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Nine Reasons Cats Need Carpet on Stairs


Now I know lots of my pals do not have homes that have two or more levels so’s you don’t have the option of getting carpeted stairs installed. BUT—if you could—would these reasons help you convince your humans to add stairs somewhere for you?

One: Chin Rest

Chin rest while napping

Two: Sun shade

Shade from sun puddles that are too hot

Three: Nap cushion.

Cat napping on cushy carpet

Four: Recon tower

Reconnaissance post to know when breakfast is being served

Five:  TV review

Television overview to insure “age appropriate” viewing

Six: Massage table

Ahhhh—that’s just the spot between my shoulders

Seven: Sun puddle lounge

May I borrow your sun shades?

Eight:  Surveillance post

I can see all TKS’ actions from here

Nine: Cat tower!

A place to play with a fur buddy

The not so fur friendly stairs are always those like I had in our last rental home. Hard, unfurriendly, narrow, and no light.

Non friendly feline stairs

How do you like your stairs if you have them?


PeeEss—our foster boys are still with us.

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25 thoughts on “Nine Reasons Cats Need Carpet on Stairs

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  5. Marty the Manx on said:

    Sadly ours are wood and at least Mom does put runners down on them. Sure wish we had carpet *sigh*

  6. Sadly our cats have to put up with stone steps – totally agree that carpet would go down very well with them for all the reasons you suggest!

  7. Carpeted stairs are like one big giant scratching post/towers. They are good for many things!

    How do these numbers work? If I come by once every 5 days and look at the current post plus the ones I may have missed, does that only count for one visit? Even though I have caught up with the last 5 days I have missed? So it seems like maybe all the blogs I read don’t count. Only how many times I logged on? And if I don’t comment on every blog post, are those counted at all?

    It seems there is more to consider than the numbers when they may not reflect your fan base. We don’t all visit every day but when most of us do, we try to catch up and don’t like missing a post. We will definitely miss you if you leave but if you feel that you can’t keep up with posting and you only post once a week, we will still follow you and catch up with those we missed.

  8. Agreeed! Loving these stairs and missing having them in my place 😦 Can’t wait to get some in the future!

  9. 15andmeowing on said:

    I am a bad Mom,ours stairs are not carpeted.

  10. BionicBasil on said:

    Stairs are great, we love chasing up, around and up again… but that’s a really great point about carpet on them… the P.A. was thinking of having the carpet removed and leaving them bare wood, but now I think mew have changed her mind – thank mew furry much fur that!

    Big hugs

    Basil & Co xox

  11. The Swiss Cats on said:

    We never enjoyed carpeted stairs ; we have wooden stairs, or cement stairs. We wish they were carpeted ! Purrs

  12. katie isabella on said:

    I love all the reasons you showed us because each is impawtent and each is accurate

  13. This here human has always said that she will never have stairs, because she would be a nervous wreck watching bold, brave, hind limb paralyzed Evan make his way up and down them. But, you sure do give purrfect reasons why carpeted stairs are so great, Savannah!

  14. We find our carpeted stairs make for great scratching posts…much to the mom’s dismay.

  15. It is probably good we don’t have carpet on our stairs since all stairs lead to Precious!

  16. We don’t have any stairs, but I agree with all of these reasons. Soft, comfy stairs are a must for a kitty!

    Love and licks,

  17. When mee lived at Mumma Mary-Ellen’ss there were carpeted stairss an they were furabuluss!! Now with LadyMum wee live on one floor….maybe mee could get a set of kat stairss made just fur mee?? Say that ISS a good idea Savannah……
    You should see thee 2 postss of mee kat tree; thee Sisal iss half shredded off, mew mew mew….. 😉
    ~~head rubsss~~ Dharth Henry~~

  18. S & S…noe starez heer in TT but yur fotoz two day rock de houze !!!! grate post 🙂 ♥♥

  19. MOL they are the BEST reasons for having carpet, and we never realised half of those. Alas I have limited carpet on the spiral staircase and is only there to keep the peeps feet warm and apparently nothing to do with me! Blooming cheek!
    Anyways I loves the peacock feather photo very artistic, in fact you could be one the cover of What Palac, or Country Cat Magazin MOL
    Toodle pip and purrs

  20. Can you believe that my human actually wants to REMOVE the carpet from the stairs here? I don’t see the appeal in hardwood.

  21. I do not have stairs in my flat, but I am sure Kessy would agree with you if she knew what carpets and stairs are …

    I love your two foster boys, any chance they come over to Germany and live with me? *only half kidding, lost FunTom in February and need ONE new companion – but will source one locally from my shelter of choice*

  22. Sat here * kicks keyboard * SAT HERE…… * sighs and look s as paws *

  23. Oh this is brilliant!I am satire grinning. What lovely pictures, they hit the carpet nail on the head! I love the peacock feather and YES every single point is TRUE!!!!!

  24. I totally agree with you… the stairs need a carpet ;o) so we can be stair-pets ;O)

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