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Time to Come Inside


Most of you know that Mom L has been working lots with the feeders of a community cat colony near our home as they try to pull adult friendly cats out and put them through adoptions at our county animal services.

What you may not know is that Mom L has also been pulling cats from this colony who appear to be in need of medical attention or who appear to seniors who need a general vet check up. If you read my story about sweet Strider, then you now that Mom L has been focused on the senior cats in this colony. She and Dad P were able to get the other two more senior cats pulled to take them to the cat clinic owned and operated by my great friends Community Concern 4 Cats. One cat was Pumpkin2 who turned out to be in excellent health at the age of approximately eight to nine years old. The other one Mom L knew would be older as he has been at the colony since at least 2006. That is a cat the city park clean up crew have named Willy. He follows them around while they work in the park and has little meow chats with them along the way.

You can see Willy gobbling up food at a feeding station in the next photo.

Willy has always been so skinny and so hungry. He is a long, tall lanky guy with totally black furrs and gorgeous long white whiskers. He is a popular cat with the humans who visit this long standing community cat colony.

Unfortunately Willy’s vet check required blood work which Mom L knew was needed due to his constant hunger and skinny body. Willy turned out to be hyperthyroid, with a heart rate that exceeded 200. His little heart was pounding out of his chest and that wasn’t just because he was scared. He had to be sedated to do this vet check and even then his heart rate was a worry. Mom L’s vet friend Doc Josie did the vet check and blood draw and told Mom L what Willy needed. He would need to have one pill per day—try doing that in a community cat colony when even the feeders cannot always be there every day. So Mom L worried—NOW WHAT??

The colony caretakers agreed that Willy would need to be euthanized. Mom L and Dad P had him all comfy in a nice enclosure in our well insulated garage and they just couldn’t think of doing that just yet. Long story short, it took a village of feline rescues to come together to help precious Willy find a caring hospice care home. Mom L found so many who were so caring that they helped her find a caretaker from another cat rescue who agreed to take Willy under her care until end of his life. Oh, did I tell you that Willy is about 14 years old??? And he has lived in this community cat colony since he was about a year old!! So most of his 14 years were spent in his colony and outdoors.

It was time for Willy to come inside!!

I think I feel better, but don’t get too close, OK?

Miss Sharon, on the Board of Directors for HALO animal rescue, agreed to be Willy’s hospice caretaker. And then another wonderful rescue Contra Costa SPCA agreed to sponsor Willy’s medical meds and needs to the end of his life!!! HIGH FIVES and HIGH FOURS for Willy!!!

Unfortunately as Willy was already weakened by his long term untreated hyperthyroidism, and due to being stressed in “captivity”, he came down with a URI. He is on meds for that now and we hope he will have a complete recovery.

Mom L visited Willy just a day ago. He has his very own ROOM!! Yes!! A whole room just for himself!! As soon as Mom L entered Will greeted her with a signature hhhsssssssssss!!

I know you are in my room! Do not come near!

You can see Willy was kind’a serious. And you can also see that Willy has just one eye. His left eye was removed due to serious infection about ten years ago. And yet, every time Mom L and Dad P visit the Delta View Cat Colony, Willy was always there to greet them and looking for pets, food and a good chat…errr…ummm…good meow?

Mom L laughed at Willy’s hiss and said “Come on Willy, I know you have a better hiss in there for me!” And indeedy do he did!

ssppffftt hssssss!

And there you have Willy’s last words with Mom L!

So here is my message to all my readers. Please, do not ever give up on caring for members of a community cat colony no matter their age. Even if they will never be a lap cat, they deserve to be pulled from that colony in their senior years and welcomed inside a human’s home to live out their remaining days, weeks, months, even years in comfort and learning that humans can be kind.

Willy has allowed his caretaker to sit with him, sing to him and finally Miss Sharon was able to pet him and he purred up a storm!!

Let me know in comments how you have helped a  community cat colony senior cat find comfort.


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21 thoughts on “Time to Come Inside

  1. Mee-yow wow Savannah what a story of deer Willy!! Well dun Lady El an all thee peepull who helped Willy find a nice place to ree-tire inn-side….
    Hee iss one amazin mankat!
    **nose bumpsss** Dharth Henry xxxx
    Pee S: Yur RITE; Willy has marveeluss whiskurrss!

  2. What a handsome boy … and a beautiful story! We’re reminded of you right after you moved in, Savvy. Where there’s life, there’s hope, right?
    ps – Momma hopes she gets to see Mom L at this year’s Conference. She thought she saw something about Mom L attending. She hopes it’s true!

  3. That makes Us so happy!
    And it made Mummy’s eyes leak. She said they were happy tears. Humans are so weird! Their eyes leak when they’re sad, they leak when they’re happy! How is a Feline to tell the difference?

  4. Claudia Walker on said:

    What a sweet story! I am so thankful he has a home now!

  5. The Island Cats on said:

    Paws up to Mom L for not giving up on Willy…and we are so happy that he is inside now and can get the care he needs.

  6. Memories of Eric and Flynn on said:

    That is so heartwarming to hear that Willy will be cared for for the rest of his days. Your mom and dad do wonderful work.

  7. 15andmeowing on said:

    I am glad Willy has a home now and is settling in.

  8. The Swiss Cats on said:

    Pawsome ! Paws up for your mom , for the vet, and for the caretaker ! Willy is lucky to have got the help of all these fabulous people ! Purrs

  9. willy; may we offer two ewe de blessingz oh St Francis; free oh charge. We iz buzzed happee ewe will live out yur yearz in de comfort oh a loving home…..blessingz two everee one long de way who haz helped ewe on yur journee ☺☺☺♥♥♥

  10. that is great news to hear Willy has a nice home for the rest of his life how ever long that may be,xx Speedy

  11. The OP Pack on said:

    Your Mom and Dad do so much to help the feral cats. We hope that Willy will do well now that he has come inside and we thank all who are helping to make it possible.

    Woos – Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  12. Mary McNeil on said:

    Willy has sure had a rough life, but he is also a tough old guy. Purrayers & POTP to him and all the folks who go out of their way to help these kitties !

  13. Savannah, your mom and dad are great, they just didn´t give up with Willie and now he can enjoy the life with food and love.
    a cat in faraway Finland.

  14. Thanks for helping those senior sweeties. We had one senior dude in our ferals who was about 18, we know because of when we moved in and when he showed up. He was darn healthy though and passed due to old age.

    • Because of his hyperthyroidism we chose to euthanize if we couldn’t find Willy a caretaker for the remainder of his life. Thankfully Sharon agreed to care for him. He is struggling to overcome the URI, he is very weak. We may lose him yet, but at least he is inside, warm comfy and safe. If he dies he will still have known some days of ease and all the food he can eat

  15. Thanks for saving his life. The condition is not fatal in itself, but it demands medical attention and now Willy get’s the attention he needs.

  16. That is so awesome that Willy has a place to stay, and a caring human to take care of him. And your human is so awesome to keep an eye out for kitties like him.

  17. chrisscatmeow on said:

    What would our elderly,needing cats do without caring,loving people like you all who helped Willy. It makes my heart abit lighter. Lovely,gorgeous,beautiful Willy you deserve to live the rest of your life being happy,cared for and content.

  18. Sat here in tears. So much gratitude needs to go to everyone caring for Willy every step of the way.

    Bless you all. Thank you Willy’s sponsors and hospice carer. We have done this work and know you will walk taller – always.

  19. mistletoeandhitch on said:

    Our Hitch came out of the cold 12 years ago and is absolutely NOT a lap cat. He enjoys conversation, chasing the red dot, killing the wand toy and purring while kneading the air in front of him…but the closest he gets to a cuddle is laying near a trusted human. But, if you touch him, he’ll be vacating the premises. Still he’s one of the most loving cats our humans have ever know. I mean, obviously he’s no equal to me, but who could be? Humans might find they enjoy being friends with an adult cat if they can get passed the idea of having a “fur baby”. Congratulations to One-eyed Willy for coming in from the cold.

  20. a BIG hug to your mam and to your fabulous vet and the caretaker who has a heart of gold… that was fabulous to help Willy this way…

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