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It’s Pet Blog Blooper Time Again!


Time flies when you are have’in a really great time, right? And what cat doesn’t like to have a good giggle at the efforts humans go to just to get a good photo of us. I’m not gonna ever tell how many photos Mom L takes just to get ONE good one.

I am back again for the October Pet Blogger Blooper Round-UP. A fun easy to join animal blog hop hosted by The Lazy Pit Bull.

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It’s usually enjoyable to share photos from any of our product reviews. My castle home is rather a dark place, not lots of natural light. We have been having a really nice Fall and the sun was shining and our living room had pretty good light, so Mom L set up the product in there. She had some canned food ready to get The Kid Sage to dive into the sealed pet bowl we were reviewing, so all looked good to go.

First shot, not too bad, right?

Where's the food Mom L?

Where’s the food Mom L?

TKS is a bit dark, but room light is manageable. Or so Mom L thought. All of a sudden, Ms. Sun was quickly covered up by a random set of CLOUDS!! Oh no!! The next photo shows ya just how dark it became in a nanosecond!

Hey! Who stole the sun? I can't see the food!

Hey! Who stole the sun? I can hardly see the food on my paw.

Mom L had to move the photo shoot into the kitchen with lights on to get it done. Not one of her finest photography moments.

How am I supposed to eat with the lid closed?

How am I supposed to eat with the lid closed?

Ya see, that is a motion activated sealed pet food bowl. So while Mom L was trying to get down on TKS’ level and get a close up, that lid kept on closing. That’s right, Mom L’s movement made it open and shut much to TKS’ frustration. As you can see, TKS was dang exasperated.

I thought this set of bloopers were particularly good. Not easy to do that photo shoot with camera in hand, lying on a kitchen floor and having that product open or close at the wrong time. And there is TKS waitin’ and waitin’ for her next chance at more food. Too much fun!


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17 thoughts on “It’s Pet Blog Blooper Time Again!

  1. Mee-you between thee litin an thee bowl not coe-operatin iss a meeracull thee bloggie even got dun Sage an Savannah!!!!
    Wee need to take PeeCee inn to get a tune-up. It still not loadin fotoss’ off cammyra. (Cammyra an cord are good!)
    Iss all wayss sumfin rite Savannah???
    **nose kissesss** Dhartha Henry xxxx

  2. pilch92 on said:

    Great bloopers ! We just won a dish like that, I can’t wait to see how the cats like it.

  3. We can so relate! We had some major bloopers with this product review as well.

  4. That is too darn funny! The bowl had a life of it’s own.

  5. Poor Sage, but it must have been funny with the bowl keep opening and shutting.

  6. The Swiss Cats on said:

    MOL ! Poor starving Sage ! Purrs

  7. Dolly the Doxie on said:

    Good ones that poor cat had no idea what your were trying to do! We have the same problems with light, so mom bought some lights that you can hook onto things and move around. Love Dolly

  8. Two French Bulldogs on said:

    What the heck! Open that lid
    Lily & Edward

  9. sage….that waz a bad trix yur mom played on ewe…her “sayz” her waz tryin ta get down on yur level……..due ya bee leeve her !! ??? waves two savvy N heerz two a pineapple fish kinda week oh end ~~~~~~~ ♥♥♥

  10. Ha! These pictures show how tough it is to get a good shot. Mom says it usually takes 10 losers to get one worth sharing. What’s she saying? Am I not always adorable???

    Love and licks,

  11. We wish we had a video of Mom L lying on the floor and the bowl lid opening and closing. That would have been extra funny. Now that the summer ants have finally left us, we get to start our trials with the bowl. Mom will be using it for some portion controlled eating for Giulietta. XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

  12. MOL! I had that same problem with my photoshoots. I couldn’t control when it opened and closed.

  13. TKS that is a super fine bowl… do you know if they exist for dogs (or elephants) too?

  14. I know all about photo challenges. I rely a lot on my Canon Camera that shoots the RAW format. That makes it easier to compensate for artificial lighting.

  15. mistletoeandhitch on said:

    Good pictures of black cats are only taken by accident here. We have so many pictures of me where I look like a shiny blob!

  16. Hahahaha. “But … but … I SEE the food!” Poor TKS 😉

  17. MOL! That bowl was NOT cooperating!

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