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Trapping for SNIP Clinic


I am one proud kitty let me tell you!! Not only did Mom L and Dad P work another SNIP (Spay Neuter Impact Program) Mom L also helped her cat trapper friend trap some of the kitties! All said, SNIP saw EIGHTY FOUR community cats come through our clinic today!! APAWS!!!

Getting traps ready to set up at apartment complex

Before Mom L and Miss Lisa put out the traps, Mom L learned who the consistent feeders were. Then Mom L asked them to NOT FEED the cats for at least twenty-four hours before the traps were to be set out.

Here are just some of the things Mom L is learning about “how to safely trap a cat” and work with the residents who are feeding them.

Cat traps come in all kinds of shapes, sizes and trigger styles. SNIP clinics see all of these types of traps and many more!

Three important things to do before setting a cat trap:

  1. Test the trap to make sure the trigger is working.
  2. Make sure the trigger plate is in the UP position.
  3. Don’t forget to put stinky goodness cat food bait in the back of the trap, after the trigger plate (the stinkier the better!).
  4. Place a cover over the trap to make it dark inside. This helps the kitties feel the inside is a safe place to go.

Now where to place that cat trap? Things to remember:

  1. Do your homework! Get an estimate of how many cats need to be S/N and ask what they look like.
  2. Ask residents not to release the cats! Make sure they know you are caring cat trappers and cats will be returned once S/N
  3. Talk to residents to learn where the cats are being fed and where they tend to enjoy sun puddles.
  4. Place the traps in the areas where the cats are seen most frequently.


  • Check the trap every three to four hours in daylight trapping.
  • In winter make sure traps are in areas protected from rain.
  • In summer be sure traps are not in direct sun.
  • When trapping at night NEVER leave a trap unchecked for more than one hour—if a raccoon, skunk, opossum, etc. is caught they can kill or lame themselves trying to get free!! 

I bet you would like to see a couple of the cats Mom L helped to trap and get S/N? Right?

I am a lilac point snowshoe Siamese kitty. I have conjunctivitis but anyone can now adopt me!

Miss Lilac Point is now safe at our municipal animal shelter and almost ready to go up for adoption. She is so sweet and very friendly. Her intake number is 909368! You can call Contra Costa Animal Services if you wanna adopt her!

Next up is this darling very young calico girl. She was spayed to day at the SNIP clinic and will be available at Contra Costa Animal Services in a few days once she has recovered from her spay.

I am so scared! And what is going on???

Dad P and Mom L transported eleven community cats from Miss Lisa’s holding area to the SNIP clinic at six AM! Even the kitties were not awake!!

Can you see the calico kitten?

There were so many wonderful cats who passed through Mom L’s intake from local rescue groups.

Mom L is watching over three sweet silver point Siamese blue eyed kittens hoping we can get them into an adoption path next week.

All in all, such a positive outcome from our first SNIP clinic of 2018!

Please let me hear from you in my comments what you think of our 2018 community cat rescue efforts so far in 2018!!





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19 thoughts on “Trapping for SNIP Clinic

  1. What great info about trapping cats. We didn’t know some animals will kill or maim themselves trying to get free. It’s wonderful so many cats will be getting a home.

  2. Whoa! I’m impressed that’s a LOT of kitties who won’t be reproducing.

  3. We support TNR in our community. One group did almost 400 cats last year and fed many local clowders.

  4. Savannah, TKS and Mom L
    Thanks so much for the support when Mr Buttons had to go over the Bridge. It was very sudden and he was a big part of our family. We miss him terribly as do so many as he was our official greeter. He never met a stranger only friends.
    Purrs dear friends
    Timmy, Dad Pete and Family

  5. Poor kitties! They look so scared! Thankfully there are people dedicated to giving them a better life!

  6. You mum and dad are wonderful people, if only there were more people like them in the world.

  7. 15andmeowing on said:

    That is fantastic! Great information on TNR too. If I lived near you, I would snatch up that siamese with the eye infection.

  8. The Island Cats on said:

    WOW! 84 cats got snipped? That’s pawsome! Paws up to your humans and the others that made this happen.

  9. This is a must read set of tips for trappers, especially us novices.

    Your tips about testing the trap is SO IMPORTANT. Why? Because when Dusty went AWOL I borrowed a trap to get him back safe. THEN I put a blanket over the trigger so it wouldn’t flip down *eyeroll* so I had to reset everything so I finally got him!

  10. Mary McNeil on said:

    Wow – what great work you are all doing !

  11. Wow ! Paws up ! Pawsome job ! Purrs

  12. OH WOW! This is one spectacular amount of work your parents have put into this SNIP Clinic!!! It all seems so very easy but I know it won’t be! Great job and you can be mighty proud that they are stepping up and DOING RIGHT for US CATS!

  13. You are doing amazing and live-saving work. Mom and all us kitties are so proud of you for taking on this project so whole-heartedly. Wishing you continued success for the remainder of 2018. XOCK, angel Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, angel Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth, Calista Jo, Cooper Murphy and Sawyer

  14. Memories of Eric and Flynn on said:

    Well done to everyone on your great success.

  15. Bravo everyone! We know trapping can sometimes be a real challenge!

  16. It makes me happy and sad when friendly cats are trapped, SNIPed and put up for adoption – happy that they have a new chance at a good home, and sad because if they are friendly, they must have been somebody’s pet once and wound up on the street. You and the other volunteers are doing such good work, no matter how adoptable (or not) the kitties you SNIP are!

  17. all paws are crossed that the kittens and the beutiful snowshoe girl will find a wonderful home …with people who have a heart of gold… like your mom l and your dad p…

  18. Good to hear that there are a few adoptables among them – those might have had former owners (reckless ones who just left them behind or unlucky ones) – and they might really be better with a home.

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