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Autobiography of a Former Shelter Cat

Mr. Hissy On the Loose


Mom L, Dad P were at the animal services shelter to pick up a black feral cat we trapped in our own back patio.

When can I leave? A not happy Mr. Hissy in trap

He was neutered, vaccinated, flea treated and ready to be returned. We figured due to his chunky body he was being fed somewhere close by my castle.

Dad P, Mom L and Miss Sue, animal services’ Cat Specialist, went to the feral ward to pick up Mr. Hissy. The ward looks kind of like the one in this photo, and they have cages on all four walls. The room is about fifteen feet by eighteen feet (4.57 meters by 5.4 meters).

But all three were asked to leave the feral ward when Mr. Hissy became adamant about not wanting to leave his cage. The animal services Peep#1 and Peep#2 were trying to pry him from behind his feral den box and he was having no part of it. They were gonna have to open that cage so that’s why they vacated the room. Just imagine Mr. Hissy jamming his whole body behind his den box with his cage set up like the one in the photo below. He should’a been “in” the den box like this orange kitty, but nooooo—Mr. Hissy was BEHIND his den box!

Then all heck broke loose in that room!!!

Thud! Rrrrrrrrooowwwl…mrooowwwlll!!

Mom L hears Peep#1 in the feral ward hollering to her co-worker Peep #2—”Oh no! get the big gloves!”


“Holy smokes”, says Mom L. “That sounds like Mr. Hissy hit the door at the TOP!!”

Peep #2 shouts “Watch out! He’s climbing the walls!!

Scuffle, scratch…whoosh!

“He’s under there! Use the net handle to push him out! says Peep #1 in an urgent but calm voice.

Meowwww…huff, puff…meowwwwwwwww—”Mouses these Peeps are slow!!” thinks Mr. Hissy.

Clang! Ping! Clangity clang!

“There go the food dishes!”  whispers Dad P.


Peep #2 warns “Look out the water is everywhere!”

Mr. Hissy is just getting started in his run for freedom—”Sheesh…Peeps are gonna have to get smarter if they wanna get me back in that stoopid den box. It’s a tight fit for me.”

Feral Den Box

Kathunk!! “Ouch!! I Missed him! And that cement floor is hard! ” Peep #1 exclaims.

Screeeeeeeeech….yeowwzah…grrrr—”Maybe my growl will throw them off” Mr. Hissy mutters to himself.

Zoom…kazonk—”heh…heh…using the wall to launch from gave me a lot of speed!!” Mr. Hissy smirks proudly to himself.

Peep #1 urgently asks Peep #2 “Toss me the towel!”

“The towel??! Are you crazy???!!!  Did you hear that growl!!”

“Just give me the towel now!”

Zip! “Mouses again!!” shrieks Mr. Hissy. “How did I end up in this corner??!! Noooooooooo!!!”

Peep#1 exuberantly states  “Got him!! He’s a burrito cat now.”

Peep #1 used the old “toss a towel over his head” trick!!

“Double mouses!! That thing works every time!! It’s dark in here…hmmmmm…not bad after all…nice and dark and finally quiet. Maybe I’ll just let them think they won the day” giggles Mr. Hissy.

“Ok, quick open the den box. Good grief he sure has a big butt!” mutters Peep #2.

“Hey Peep! Watch who you are calling “big butt”!  I am nicely padded, that’s all” says an indignant Mr. Hissy.

Peep #1 emerges from the feral ward room, and proudly shows Mr. Hissy firmly caught in his feral den box. “Ok, Mom L, here is your Mr. Hissy to release back where he was trapped.” (Peep#1 and #2 were both wiping sweaty brows and upper lips).

“Mr. Hissy ought to nap all the way to his home.”

Mom L thanked the Peep#1 and #2 and hoped their day would get better after the Mr. Hissy adventure.

Mom L over hears Peep#1, considered by fellow workers to be Queen of the Feral Cat Ward, say—”I live for this excitement!”

As you can imagine, Mr. Hissy was not happy once he got home. He had made himself comfy and was taking a much needed nap when Dad P tried to get him to leave his feral den box! Mr. Hissy lived up to his name and uttered several meaningful growls.

Let me know what ya think of Mr. Hissy’s Adventure in comments!! Purrsonally, I am giving Mr. Hissy 10 points but I have to give the Queen of the Feral Ward 12 points!!!


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23 thoughts on “Mr. Hissy On the Loose

  1. I’m impressed that you trapped Mr. Hissy in the first place. He seems to have very definite ideas about where he wants to be.

  2. Oh my mouses! Mr. Hissy was makin’ a bigger commotion than my Auntie Primrose used to make, and my Auntie Primrose used to make a REALLY BIG COMMOTION, for sure. On the other paw, maybe not. There’s at least one vet who, after meetin’ her, decided to go get a job with the Department of Fisheries and stick to workin’ with fish. Maybe he went to cookin’ school or somethin’ like that? I mean, how ELSE does one work with fish? MOUSES!

  3. Claudia Walker on said:

    Wow, that was quite some experience, thanks for sharing the excitement but glad no one was seriously injured!

  4. All’s well that ends well, as they say. So glad force wasn’t used as the poor (I won’t say little) guy was mighty upset as it was. It is lovely to see such devotion to the cats, too. Gold stars all round.
    Toodle pips and purrs

  5. 15andmeowing on said:

    Glad your folks got him fixed.

  6. smseattle on said:

    “Good grief he sure has a big butt!” I had to LOL at that, Miss Savannah! I can imagine some “peeps” trying to get me into a box and saying the same thing. Mr. Hissy is a king cat, and Miss Feral Kitty Ward Queen is definitely a queen person.

  7. (Sigh) it must be a black cat thing. Yin is very difficult to get in the carrier at the vets, she made Mommy bleed. We will give Mr. Hissy 10 points too.

  8. Memories of Eric and Flynn on said:

    That was a lot of excitement! Good to see Mr. Hissy running off to his familiar haunts.

  9. Mary McNeil on said:

    Wow! I agree with your scoring . Just glad no one got hurt and Mr Hissy got safely home !

  10. What an exciting story! WOW! I love that video of the Hissy Kitty making a run for home when he got free! I think your parents and the other Peeps are very brave and very kind.

    Love and licks,

  11. Loved the running commentary by Mum Linda and Dad Peter … and the shrieks of the cat shelter people. Had me giggling. Don’t I know how it is to get an unwilling feline into a transport box? And mine were at least not feral.

  12. chrisscatmeow on said:

    Reblogged this on spike the scottish black cat. and commented:
    Mr Hissy You must read this.

  13. chrisscatmeow on said:

    Really enjoyed Mr Hissy’s story. Loved the video when he once again had his freedom. Your so kind and caring to help him.

  14. He seems pretty spry for someone who just got snipped! Good job catching him and taking care of the cat community!

  15. The Island Cats on said:

    Wow! Mr Hissy sure made sure the humans know he was in charge.

  16. OMC! That was incredible! We’d definitely give Mr. Hissy a 10 with four paws up and three gold star snack! Thank you for capturing him and giving him a much better life!

  17. That was part action, part comedy, with a little drama there too.

    Emma and Buster

  18. So exciting story with an happy end. Mr. Hissy is ready for new adventures.

  19. Poor guy sure was scared but at least he is back home now so he should calm down soon.

    • Trust me Brian and Dad Terry, Mr. Hissy is back prowling and yowling outside Mom L’s window at 11-12PM like a clock!! In fact we just heard him across the street and there he was, yowling away. We think he may actually be part of a small colony end of our street but somehow missed getting snipped. Apparently, he can also be touched when he allows it. This story is filled with the love the Peeps at the shelter have for these feral cats because they could have easily called in some officer with ropes, nets, etc…yet they stuck with trying to get him quickly cornered and then used a towel…something that was far less frightening than other means that they could have used. Peep#1 so enjoys these feral cats that she has been serving them for 21 years!!

  20. MOL! Now, that boy is one uber-feral kitty! I’m glad he got the snip, and he can have a good life doing his own thing.

  21. What a scary and exciting adventure Mr. Hissy had!

  22. wow that was sure some entertainment… a cat-astrophy to mr. hissy…. I’m glad the towel trick worked and mr. hissy became a burrito cat ;O)))

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