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Friday Memes are back again!


It’s time to get those Friday Smiles going again. I have a guest today that everyone knows!!

She is a Queen!! Enter Her Royal Highness Queen Katie Isabella!!

There you have it! I bring you Queen Katie Isabella who lacks nothing when it comes to her regal image and yet, lacks a good bit when it comes to having what the humans call a “poker face”!!! She knows exactly where those “car rides” end up and it ain’t pretty from where she sits when she sings the song of her people in the carrier!!!

And another well known guest today, one of my lovely pals from across the pond.

Yes you are correct. That is indeedy do Ms. Erin the Cat Princess. And might I add a darn good writer as well! You simply MUST be reading her blog as she has the best ever sense of cat humor!

Here’s hoping you enjoyed my guest memes today. Let me know what’cha think in comments.

And just thought I would ask, if you, my blog followers, might consider “liking” our new Facebook page for my Paw It Forward  program @deltaviewcats. We sure do need more likes and followers ‘cuz the Facebook masters don’t wanna share our posts unless we have lots more “likes/followerd”. We have one hundred but need like a kabillion more!! Appreciate your support pals!!


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Contra Costa Humane Society

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13 thoughts on “Friday Memes are back again!

  1. Katie looks good in her tiara.

  2. I sure was in great company today, wasn’t I. And absolutely I did not eat that dinner. I may have touched breakfast though, MOL
    Anyways, I love Katie, she wears her crown way better than I. I suspect we both have the same faces when it comes to the vets though, MOL

  3. meowmeowmans on said:

    Awesome memes, Savvy. We love our pals, Katie and Erin. Oh and we love what Mom L and Dad P are doing with Project Delta View Cats, too!

  4. 15andmeowing on said:

    Those are great. I love Erin and Katie.

  5. Savannah you have two of our favorite friends memes! Its always great seeing Erin and Katie who made us laugh ourselves off the couch. Dad was purrplexed MOL

  6. The Island Cats on said:

    Those are great! We have some pretty funny friends.

  7. S & S & K;

    total lee awesum meemez frum two gorgeouz gal palz….. wavez two ewe katie & ERin ….& we wood like ta like yur page but we iz knot a loud on facebook…

  8. Those were terrific…a Queen and a Princess!

  9. Nobody enjoys car rides here.

  10. Carole Schulman on said:

    Boy, I have been tricked many a time; and when I realized I had been tricked again…*click* goes the camera! Thanks a lot, Mom. Not.

    Kate Isabella

  11. I loved your memes today with our fellow blogging cats!

  12. hahaha yes car rides can be special… the destination can be the vet yiiiikes…

  13. hahaha yes car rides can be special… the destination can be the vet yiiiikes…

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