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Friday Memes Just for You


Back again with my feline memes. Hope you get your Friday smile goin’ when you see them. And if any of my readers are willing to send me some photos I can use to create even better memes—AWESOME!! Woofies, kitties, and bunnies and all are welcome!!

My first Friday meme is from me, Ms. Savvy Do…I so do not appreciate any “V-E-T” visit.

Yup, that’s me! I recently had to undergo a V-E-T exam because it was first, my annual checkup and second I was sneezing up a storm. Mom L and Dad P must have tracked in some germs and I had a classic Upper Respiratory Infection—aka URI. After some not well received by Princess Savannah liquid meds, I am now in full recovery. But gag me!!! Who wants that junk squirted down your throat?

Moving on, the next meme is from a recent rescue mancat. Mom L named him Stan the Man!

Stan has his neuter tomorrow and also his Vet check. We hope his lump on his neck is benign and that he graduates with flying colors so he can go to adoptions. He has  line up waiting to promote him!!

And then we must hear from The Kid Sage aka TKS.

What can I say? TKS just can’t keep her paws off any chik-hen!

Hope you enjoyed at least one of my Friday Memes. Let me hear some shout outs for your faves in comments.


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17 thoughts on “Friday Memes Just for You

  1. Oh these really did make us laugh out loud, especially Stan’s MOL All in all, just the remedy for a miserable morning, thank you ❤
    Toodle pips and purrs

  2. meowmeowmans on said:

    We love those memes, Savvy and TKS. And we are wishing and hoping for Stan to find his forever home very soon.

  3. HermanTattleCat on said:

    Your memes have us Meowing Out Loud. Gosh, we hope Stan is gonna be all right. He’s a handsome mancat.

  4. 15andmeowing on said:

    I knew I recognized Stan’s sweet face. I wish I could adopt him he is a cutie.

  5. Our Frankie has been sneezing since we got him over four years ago. I think he is allergic to cats. 🙂 We are constantly cleaning up “Frankie boogers.”

  6. The Island Cats on said:

    Hey, Savvy…sorry you had to endure going to the vet…but we’re glad you’re feeling better. Good luck to Stan!

  7. catladymac on said:

    Good thoughts for Big Stan as he goes to Dr Stabby. He looks pretty calm about it. Purrs for you to get all better too, Savvy. And for TKS to get enough chick-hen.

  8. Memories of Eric and Flynn on said:

    Those are fun memes. I hope everything goes well for Stan the Man.

  9. These are some really great Friday memes. The chicken one is our favorite. Just last night our little one was begging for some chicken we were eating and didn’t waste any time when we gave her some. Thanks for the share. Have a wonderful weekend.

  10. Edie Chase on said:

    Very funny memes. I enjoyed laughing at all of them. Miss Savvy, I’m glad you’re feeling better. Good luck Stan the Man, sending good thoughts. TKS, watch out for those chickens, they’re dangerous.

  11. Those were good! We love that Stan dude too.

  12. Paws crossed for Stan! Keep us posted.

  13. Stan is such a charmer. Hope the vet does only find something harmless in that bump!

  14. We loved ALL your memes, Savvy! We think perhaps the first one is Our Favourite. As Mummy says – who can resist that adorable pink tongue?

    Have a great weekend.

    Trixie, Caspurr and Shimshi

    PeeEss: We would love to send you some pics to use for memes but We have somehow lost your email address.

  15. good work with that chicken… they can be dangerous ;O)

  16. Hope you’re feeling better Savvy,but TKS is to funny,xx Speedy

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