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My Phenomenal Progress!


I have important news about my recent progress

I know I may appear to be a bit grumpy in the photo, but rest easy, I am actually very excited. But you see Mom L caught me just settling in for my afternoon nap on this wonderful vintage quilt she carefully folded in hopes I would not find it a comfy bed.

HAH!! Wrong was she!!! That sun puddle had my name on it and the quilt was folded to a size that matched my gray furs and full figure purrfectly. I agreed to chat with her about the title I wanted for this blog post and I approved her edits to my two AMAZING videos which prove that I have just recently made incredible, phenomenal progress is my recovery from early trauma—before I found my perfect castle and family of course.

I need sunglasses!!

Ugh! Mom L kept on talking to the point I began to think I needed to get some sunglasses!! Why she couldn’t just wait until later I have no idea.

So about my amazing progress report! Mom L and Dad P went away to the mountains for a whole week. They looked and looked for new pet sitters for me because my new one was getting married. She didn’t seem to want to come stay with me and TKS—something about wanting to go with her new husband on some stoopid honeymoon! Whatever!!

So I TKS we actually required two pet sitters to cover a one week period. They are both registered vet techs and they split up the week. They are very much sought after as you can imagine.

So the second day with us, the first pet sitter, Miss Kat (no pun, none whatsoever!) was off work and stayed home to get to know us. She recognized my invitation to approach me instantly!! I was on my beloved stairs and asking for attention and play!!

And if THAT isn’t enough to shock your socks, check out this next video where I actually talk to her a couple of times and I PURRED out loud for her!! TURN YOUR SOUND UP LOUD so’s you can hear me give her a couple of meows and lots of purrs toward the last ten to fifteen seconds.

Don’t you think this is remarkable progress for me!! I really liked Miss Kat and hope she can come back. Mom L got a bit teary eyed to see me open up so much to a stranger. Guess Miss Kat must know some cat language, right?


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28 thoughts on “My Phenomenal Progress!

  1. Marty the Manx on said:

    Savvy Miss Kat knows how to treat a kitty right! So excited that you are so happy in your new home and feel so comfortable with Miss Kat!

  2. That’s such amazing news, I am so pleased. Well done you!!!

  3. It’s adorable to see how much you enjoy the strokes, Savvy. It must be all in the name…and in the paws of the Kat 😀 Pawkisses for a Happy Weekend 🙂 ❤

  4. Savvy, you are amazing! I bet it’s getting harder and harder to even remember your bad start in life. After all, you’re so surrounded by love and great people, who would want to remember any of that anyway? You go girl!

  5. Goodness you gave her the elevato… Cat raise! Have to keep things family
    Well done Savannah

  6. Memories of Eric and Flynn on said:

    That was so lovely to see you enjoying petting from someone new. You are doing so well.

  7. 15andmeowing on said:

    That is wonderful news! Great videos.

  8. Kat the cat whisperer

  9. Savvy, she really knows how to make a kitteh feel good. Head scritches are very important and they’re the best. You’re way ahead of me in recovery.

  10. Dear Ms Savannah, Queen Penelope was here today to do her Spark and she tells me that this is totally AMAZING! She is so happy that you are opening up to new people! And she sends Kisses!

  11. Toe-tallee pawsum an amazin videoss Savannah!!! You are doin so-o well. LadyMum’ss jaw dropped open watchin thee vidss, mew mew mew….shee was speechless (which hardlee efurr happenss here!)
    ***nose rubsss*** Dharth Henry xxxx

  12. Mary McNeil on said:

    Such beautiful videos ! Concatulations Savvy !

  13. Savannah, your phenomenal progress makes us smile!

  14. The Swiss Cats on said:

    That’s wonderful, Savvy ! Great ! Purrs

  15. That really is most wonderful Savvy and we are so very proud of your progress!

  16. Oooh that is excellent progress. Just shows what being in the right home and right place can do for you all. Keep up the great work Savvy, I think you are almost there.

  17. Wow, Savvy! That was great! You really like your new sitter.

  18. That WAS pretty incredible, S. Miss Kat is named correctly. She brought out some of your best!!

    Love and licks,

  19. savvy that is unbelievable… to see how you turned your head while your mama stroked you… she found the purrfect spot, right?

  20. If you need help sorting out the videos just holler. I want to see my buddy Savvy!

  21. sadly the WP gremlin will not show me your videos… but I know that the progress you made is a wonder… done with the power of love…

  22. Bummer, Savannah, the videos say they aren’t available! Are they on the wrong privacy setting? I want to see them!

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