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Friday Memes for Your Friday Smile


I have a great guest meme from someone who isn’t my species, but who nonetheless is full of silliness!

Gotta give it to these hens, they know how to get your Friday smile working, right?

I’m sure lots of my feline pals are gonna relate to my meme for this Friday.

I knew you would feel my endurance patience wearing thin with that smart phone stuck in my snoozing face!

And you know how humans are always poking fun at us for staring off into to what they think is just space?

Guess they better start thinking twice about makin’ the assumption we aren’t looking at anything. Little do they know.

Hope one of two of these caught your fancy.


Friday Memes Just for YOU!


And the cat memes just keep rolling in! Hope you are all ready for your Friday smile!

First up is TKS. She has a lot on her mind.

Yup! You got it! TKS is tires of using her own kitty spit for her toilette. How do you feel about that?

And then there is the sentiment of many kitties who have paid a visit, unwanted, to the V-E-T.

This is cutie Katie from a previous blog post. She was abandoned by rental folks and our neighbors started feeding her and she is almost an indoor kitty now!

And I simply could not leave you without a meme from yours truly, ME!

Give me a shout out in comments as to which meme made your Friday Smile your best this week!!


Zooming Back to Friday Memes


I hope all my pals in the USA got to share in some of the yummy noms your humans had yesterday for their Thanksgiving Day. I don’t care so much for human food but TKS sure did find she has a liking for turkey.

Hope you get a smile or two from my two cat memes for this week. I am once again gonna have to plead with my readers to please share some of your photos with me. I can write your meme lines, but I need some new photos. After all, even I get a bit bored with just me and TKS as the subjects, na’ mean?

Speaking of TKS—

Now you all know TKS can sure do a not so bad rendition of the songs of our people!

And for all of you who maybe had a bit too much turkey—

There you have it. Let me know if one of these gave you a chuckle or two.


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