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Friday Memes—short and tantalizing!


Well I really wanna know what my readers think about the REAL meaning behind my memes today. Me and TKS have a message to send  about something and to someones. What do ya think that message is and who do ya think we are sending it to?

Seriously, given my last post on Monday and now our memes—I bet’cha no one can even come close to what message we are sending and to whom about what. Go on, give it a try and let me hear your best guesses in comments.

And of course TKS followed my plea!

What’d’ya think is goin’ on in my castle?


Friday Memes to Lift You Up!


Let’s get your Friday smiles going!

First up is my pal Hitch, who is the all time nuisance cat to my gal pal Mistletoe, who is a Reader Without Blog (RWB).

Now I am totally pawsitive that if Mistletoe had the pawer of the paw to turn that faucet on—well let’s just say that Hitch would be on speed dial for those paramedics!!

And of course I asked TKS to come up with somethin’ she thought was clever. You know TKS. You have to let me know in comments if you think she was cleverly funny or just plain silly!

Now I have one last meme. I asked one of my Paw It Forward project kitties who Mom L has been pulling as friendly cats from the cat colony we are helpin’ out with. You already met Whitey, when she was staying briefly with me. She has now been at the shelter for over two weeks and there are about 200 hundred kittens she has to compete with for adoption.

Please send some purrs to Whitey, and if you have a moment, please share this post so’s she can try to find her loving family who just doesn’t know yet that they belong to her.

Hope to hear from you in comments about how I did with my Friday Memes this week.


Friday Memes and Happy Tails Ending


I know from your comments that you have all enjoyed having me include some of my Paw It Forward project Delta View Cats as subjects for memes. So let me get right to it with my first guest from Project Delta View Cats! Miss Starlight was pulled from the colony by Mom L about 3 weeks ago, I featured her in a blog post.

I guess that post worked ‘cuz Starlight got her wish from that star she was wishing on!!

APAWS   APAWS for Starlight!

Now let me introduce you to the young lady cat who was my house cat guest for a week. Mom L pulled her from the colony ‘cuz she was injured and needed a check up besides Mom L knew she was friendly. Miss Whitey’s injury is mending and she got all her vaccinations and flea treatment at Community Concern 4 Cats clinic for free roaming community cats. I allowed invited her to stay for several days to get her used to being around human household sounds. We had some leaky eyes when Mom L and Dad P took her to animal services to set her on her path to find her family.

As you can see from her photo, she always had to have a chat with Mom L when it was time for her to go back into her “room” aka a forty-two inch cage. Mom L kept her in her office and Whitey got to be out and about when Mom L was with her. She got to taking offense at having to return to her “room”!! MOL!!

Of course you need my very own special meme featuring ME!! Right?

Bet’cha lots of you know that look and use it wisely!! Have a pawsome week’o’end!


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