty but now she will never have to take care of kittens again. SNIP spayed, neutered ninety-three community cats in six hours. Everyone including veterinarians, registered vet techs, etc. are volunteers.

This next kitty is a newbie to the park colony Mom L and Dad P help manage near us. Mom L is going to trap her to learn if she is friendly enough for adoption. She has the cutest short tail, so part Manx. She is ear tipped, but her white markings on her hind legs make her look like a bunny in motion when she walks and runs! Very cute!

I will be reporting to my readers all about the new program Project Delta View Cats that Mom L and Dad P co-founded for our city. We have a pilot project in place where we are testing all our protocols, recruiting volunteers and working on fund raising. The pilot project is in the area where we live, including the River View Park colony cats, and others along our Pittsburg, CA marina area.

Katie still searches for her forever home so please keep her in your thoughts and send some POTP her way.



Community Concern For Cats

Contra Costa Humane Society

Petco Re-Homing

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14 thoughts on “Friday Memes From Our Cat Colony

  1. meowmeowmans on said:

    We love your memes, Savvy. And Mom L and Dad P are the best of thest kind of peeps. We are so grateful for al they are doing to help those feral kitties. We hope Mom L is feeling better, and we’re purring for Katie (and sharing again)!

  2. Great Memes and we are glad Mom is alright. Congratulations on the program and keep us up to speed in how we can help
    Timmy and Family

  3. Memories of Eric and Flynn on said:

    That was great work at the SNIP clinic.
    I hope your mom is soon feeling better. It was good of you both to let Katie help with nursing duties.

  4. Bruce on said:

    Much love sent your way.You both do so much.

  5. Sending healing purrz to Mom L. She’s feel a lot better if you girls got along I bet. Your mom and dad do such wonderful work.

  6. 15andmeowing on said:

    These are cute 🙂 I hope your mom feels better soon.XO

  7. The Island Cats on said:

    We sure hope Mom L is feeling better soon. Thanks for the memes…they always make us smile.

  8. We are so sorry to hear about mom L and we sure hope she is all well and doing great very soon. How nice of you two to let Katie help with the nursing duties. We know you all nursing mom L helped her a long way on her road to getting well. Hugs and nose kisses and you all have a wonderful weekend.

  9. I hope your human is okay, Savannah! What a scary episode for her – I can tell you guys must have been worried, since you let Katie help do nurse duties. I loved the memes this week.

  10. Ra Husquiberian on said:

    Dear Savvy,

    Hope wooos mum feals better soon, pops had a terrible vertigo attack a bit ago, it it truly terrible, let us know when things are better please,

    Nuk & family

  11. Get well soon!

  12. mistletoeandhitch on said:

    We are glad momL is okay. We must protect the thumbed ones. 💕🐾

  13. We all are sending purrs to your Mom and to all those sweeties at the cat colony too.

  14. Another successful clinic and great work by your human team!
    I hope your mom gets to feeling all well and able to stand very soon.
    Love the memes this week, and NO seconds here at the moment either—well not until I’ve lost more weight 😉
    Have a great and well week everyone.

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