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Wet Food That Never Dries Up #sponsored


Lots of you dine daily, sometimes twice a day, on yummy canned cat food. But if you are like me, and prefer to nibble here, nibble there—over a period of an hour or so, then you know that wet food can get downright dry!

In fact, research tells us that our cat guardians can waste up to a third of our wet food just because it dries out. And of course, what cat in its right mind wants to dine on dried out wet food. All that wasted cat food is a shame because first of all, there are community cats out there who could sure use that food and tossing it also costs our guardians as much as ten to fifteen green papers a month—per cat!

Mom L was really enthused when we were offered an opportunity to do a product test and review on a new to the market sealed pet feeder. SureFlap®, an award winning pet product specialist has recently introduced the SureFeed® Sealed Pet Bowl.


Take a quick look at the highlights of this innovative new product:

  • Motion-activated lid – the Sealed Pet Bowl is not microchip or collar tag operated so it opens for any pet
  • Sealed bowl keeps food fresher and prevents wet food drying out, making it more palatable for your pet
  • Suitable for both wet and dry food. Bowl capacity 400 ml or two pouches of wet food
  • Prevents flies settling on your pet’s food
  • Keeps pet food smells locked away
  • 6 months battery life (4 x C cell batteries – not included). A low battery indicator will flash when the batteries need changing
  • Colorful bowls available to purchase separately (1 x grey bowl included)
  • 2-year warranty

FTC Disclosure: We received the SureFeed® sealed pet bowl for free and were compensated to share our product review and host a giveaway. The opinions in this review are our own, no one influenced our experience of this product. Savannah’s Paw Tracks reviews products in which we believe our readers may have interest. 


This feeding bowl has motion sensors on three sides and is motion activated. So if there are two or more of you cats in your home, then this feeder allows all of you to munch from it. Unlike the microchip activated pet feeder by the same company, this one is not selective as to what cat can step up and dine.

This feeder learns—no, seriously! It can really LEARN—what motion it will allow to activate the food cover. It sets a certain distance to be allowed based on where you place it. Once it has learned all that, it is ready to keep your  wet cat food tasting yummy for many hours. You just paw up to have a bite and the lid opens almost totally quiet—


Now you can have your fill in peace and quiet—


—then when you turn tail and leave, that smart feeder bowl very quietly closes its lid and waits for you to come back later to reopen itself so you can have some more still moist, not dried out, wet food.


Check it out if you don’t believe me!

The SureFeed® Sealed Pet Bowl has a unique integrated seal to help keep food fresher for longer. It not only prevents wet food from drying out, but also reduces pet food odors in the home. And if you are a cat who likes to dine outside, this bowl will keep those pesky flies away from your food.

Mom L found this bowl easy to clean. The feeding bowl comes out easily and allows her to clean up the whole unit. And just to avoid being bored with the color of your food dish, there are other colors, even divided bowls, you can order. It comes with a gray dish which as we cats don’t see in color, worked just fine for The Kid Sage.

something is missing here

The Kid Sage was our product tester. Mom L really appreciated the smart “training settings” she could use to get TKS used to having her food dish open and close right in front of her. Of course, that did not bother TKS one bit.

How am I gonna get to that delish wet food?

How am I gonna get to that delish wet food?

However, the only caution I must give all my readers is this—if you happen to have a timid, cautious cat like me in your home, be very careful that this feeder doesn’t frighten them out of one of their nine lives.

I know I lost at least half of one of my nine lives when I walked past the feeder and it MOVED!! Mom L had it set up at TKS’ feeding space, but that is right near mine. I saw that thing move and I did not return to my regular feeding space for two weeks. Even though Mom L was following the training settings and it was only on the slightest movement setting, it still scared the heck out of me.

Of course, TKS had no problem with any movement as long as she could get to the food!

Whoa! that is so cool—guess I better get that bite before it closes up again

Whoa! that is so cool—guess I better get that bite before it closes up again

One of the most thoughtful parts in the design of this product is that the bowl size takes into account whisker fatigue for cats. The bowl is a generous 9 14(W) x 8 14” (D) x 2 78” (H), overall and 4 18(W) x 6 516” (H) x 1316” (D) on the inside. It is plenty flat and wide to keep even the most gloriously long whiskers from being crunched and feeling uncomfortable.

Now for the best part—SureFlap® agreed to allow me to GIVE AWAY one brand new SureFlap® Sealed Pet Feeder to one of my lucky readers.

Please tell me in comments if you want to be entered to WIN one of these awesome motion activated pet feeders.

Unfortunately, this product can only be shipped within the USA. The Give Away will run until Saturday October 1rst, 11:59PST. I will enter all names into and notify the winner via email. The winner will have forty eight hours to claim the pet feeder bowl. Failure to contact me will result in forfeiture of the product and a new winner will be chosen. I will announce the lucky winner on my blog post Wednesday, October 5th.


PeeEss—if you don’t win my give away, be sure to visit my pals at Three Chatty Cats this Wednesday, September 28th and you will get another opportunity to win this awesome SureFlap motion activated pet feeder!!


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42 thoughts on “Wet Food That Never Dries Up #sponsored

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  3. meowmeowmans on said:

    That is so cool! The freshness element would be perfect for Zoe the grazer, were it not for the fact that her sister Gracie is a fast and opportunistic eater… MOL!

  4. OH MY MOUSES! Is that EVER neat idea. Best thing since sliced bread. BETTER, actually, ’cause as a cat, I don’t eat bread. MOUSES!


  5. Wow, this is such an awesome idea. The kittens hate dry crusted wet food and usually do not eat it all at once. This would really come in handy so mom doesn’t have to throw away food. If we don’t win one maybe mom can just quit her job and stay at home waiting on us 24/7, MOL! Good luck everyone! Purrs

  6. Mee-you it iss a ‘smart feeder’ Savannah an Sage!! Mee wood bee scared outta mee furs….butt it iss a kewl idea.
    Can mee enter mee name an if mee won could you send it to Lady Ellen of 15and Meowing fur mee Purrincee Phoebe????
    ***nose rubsss*** Dhartha Henry xxxxxx

  7. Christina Delzenero on said:

    What a brilliant idea! We have four fur babies, and we feed raw twice a day, so something like this would be awesome. They all share each others’ plates and graze all day long anyway. 😉 Thanks for the review!

  8. What a wonderful product!! I would certainly love to enter the giveaway for my senior dog Red. She eats small meals throughout the day, so how convenient that I don’t always have to watch the clock for feeding time. I love that it would keep her food fresh all day, and prevent bugs from getting into it. I prefer this to the plastic feeders with the reservoir on top that you fill with dry food, while the rest just sits in the attached dish. Thanks for bringing this to our attention

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  10. We would love to enter but we probably need the one microchip activated for what we had in mind. We hoped to be able to leave Socks’ food out so he could snack throughout the day without the other cats getting in his Y/D food. Although this would be good for the canned food.

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  12. Whoa! I’m a rare cat who loves crust on her food. My breakfast will be all dried up sitting there when TW gets up. We’ll have a race to the bowl as she tries to pick it up before I start to eat it. I usually win. I don’t think I’d eat outta that contraption but I guess we could gift it to the shelter if we win. Miss Edie looks like she’d really like this.

  13. We have this product to review, but we haven’t been able to do it yet. Mom tried setting it up in training mode, but we have been having an ant problem all summer so we have to wait until the weather cools down and the ants leave us. So don’t enter us in the giveaway. Excellent review. XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

    p.s. We have nominated you for an award. Please stop by our Tuesday blog to pick it up.

  14. Katie Gomez on said:

    My Russian Blue would love this! It would make it so much easier to feed him. He has digestive issues and has to have special food that our other cats can’t eat (cuz it’s too expensive). Right now we have to separate them when I feed them at night. Merlin would be SO happy to have one of these. Would love to have one for all 3 eventually! Discount for buying multiples??

  15. Debra Lee on said:

    My senior would love this. He eats every few hours because he has a problem absorbing the nutrition in the food. It would keep the other out!

  16. That is so cool. My Snowball could use this because Sammy loves to “help” her finish.

  17. edithchase on said:

    I would love to win one of these. My cats will decide they don’t want to eat and walk away, then later, they are crabbing because the food isn’t fresh.

  18. Love this. We have one for review. Iffen we won, could we donate to a USA Buddy we have several who I know would simply LOVE THIS!!!!

  19. We tested this earlier this year, and we were amazed at how moist it kept food! Even Ashton, who is usually afraid of everything, isn’t afraid of it. But she had seen Pierre eat out of it and knew there was something tasty inside. That’s all the motivation she needed!

    • I saw your wonderful blog post. Highly researched and tested. Unlike me—I ran when it moved and told Mom L to make TKS do the photo shoot. We didn’t need to test it to know it was gonna make a HUGE difference in keeping Cuzin Leo’s wet food, well, WET! We eat raw so our food can’t be left out too long. I know you do too

  20. We have one to try out, too. We don’t know how Truffle and Brulee will react with the motion, but we told the company we were willing to try it out

  21. Linda Szymoniak on said:

    I’d very much like to win this. Lately, my oldest cat, Moko (she’s minimally 8-10 years old, but since she was found as a stray, she could be older – she’s been with us for six years this month), has been having some issues, including her yearly allergies, which are at the worst they’ve ever been this year, and just add-related issues. One thing we know is that she needs to gain a little weight, and while she has unlimited access to kitty kibble, she’s eating better when I give her wet food. I never know how much she’ll eat in one sitting, though – sometimes she’ll eat the entire can quickly and other times picks at it over the course of an hour or more. When she eats quickly, the food stays fresh and moist. When she’s in a picky mood, it can get a “crust” and she’s less likely to finish it. I think this would be perfect for her.

  22. We are product testing the SureFlap right now and it’s just perfect for Sophie who is our resident grazer. But you’re right, a scaredy-cat (like our Dexter) may do a double-take at it and give it the old whacky-paw!

  23. We would love to win! Bear is a little timid, but around food? Nope. This is such a great idea for cats who are used to free feeding or grazing that need to switch over to wet food for one reason or another (like Bear who’s lost many of his teeth even though I brush them every day).

  24. Two French Bulldogs on said:

    That is awesome! Our kitty friend needs that one
    Lily & Edward

  25. mochasmysteriesandmeows on said:

    This bowl is such an amazing idea! Mudpie grazes her wet food all day, and in the summer I have to pick it up so it doesn’t get yucky, then make sure I’m around when she wants more.

  26. That’s a very cool idea……we agree wet food does dry up and I’m a “grazer” and return to my wet food multiple times…..but my Mom just keeps adding a tiny bit of water and giving it a stir and voila – it’s nice and moist again (and I get the water which is good for my OLD kidneys). The feeder is interesting though…..we would happily give it a try – then Mom won’t be popping up and down adding water all the time!

    Hugs, sammy

  27. What a fun bowl!

    Love and licks,

  28. This would probably be really good for Binga, who doesn’t always finish her dinner in one pass… and trust me, there is NOTHING timid about her!

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