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Memes just for you


My Friday Memes are special today ‘cuz I have one from my Angel Mistletoe. She is a RWB (reader without a blog) and has crossed TRB…but never forgotten. A lady-cat after my own heart.

Of course TKS had to get one meme in for today and hers is, well, what can I say? Odd???!!

And now for Kit Katie…still searching for her forever home.

KK had an X-Ray that shows her right front leg may have a poor socket connection which causes her to limp. And now she has a potential blocked/scarred tear duct in her right eye and kitty acne on her chin which we cannot remedy. Poor KK cannot get a break in her search for her forever home. Please keep KK in your thoughts and send her pawsitive energy to find that special castle just meant for her.


Friday Memes from Southern Africa


I asked Mom L and Dad P to let me try to paw at writing some memes from their Africa safari photos. I sure do hope you all get a tickle outta the ones I picked!

This baby elephant startles Mom L when she heard rustling leaves outside their tent on afternoon. She unzipped her tent door and WOW!! There was this not so little elephant kitten baby.

There were about twelve to fifteen adults and baby elephants so close you can see Mom L’s front porch chair!!

And then there is this young lioness who is just not happy with the start of yet another commute to find her next meal.

This pride of twelve young lions and lionesses was already fat and happy but ready to go out and search for desert.

And then at their first safari camp, Mom L discovered a whole new meaning of “road hog”.

There you have it. Hope you don’t mind I am starting to share some of my peeps’ photos from their Africa safari as memes. These photos just beg to be shared, don’t ya think??


Friday Memes Just for You


My memes this week offer a little bit for everyone I think. First up is my look alike pal Hitch from my RWB, Miss Dorothy’s feline home.

I don’t know about any of you but I can totally relate to Hitch’s feelings sometimes when TKS is buggin’ the heck outta me!!

Next up is my own interpretation of how to avoid those things in life we don’t wanna deal with…na’mean??

Now come on peeps!! Don’t you all wish, just once, you could enjoy using our feline magical tissue paper to hide just a bit from your worldly troubles??? Let me hear a shout out from the peeps in comments!

Next up is one of my bestest feline gal pals in the UK. Hear, hear from Erin the Cat Princess !

*snicker* Come on my pals, guess what Princess Erin is hiding under one of her front paws!! You might just WIN SOMETHING!!

There you go, my Friday Memes, Just for You.



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