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Friday Memes and Friday Smiles


I wasn’t sure that Mom L would make it to my keyboard to get this post up in time but by golly she did!!

Let’s get started with my guest meme from the Crew at Dash Kitten. Those who have known me a long while will recognize Silver as one of my AdventurCat pals.

Crazy pants Silver. Of course something touched your feet!! You were outside!!!

Next up is story in a meme.

Yup!! Make those big guy cats a tad lighter in their “rear ends” and we are on our way to fewer abandoned, homeless community cats! Just sayin’.

Of course we had to add one meme from the home front.

Let me hear in comments if any of my memes caught your Friday smile headed to a Friday grin!!!


Yoo Hoo!!! Friday Memes Just for You!


My new memes are sure to get your Friday smiles and grins movin’ around on your faces. Just check out the first one.

This cute little pittie girl joined her human and my Mom L and Dad P at a totally awesome fund raising event, Pint for Paws,  for Berkeley Humane Society. Mom L and Dad P and I believe if we support our fellow rescues then it all comes back to us eventually one way or another. This non-profit has helped us rescue some kitties and we know they do great things.

Of course TKS just had to get one in of her own.

What more can I say. TKS is totally obsessed with her favorite spot on the bed next to “her” Dad P during our morning routine. Of course, I, Princess Savannah, am far more willing to share the bed space with TKS and that whatever her name is, KK (Kit Katie).

Well I bet’cha none of my readers ever have a problem when they are at that doctor place and they hear “temperature”!! MOL!!

This cute young adult kitty girl is now residing in Mom L’s office in a large cage. She was found by our neighbor’s who told us she was “very friendly”. And she was, for like thirty seconds, then she would start to growl. Hmmmmmm—nonetheless—Mom L picked the kitty up on Sunday, in a carrier, and we took her to the cat clinic run by our pals Community Concern For Cats.  We needed her checked for a microchip, and to learn if she was female or male and did she need to be “fixed”.

A few more snarls and growls later—and Miss Penelope (Mom L names her) was determined to be “female”, “pregnant”, and no chip.

So we picked her up and brought her home for recovery. She continued to snarl and yet she also wanted to be pet. So back she went to see a Veterinarian, and we learned she had some pain from an injection site so she received a mild pain med.

Who knew!!! Miss Penelope became the most adorable, chilled kitty ever!! And then last night Mom L discovered the unthinkable—Miss Penelope is declawed!!!!!!

YES!! She was abandoned by an apartment renter near us, not spayed, not chipped and declawed! Outrageous I say!!! What say all of you my readers???

So Miss Penelope will be kept in my castle until she is fully recovered from her surgery and then we will find an adoption path for her.

That’s if from me!!


Friday Memes Back Again


My memes for today are from a wonderful totally awesome fellow cat blogger. The author of Sundays at the Shelter agreed to allow me to use a couple of her awesome photos for my Friday Memes.

First up is the amazingly adoptable Sharkey!!!

Who knows what Sharkey was thinking in that moment but it is clear he knew he was not in control!! He is very adoptable and he sure would appreciate having all my readers share his profile here.

Next up we have the already adopted kitties from Sundays At The Shelter who are having a tough time deciding who is gonna be the stand up kitty and admit to munching on that green stuff the humans didn’t want “munched on”! The kitties in this meme are Miss Maggies’s furramily.

I really hope you enjoyed my special guest memes today. I am so grateful to Miss Maggie for sharing her awesome photography for my Friday Memes today! Be sure to follow her blog.


Community Concern For Cats

Contra Costa Humane Society

Petco Re-Homing

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