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Monday Meowsie News: Pawing It Forward Never Stops


Just when I thought I was gonna get these two foster kittens outta my castle, they go off to the adoption place and get that darn ring worm all over again!!! How many times do I have to “Paw It Forward” for these two?? I’m tellin’ you, Sage and I are getting pretty tired of sharing my our castle!!

I am so tired of taking meds…can’t I just get my own castle?

Yup, Katie is tired of the meds and Mom L and Dad P are tired of having to give them. And that younger one, Lilly, well she just keeps all of us worried cuz she isn’t getting her weight back. But she still has to take that  med for the ring worm.

What? No, please no…not again

So Katie and Lilly have been keeping Mom L and Dad P hopping this week since they had to come home from Contra Costa Humane Society’s Kitty Corner. But that isn’t all Mom L has been up to this week.

Finally this whole litter of four kittens has been trapped and the mom cat too. Mom cat is now spayed and the kittens were taken to Contra Costa Animal Services by Mom L. The first little guy was taken in a couple weeks ago ‘cuz he was injured.

Remember me? I make those cage bars look good!

He is healing nicely and will soon get his x-ray. Mom L took in his three siblings early this last week. Are they not just as cute as buttons???

Two brothers

And the only girl in the bunch…

Go on, you can pet me!

Then Mom L responded to a local Nextdoor neighbor who had a male, not neutered, friendly adult cat coming around all the time to get food. He must have lived in the house they moved into ‘cuz he keeps trying to get inside.

Stan’s Nextdoor photo

Mom L named him Stan. And took him to Contra Costa Animal Services for his neuter, vaccines, etc. He is thought to be about seven years old and they found a ring around his neck, down to the skin, where a collar must have been and that became too small for him. We are waiting to learn about the lump they also found on his neck, at the back.

Hey folks! My name is Stan, the manly mancat!

Wonders never cease in the world of community cat rescue and this last week was no exception. On TOP of all the above, one of Mom L’s rescue trapping pals helped out with a friend who found a mom cat and kittens in his wood pile. Same mom cat from a year ago and there she was back again with kittens. Well Miss Jeanne worked her magic over THREE days and she caught the four kittens AND got the mom cat!! Mom cat is already getting spayed and will be released in the neighborhood and the kittens are now safe and sound and healthy at Contra Costa Animal Services.

Go on, you can say “squeeee!!”

I don’t know about you, but I am bone tired after writing this blog post about our past week of Pawing It Forward!!

I’m just going to enjoy this Fall sun puddle

Hope you are inspired by my Monday Meowsie news blog post. I am embarrassed I missed out on yesterday’s Blog Blast For Peace, but what can I say. We were out rescuing community cats so I hope Miss Mimi forgives my absence this year from #Blog4Peace


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15 thoughts on “Monday Meowsie News: Pawing It Forward Never Stops

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  2. S & S…..we send St Francis’ blessingz two all with sum extree for ewe stan….ewe iz one total lee awesum man cat dood…we troo lee hope de lump iz knot vizshuz N ewe FIND that for everz home yet thiz week ~~~~~~~~~~♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

  3. That’s a whole lot of great work being done by your people, Savvy!

    The Chans

  4. They are all adorable but we love that Stan the Mancat too!

  5. 15andmeowing on said:

    I am in love with Stan. He looks like a male version of our Prancie whose ears were frostbitten and are short like his now.

  6. catladymac on said:

    Oh, Savvy what a lot of good work your Mom & Dad are doing for all these gatitos !
    Be sure you and TKS don’t get that ringworm !

    The neighbor’s big intact male comes over for extra food and attention. He gets along with my outside cats. But he isn’t abandoned, his family is right across the road. Since they didn’t get their 5 kids vaccinated, (the other neighbors, with their own vaxed kids, informed me of that) I don;’t imagine he’s had his shots either. But my cats are all vaxxed.. so I just keep an eye out for him.

  7. You have earned a nap after all that sharing – of your house, your mom and your dad! Mom and I DID say, “Squee!” when we saw the kittens. We said it a LOT! If all that caring and helping isn’t bringing Peace, I don’t know what will.

    Love and licks,

  8. Memories of Eric and Flynn on said:

    Poor Stan the Man! He has such a gentle and friendly face. Just look at that smile! I hope the lump is nothing serious and he is very soon in a home of his very own.

  9. Edie Chase on said:

    That’s too bad that the kittens have to continue taking ringworm meds. I hope Stan the Man(cat) finds a home soon.

  10. Carole Schulman on said:

    Did the4 Vet have any idea why the kittens got ringworm again? Is it something at the humane shelter they went to? Regarding Stan…THANK you for ever, for rescuing that poor mancat. His ears and neck break my heart. I am so grateful he was rescued.
    xx Katie Isabella

  11. Wow, your humans are doing such great work! I’m purring lots for Stan. I think he needs it most.

  12. Hope your two guests get rid of those pesky worms soon! The poor little ones having to go through medication again is pleasant for none.

    And I am glad that all those kittens were rescued early so they can become pampered pets instead of struggling strays.

    Third and last – Stan, if you were not living at the end of the world – well, from my perspective you are – I would immediately adopt you. A sweet tempered orange tabby male is rare. Most are more on the wild side.

  13. I hope for good news for Stan… he is such a fabulous guy and we hope the lump shows nothing dangerous…

  14. mistletoeandhitch on said:

    So, the HuMom thinks the kittens are adorable, but she swooned for Stan. She thinks such a handsome mancat deserves a happy home, but then all kitties should be loved and cared for. Lucky for these guys, your mom and dad are there to lend a hand.
    Hitch out.

  15. chrisscatmeow on said:

    Gosh what a really busy week. What wonderful ,caring loving people you have. The kittens are just adorable and as for Stan he’s a lucky handsome man. Hugs and Purrs to everyone. I really enjoy reading your blog. x

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