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Friday Memes with Guests


First off, up front and center is another contribution from my woofie pal Phinny! He is Angel Easy’s little brofur. Phinny is taking after his angel brofur and learning to get into all kinds of mischief. But one thing for sure, he does hesitate at snatching fruits when he counter surfs.

And once again my pals from The Kitty Platoon have submitted another Tabby Cat featuring Captain Fokker when he was younger and a bit more—ahem!—cough! —well let’s just say a “bit more robust” and leave it at that.

And I simply could not leave you without one of my very own stellar memes featuring me of course!

I am sure missing all my pals who are attending Blog Paws conference this week and wish them all the best time ever.


What’s A Friday Without A Meme?


I’m pulling up photos of a kitten from the Community Concern 4 Cats special Kitty Kitchen Clinic Mom L helps out. Sometimes getting photos requires a firm paw. No kitten was harmed in creating this kitten meme.

The next is a woofie meme. Actually a Sibe experience Mom L is certain has been experienced by many a husky pulling a sled. Thank you to my pals from RA Husky for this great photo! This is Nanuk asking his Norwegian Elkhound buddy Miss Timber how she figures to get him home by supper time.

Last and never least, TKS is finally giving some clarity to what cats everywhere hear when told told to ‘wait’ by their human guardians.





It’s Friday! Here Come the Cat Memes!


I am gonna be running outta photos real soon and have to start using some of my Deposit Photos credits. Pllleeaaase don’t make me do that guys! I just need one fun, cute, serious photo from each reader and I’ll be in business. I’d love to have woofies and kitties.

On to the fun cat memes I have for you today.

You know how those kittens can be at such a young age. No one is safe from them!!


I certainly hope that our humans post the above meme somewhere they can be constantly reminded that even when they think we are asleep—we are listening and watching. Let’em just pop a can of food or rattle a treat bag and they will learn we are on the watch.

Hey, TKS decided to take a nap on my purrsonal blue afghan. She knew it was my favorite. Not my problem if she discovered to late that I had a little “accident” after my morning kibble snack. Right?

I sure do appreciate hearing in comments which of the memes made you get a little smile on your face or maybe even caused an out loud laugh.


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