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Monday Meowsie News


Lots of stuff going on around my castle since last Monday. Some of ordinary like me hissing a The Kid Sage and her tryin’ to get a whiffy of my butt, etc.  You all know how that goes, right??

Anywho…I have had my own moments of getting older start to show up. Mom L caught me comin’ down the stairs just as I staggered and fell on my left hip. My left knee is pretty bad with that arty-right-us stuff. Can any of you relate???

Nonetheless, I can still play on my carpeted stairs and I am developing my own personalized work out on my couch stairs too. Just give me a shout out if you want my new Savannah’s Short Step Workout video.

After a work out like that I need some time to just chill out, meditate and enter my own personalize “Zen” zone.

Zen cat

The Zen state is described as “the state of “no-mindness”. That is, a mind not fixed or occupied by thought or emotion and thus open to everything.”

Seriously, what cat can’t relate to THAT notion!!???? Let me know in comments how you get into your own personal ” Zen Zone”.

And this last week has seen some changes in The Kid Sage. She is succumbing to the wiles of our “foster” kid Kit Katie. Yes, yes…I know it is unbelievable but I have actually witnessed them doing “thundering head of elephants” at four AM!! Back and forth up and down the upstairs hallway. Sheeesh. They even head butt each other and TKS allows Katie to sidle up to her and rub against her. Thankfully the humans have NO photo evidence of this but I tell you it is real!

But you can tell that TKS is proud of her ability to be flexible enough to accept Kit Katie.

Wait! What? I didn’t say I was softie!!

Ok, well maybe TKS is still trying to avoid being a “softie” but hey, she just chills whenever Kit Katie is around. What more can I say.

Yeah, yeah…so I let Kit Katie have my last treat…big deal!

So, Kit Katie will remain with us until she can get past her problematic health challenges. Mom L and Dad P have been out a lot more green papers trying to get her leaky right eye treated. It will likely always leak but at least now she seems more comfortable. We will leave Katie posted on three websites but we are not longer taking her to any adoption events. She simple cannot withstand the stress. It challenges her immune system.

This is why Kit Katie will no longer be hosted at the end of my blog. Just want you all to know she is safe with us.


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17 thoughts on “Monday Meowsie News

  1. I know it is tough, Savannah, but your mom and dad are doing for Katie what they would for any other feline in need. I am pleased that you are there for them all though, as a balance to things, and as a mentor and inspiration, too. Humans do great things when inspired, and yours area great example. Arthritis is not a good thing, but having your own routine is very important. I wonder if your exercises would help others, too? Maybe do an article for the elder cats in our community, as to best ways to have fun, keep fit and not stress the old bones and joints.
    Lots of loving purrs to you all

  2. Lucky little Kit Katie…she could not be in a better home. Love all the photos. Hugs and nose kisses to all from us.

  3. Katie exactly where she belongs right now. We have no doubt she will receive the best of care and lots of love.

    Love and licks,

  4. ATCAD on said:

    We are so glad Kit Katie is safe with you and that the Kid Sage has befriended her. We are sorry to hear that your are having problems with Arthritis. Luckily it hasn’t slowed any of us down although Scylla does seem to have trouble jumping when she is tired. But she has been going outside lots and seems to be in great shape.

  5. Bruce&Peg. on said:

    Thanks for the sincere words and sadness sent our way for the loss of our baby boy Mokey

  6. I’m glad Sage and Katie are getting to be pals. I think that is good for both of them. I do wish Sage would stop sniffing your butt, though!

  7. 15andmeowing on said:

    That is wonderful news! I was hoping you would keep her 🙂

  8. catladymac on said:

    Sweet Katie, we are all getting older. You still look pretty good ! Ad Jatie & TKS getting along as T H of E should tire them both out so everyone can get more sleep ! Purrs.

  9. Savannah, one good thing about TKS and Katie hitting it off…they wil leave you alone! 🙂

  10. I think I hear a foster fail coming on! Fingers crossed!

  11. Savannah brofur Buddy has stairs both in the kitchen and bedroom and he likes them a lot. We would love to see you work out dear friend. Sounds like Katie is quite comfy and we are glad TKS is adjusting and she is safe and sound

  12. S & S & K; happee new week two ewe all; we STILL say katie; yur all reddy
    …..home……;) ♥♥

  13. Carole Schulman on said:

    Bless her and bless you and TKS too. And you, mom. xox
    Katie Isabella

  14. You can’t possibly be old enough for that arty righty stuff! Poor Savy, we feel for you with that!
    Glad to hear the other two are getting along so well!
    I notice that Kit Katie has a lot of white around her eyes, for some reason cats with white around the eyes tend to have leaky eyes, have you ever noticed that? I think a color would protect the eyes from reflected light better maybe. But that’s just my theory on something I’ve observed, so don’t take my word for it! Hope her health problems resolve quickly!

  15. Y’all are pawsome for taking such good care of Katie.

  16. I’m glad Katie found you…and we wish her all the best for the health problems and we know she is in purrfect paws…

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