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Proper use of a holiday box lid


For the first time ever I am going to turn over my blog post to the youngster I refer to as “KK” aka “Kit Katie” aka “Katie”. Mom L didn’t get the photos purrfect ‘cuz she was so astonished to see what KK was doing with the box lid to some of Mom L’s treasures from her childhood. Needless to say, Mom L was way too amused watching KK and her ability to focus her iPhone camera was challenged! MOL!!

Take it away Katie!

” Oh gosh, Princess Savannah, thank you oodles and lots for allowing little me to tell about my discovery of how to use a holiday box lid.”

ooomph! I certainly think my little butt must fit

“Needless to say, I was just a tad challenged on my first couple of tries in using this very special box lid that Mom L so lovingly provided to me.”

Hmmm…maybe if I try doing this head first?

“Well that didn’t work at all!”

Gosh, this still doesn’t feel quite comfy yet

“I really wanted to make sure my whole butt fit nicely inside this darling box lid.”

Maybe if I shift a bit to the left?

” Sadly, shifting left didn’t provide any more space for my butt and tail.”

This is so frustrating! Let me try something else

” It took me a while to figure out just how to make my butt and tail fit into this box lid, but as we all know, “If at first you don’t succeed, try, try, again”!

“Voila!! And there you have me!! My butt and tail nicely tucked into the little box lid!”


PeeEss…koff, koff, ahem,…Savvy here…Mom L couldn’t get the photo but KK’s tail never did fit in the box lid *giggles*

Friday Memes for Friday Smiles


Get your smile muscles ready, ‘cuz I have some pretty good ones for you this week. First up, Kit Katie.

Next is one of our rescue kitties. I think she set up a little experiment and it didn’t turn out quite like she expected!

And TKS begged to put this one up. Might be she is delivering a ‘purrsonal’ message to her lap partner???

Let me know in comments what’cha think.


Friday Memes and Friday Smiles


I wasn’t sure that Mom L would make it to my keyboard to get this post up in time but by golly she did!!

Let’s get started with my guest meme from the Crew at Dash Kitten. Those who have known me a long while will recognize Silver as one of my AdventurCat pals.

Crazy pants Silver. Of course something touched your feet!! You were outside!!!

Next up is story in a meme.

Yup!! Make those big guy cats a tad lighter in their “rear ends” and we are on our way to fewer abandoned, homeless community cats! Just sayin’.

Of course we had to add one meme from the home front.

Let me hear in comments if any of my memes caught your Friday smile headed to a Friday grin!!!


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