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Finding Community Cat Caregivers to Help!!


My Project Delta View Cats (PDVC) program is gonna be one of my best Paw It Forward Projects ever!! And our team of committed volunteers are gonna make this happen for sure.

This last Saturday seven volunteers canvassed seventy-eight homes in a neighborhood that is part of our pilot for Targeted Trap, Neuter, Return (TNR) work. We went door to door with our PDVC brochure, a door hanger about “What Is a Community Cat” that is written in English and Spanish and we took a lot of good will with us!

Getting organized

Our volunteers have already been trapping in this neighborhood but they still found about four additional homes we need to help with spay, neuter. It was great that they all saw several kitties with ear tips!! YAY!!! PDVC has been making a difference. And the residents were all really helpful and appreciative of what we are trying to do to humanely reduce the community cat population in this neighborhood.

Our bonus for the day was having a resident PDVC has already been helping with TNR of his small eleven cat colony let us know where a mom cat stashed her four babies!!

Miss Jeanne and Mom L and Miss Sarah were on getting those kittens and mom cat fast! Kittens were easy to pick up and get into a carrier.

Where is our Mom!

Mom was wanting her kittens but she was wary. She was so tiny herself, likely less than a year old and about five pounds tops!!

I want my babies!

So Miss Jeanne and Mom L set up a mom cat trap using the kittens as bait. I posted about them doing this last year, remember? The kittens stay in the carrier, door closed. A humane cat trap is set with one closed end against the carrier and the triggered door at opposite end set. The whole contraption is covered in towels to make it a safe feeling dark space.

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Mom hung around for about three hours, never going into the trap. Finally Mom L put some smelly fishy cat food in the trap at the end nearest her kittens and bang!! Mom cat was so hungry herself and worried about her kittens that she finally went into the set trap.

I hope you had a great Saturday ‘cuz I am sure proud of the productive one Mom L and Dad P and the team of PDVC volunteers pulled off! Mom cat and kittens were taken to our county animal services where kittens, already weaned, will go to a foster until adoption and Mom cat will be spayed this week and returned to her caretaker. No more kittens for her!!! She is practically a kitten herself but she was taking good care of her first litter.


Community Concern For Cats

Contra Costa Humane Society

Petco Re-Homing

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12 thoughts on “Finding Community Cat Caregivers to Help!!

  1. Hooray for the good deeds done well! Those kittens, OMC!!

  2. Carole Schulman on said:

    Savvy, your mom and the others volunteers seen here are making mom so proud! Mom says thank you to each and every one AND to the community for helping. That beautiful Tortie mommy will be seeing her babies again. And all will be spayed or neutered. XXXXX
    Katie Isabella

  3. meowmeowmans on said:

    How awesome that Miss Jeanne and Mom L got that momma kitty and all her kittens. We are so very proud of Mom L and Dad P, and all those other humans doing such amazing and important work. XO

  4. Hooray for getting them all, how wonderful.

  5. OMC! We’re so glad you got mom and kittens. Well done!

  6. catladymac on said:

    What a great project – and so nice that the people were cooperative. The Mom and kittens are on to a happy life !

  7. Oh, the little cat is soo beautiful! She looks a little bit like my Kessy.

  8. Kudos to your mom and to you for telling us about the wonderful work she does. Around here people would slam the door in our faces. We still have one guy who has taken feeders to court several times even though they don’t feed near his house.

  9. Savannah, you must be so proud of Mom L, and the PDVC, that your buttons are popping ( whatever that means,). Humans are odd, but sometimes they are remarkable.

  10. Wow. This is such a great report, and I have to mirror exactly what Summer said. Great work by you all, and a model of the standard all communities need to reach. Well Done and please keep these reports coming as they really do lift us.

  11. I am SO proud of your humans for all the good work they are doing, Savvy! This is awesome!

  12. we are so happy that your mom and your dad and all their friends make this world to a good place for the feline world… thanks to you for your golden heart… and all the bet for mom cat and the little ones…

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