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Some Toys Need More Discipline


Can you help me out with some research I am doing? What? Oh, good, glad to hear all my readers are gonna be helpin’ me out.

So here’s the deal. I say some toys need to have more discipline than other toys. So far the only research I have is experiential. You know, my experience and TKS’. What I need is more day-tuh from you guys to help me come to a conclusion.

The research question is: Do Some Toys Need More Discipline?

I say yes and have some proof to offer you. Just look what I had to do with this silly catnip square.

Here you are!! You can't hide from me!

Here you are!! You can’t hide from me!

I had to hunt my catnip square down, can you believe? She tried to hide from my by lounging on Mom L’s special bench. But I found her and I gave her a talking too for sure.

I have you now my pretty!

I have you now my pretty!

Just in case Ms Catnip Square didn’t get my lesson—I gave her a quick “shake” and tossed her off that bench. (sadly Mom L missed that toss off the bench move…*sigh*…humans…even with that opposable thumb)

Ms Catnip Square you need to have a meowing to!

Ms Catnip Square you need to have a meowing to!

Can you see my head turned to the right to give Ms Catnip Square a good shake? And then I tossed her right back where she belonged—on the floor again so I could play with her.

So tell me my pals, is my research shaping up to conclude that some toys need extra discipline? And I wanna hear from my woofie pals as much as my cat pals. What say you all???


PeeEss—Please STICK  WITH ME TO HELP MOMMA KAT FIND HER FOREVER HOME! Stay tuned for my announcement of all the contents of Momma Kat’s Hope Chest!! It is now COMPLETE!!! APAWS!!!

And I will also be providing an update on her personality and how all her kittens are doing. None, as yet, have been adopted.

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13 thoughts on “Some Toys Need More Discipline

  1. Oh, we hear ya, Savvy! Some toys are just better toys than others and some definitely need some discipline.

  2. pilch92 on said:

    Those smaller toys are extra sneaky, we like the longer kind and ones with tails to grab. We are praying for Momma and kitties.

  3. We’ve got some toys that try to hide from us. Under the china cabinet is one of their favorite hiding spots.

  4. Mee-you Savannah yur rite! Sum toyss need more dissypline than otherss….mee Mousie Army did not start out so well. Mee had to smack a lot of them inn to shape an get them to march rite!!!
    An then those plastic springss….they boing all over thee place an hide an then mee must get LadyMum to go look fur them behind thee furniture…
    It iss a full-time job keepin toys inn line!!!
    Good luck with yur katnippy square!
    ***nose rubsss*** Dhartha Henry xxxx

  5. You certainly taught Ms Catnip Square a thing or two. I hope she is better behaved in future.

  6. Kathleen Sturgis on said:

    We are four cats and like to hide the toys from each other. Maybe TKS needs discipline, not the toys!

  7. I agree with you on this! Some toys really need some discipline because they hide or jump to nowhere on their own!

  8. Summer is spot on there, I need to bite my peep sometimes to get any action going/ OK so it might be night time, but I’m a night time player! As to toys, my stick is still my favourite toy, and that needs a peep to handle it, and me to chase, of course! purrs ERin

  9. edithchase on said:

    My catnip mice with the rattles inside are always trying to escape. I always find them though and give them a good trouncing for trying to escape. Professional toy disciplinarian Jake.

  10. Yes. Some of my micey are more trouble-making than the others. And my teddy bear is a total miscreant! He needs a good smackdown every so often 🙂 ~Bear Cat

  11. We can’t BELIEVE that neither Momma Kat or any of her kittens have been adopted yet!
    What is it with Humans???
    We are purraying with all our might that, by your next post, you will have some good news for us there.

    Now – toys and their (lack of) discipline. Shimshi could probably give you the most data there. Give him any toy and if it isn’t nailed down, it’s sure to go AWOL within less than an hour (mol).

  12. I think it is my HUMAN who needs more discipline, so she will play with me more!

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