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UPDATE: Remember where foster Katie was found?


How many of you remember where our foster Kit Katie was found? Be honest, tell me in comments. This is a trick question kind’a!

Mom L took Kit Katie to an adoption event at Petco on this past Saturday. This adoption site has been filled by our partners for Project Delta View Cats for about twenty years. Community Concern For Cats has made this Petco a major adoption happening! Anyway, Mom L took Kit Katie and met someone who pretty much blew off Mom L’s socks!!! MOL!!!

There was a very pretty, somewhat shy young female kitty at this adoption event. Mom L got to talking with the kitty’s foster Mom and guess what?

Where have you seen this kitten before on my blog?

Kittens still trying to be kittens

Do you think THIS is the same kitten almost one year later?

SQUEEEEEE!!! Mom L met the wonderful lady who fostered FOUR of the kittens from that ugly apartment cat hoarding situation Mom L and Dad P and Miss Stacey worked through last year, June and July 2018!!!. We never knew where the live nine kittens we rescued ended up. But now I can give you a peek at four of them and all have the best ever happy tails endings!!!

The kitten above is names Squeakers. She is just adorable. A bit shy, unlike her brother who was adopted quickly after being rescued. He was about eight to ten week old when adopted. You can see him still in the hoarding apartment and then once he was free with his foster Mom  and Dad. ( you must hover over photo to read captions)

Cooper was the only boy kitten out of the four that Miss Nancy agreed to foster. The other three were as timid as our sweet Kit Katie. Check out the two tabby kitten she fostered, Jimmie and Willa May. Jimmie was apparently the runt of a litter and very tiny and not expected to survive. But Mom L handed him and another weeks older tabby girl off to our trusted partners at Community Concern For Cats. Mom L knew that Miss Gemma could bring Jimmie back to a full life. And she DID!!

Jimmie and Willa May were so bonded. They were not litter mates because we knew Willa May was a few weeks older. But just look at how much they loved each other.

And YES!!! Jimmie and Willa May were adopted together about two weeks ago!! APAWS!!!

Here is a great photo of Willa May, Jimmie and Squeakers.

We must always remember that saving one life always means we are saving so many other when we practice SPAY and NEUTER!! All four of these kittens were the result of someone who didn’t bother to get their mom cat and dad cat spayed and neutered. They were born into a horrible filthy environment just like our foster Kit Katie. Thankfully three of these four kittens are in loving homes and soon we know that Squeakers will be in her own home too.

Hope you find inspiration in seeing the Happy Tails Endings for four of the kittens Mom L and Dad P rescued last Summer from an apartment hoarding situation. Again, this is where we found sweet Kit Katie.






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14 thoughts on “UPDATE: Remember where foster Katie was found?

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  2. meowmeowmans on said:

    Thank you for sharing these happy tails stories, Savvy. They help reinforce the truth that the tireless work by people like Mom L and Dad P is super important and life-changing!

    Katie was found in a hoarding situation, right?

  3. Oooh that is the best way to end the week—with a happy Ever after update! This is where all the effort you guys put in becomes a reality for those that are to be adopted. Well done!
    Lots of Happy Purrs

  4. Clowie on said:

    It’s wonderful to see happy outcomes!

  5. Marjorie Dawson on said:

    Isn’t it wonderful there is hope and health here?

  6. The Swiss Cats on said:

    Yay ! Paws up for the adoptions ! We cross our paws and hope Squeakers finds a forever home very soon. Purrs

  7. We’re so happy for these cats!

  8. We have fostered several kitties from a hoarding home. Miss Fitz and Mr Buttons who became #6 and #7 of the Tomcat Home. Mr Buttons had FIV and was returned to Dad who was fostering for Spay and Save. Miss Fitz was so shy she would freeze at events and only in the past 2 years is really coming of age. She is 8. We are so very glad these wonderful cats got forever homes and wish everyone would simply spay or neuter their cats. It would lessen the burden on rescues and prevent so much sadness. Thanks so much for sharing these great stories! Cant wait to see Katie get her forever home

  9. S & S & K….total lee awesum post two day; & katie; ta bee honest we due knot noe what we did yesterday at 2:17 in de PM; pleez take noe o fence if we due knot rememburr wher mom L finded ewe…♥♥♥

  10. I love hearing these adoption stories! ❤

  11. Those are all such wonderful photos and we sure hope your Mom finds her socks!

  12. chrisscatmeow on said:

    Oh thank you for sharing this they’re all adorable and so grown up. x😻🐾

  13. Carole Schulman on said:

    My heart just breaks for the innocents in these situations. I am deeply grateful to you and Stacy for all you did and do. Seeing this happy ending helps tremendously.
    Katie Isabella

  14. mistletoeandhitch on said:

    Before we keep reading we are going to answer that KitKatie came from a hoarding situation. HuMom says she remembers that came from terrible conditions and that the hoarding applied to everything, not just the animals. She wondered if the kitties found there might not have been better off in the street as compared to the hell they were trapped in.

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