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And the Memes Keep On Coming!


I have two new guest contributors today. I am tickled gray and white to have my readers sending me your animal memes. Species doesn’t matter, but the photo must be of animal (s) you have met or who are members of your human family, even if “extended family”.

That said, take a look at this cutie Joanie, from 15 And Meowing!  She is one audacious ladycat! And I just bet that $one dollar USD per rub is gonna go straight to her treat allowance.

Joanie 15Meowing


Next up is a special guest contributor, my former cat vet Doc Josie. She has a member of her immediate family who allows her to qualify as a Blue Star Mom and she wears that star oh so proudly. But then Doc Josie always has had a crazylady sense of humor. Mom L added the words but that expert photo shopping is all Doc Josie’s work.

Airborne is not Chik-hen

And of course I could not say “no” to my fur sib TKS. She just had to have her own meme added to this collection. She seems to think she can sing like the music stars—hardly!

TKS takes on James brown

There you have it for this week. Come on my pals, send me more photos even if you can’t come up with the words. I help Mom L work on the words and we submit back to you before ever posting to make sure you approve. We like to insure we are using PG rated words after all.


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24 thoughts on “And the Memes Keep On Coming!

  1. Do you mean to say we can charge peeps for tummy rubs? Do you mean to say we can get tummy rubs AND get paid, too? MOUSES!

  2. Bwa!Ha!Haaa!
    How has Mes been missing these! Mes is going to has to fire my secretary!
    Kisses grrl furrend!
    Your gal pal
    And lots of kisses

  3. C/mon Sage. Get down and get funky!

  4. These are fun memes!

  5. MOL! Those are great! Though we think Joanie is a little cheap on the belly rubs.

  6. Mew mew mew Sage that iss a grate Mee Mee!!!!
    An Joanie an Doc Josie’ss are funny all so!
    ***paw kissesss*** Dhartha Henry xxx

  7. That first meme…. we had no idea we could charge for tummy rubs!

  8. edithchase on said:

    Chickens are hilarious! All the memes were very funny. 🙂

  9. pilch92 on said:

    Thank you for sharing Joanie’s , she is very proud of that tummy 🙂 The chickens are cute and so is your Meme too.

  10. This week’s memes are GOOD!

  11. meowmeowmans on said:

    Those are so much fun, Savvy and Sage! Happy Friday to you both, and Mom Linda and Dad Peter, too. 🙂

  12. Two French Bulldogs on said:

    I’ll take some belly rubs any day
    Lily & Edward

  13. MOL! Love the memes! Happy Friday, my friends.

  14. These are great photos. We enjoyed this post so much. Keep up the good work.

  15. Great memes……………!

    Hugs, Sammy

  16. TASTY WHOLE CHICKENS!!!!!! I want to join! ~Bear Cat

  17. Hehehe these are pawsome Savvy!and Sage hehehe crazy kitty,xx Speedy

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