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Luvluvluv me some Friday Memes!


Back again as I promised, with my newly created Friday Cat Memes. Of course I could do any specie of “memes” if only readers are willing to send Mom L some photos for me to play with…just sayin’…

Now, on to the first meme. Some of my long time readers will recall my lovely Reader Without a Blog, Ms. Dinah. Sadly she dashed to The Bridge couple of years ago and her housekeeper Ms. Martha, who always called herself “housekeeper” for sweet Dinah, has been searching for “just” the purrfect kitty to join her home.

Meet MARIAN!!! She is about ten years old and she was in need of a new forever home. Ms. Martha opened up her door and called “here Marian!” and that’s the end of the story. A Happy Tails Ending!!

Of course The Kid Sage just had to show up this week, so here she is in all her glory! Let me know in comments if you share TKS’ opinion of what “humans” think boxes are for.

And then there is my contribution for this weeks Friday Memes.

I am sure you all know the stoopy sign language your humans use when they are getting ready to grab place you in a carrier for some silly thing such as the Vet place. What do you humans do? Let me hear from expert woofies and kitties!!

Hope you all enjoy my Friday Memes!


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15 thoughts on “Luvluvluv me some Friday Memes!

  1. meowmeowmans on said:

    Those are great! Savvy, you are so right. Of course, we cats have ESP … we kind of know the carrier’s coming out before it even does!

  2. Loved the story about Marian. TW and Pop start talking pig Latin when the “arrier-cay” is coming out. MOL!

  3. Claudia on said:

    LOL, LOL, LOL!!! Loved all of the memes!!!! Especially Savvy’s about the carrier…

    And why does Miss TKS always have that look on her face in her photos? LOL She always has the “crazy kitty” look like she’s just about ready to take off and rip around the house!

    • that’s because she usually IS ready to rip around the house or beg one of us to play chase up and down the stairs and around the living room through the kitchen and dining then BACK UP the stairs!!! We don’t need a personal trainer with TKS on the job!!!

  4. Edie Chase on said:

    Hooray for Marian! Humans think they are so smart, of course all cats know when the carrier is going to be used. TKS, boxes are only good for kitties, I have tried to bring in empty boxes for my books, but the box is immediately occupied by a cat. Have a good weekend.

  5. catladymac on said:

    Great memes ! And hurrah for Marian ! I’m sure Dinah approves.

  6. 15andmeowing on said:

    I am glad this cutie got a forever home. Great memes.

  7. nannanb69 on said:

    Mom tries to sneek the carriers into the bath tub and then call us in to visit!

  8. When the humans are closing all the doors in the house so you have no place to run and hide, the carrier will appear next. The only question is who will be it’s next occupant? We know where it always takes us!

  9. Yep, our resident tortie definitely knows the sign for carrier! Great memes!

  10. Oh my, those were really good and fun too!

  11. We love all your memes – and We are so happy for Marian.
    Have a great weekend.

  12. Love your memes this week, Savvy! Especially Marian’s. As for carriers, my human uses the sneak attack for Binga and Boodie – she just grabs them when they are sleeping and puts them in the carrier! I just go with the flow, so she just picks me up and puts me in the vet-only carrier, and that’s it. We are pretty easy here.

  13. I ALWAYS know when da carrier are comin!

  14. MOL, thanks for such fun meme this week… Nooo! Thats just a vicious rumour, fake news. Boxes are for cats, just they have to make humans think otherwise else they’ll get wise to us ruling the world! MOL
    Aww Marian hs a great new home, which is how every story should end!
    Toodle pips and purrs

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