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Friday Memes Will Always Be Here


Ahem…koff…koff. Well I did not mean to trouble my loyal readers with my last post where I mention I am not sure if I outta blog anymore. Ya see, I write for all of YOU! And I didn’t know or understand I have such loyal readers no matter the numbers. So as long as I have pals who come by from time to time, I let Mom L know I wanna keep my bloggy goin’ for now. Purrs to all of you who left so many appreciative comments.

I am having a nap in our new bedroom chair. Don’t I look great on it? Unfortunately Dad P thought my dark gray furs might stick so now I have a bright turquoise beach towel spread over it and frankly, I think I look fab!

Now for the memes. My readers know how much I totally luvluvluv my peacock feathers. My BFGF Cathy Keisha gave a shout out to Mom L when I first came to live here to let her know I probably couldn’t refuse one and CK was right!

As all house panthers know, the human celebration of all hallows eve is coming up and bein’ a totally black cat is not always safe. What do you think of TKS’ attempt to blend into the furniture as a way of keepin’ outta the way for this human event?

And lots of you wanna keep up on the future of our two foster brothers so I thought you might get a kick outta seein’ the inside of their “actual” relationship!!

There you have it, Friday Memes are alive and well!


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19 thoughts on “Friday Memes Will Always Be Here

  1. I see that all the bestest cats agree with us. We are happy you are staying! The memes are great but we must see your beautiful faces once in a while at least! Love ya, Patzy

  2. meowmeowmans on said:

    We are so happy the memes are going to keep on coming! And your bloggy, too, Savvy and Sage. Love and hugs to you both, and to Mom L and Dad P!

  3. Sage you do very well blending into the chair, Yin is working on the art of invisibility and seems to be very good at it. Half the time Mom and Dad can’t find her even when they are looking right at her. Savvy we are so pleased you will continue blogging and we bet your look fabulous with the turquoise beach towel.

  4. We’re so glad the memes will continue!

  5. 15andmeowing on said:

    Good to see you, I am glad you are still blogging. XO

  6. We don’t stop by nearly as much as we like to … but we love the memes!

  7. Mary McNeil on said:

    Thank you fur staying Savvy –

  8. S & S…..we iz glad yur brotherz iz gettin a long sew well !! 🙂

    AND…we can see we iz gonna knead ta haza talk with a sir tin sum one
    bout reca mendin…….burd skin ~~~~~~~

  9. knitting4kitty on said:

    Love your Friday memes and the updates on the fosters and your purrsons good work helping kitties not as lucky as you! THANK YOU for being such an eloquent spokespurrson!

  10. BOL!! Hilarious as usual!

  11. Woo Hoo Savannah an Sage!! Wee reeleived yur stayin an blogging! Thrr furiday MeeMee’ss are berry kewl. An Sage mee not even see you inn thee chair, mew mew mew…
    An thee Brofurss are adoorabull; just like mee an Brofur Tyerrone used to bee…..
    *paw patsss* Dharth Henry xXXx

  12. I absolutely love the last meme. It’s so hilarious!

  13. katie isabella on said:

    Don’t you go ANYwhere. And the foster babies are adorable. Smoochies to them.

  14. katie isabella on said:

    I think you look fab on yours new chair. Tell Dad that your furs are a welcome addition as they add softness and sleekness. TKS…same. And your mom won’t let you out in harms way, Sage.

  15. Well Savvy, Angel Sammy whispered in my ear that I should tell you HE is proud of you for sticking with the blog. He was always proud of your BIG STEPS in being the cat you were meant to be in your home……and now he’s staying proud. Glad you will be around…..the blogosphere needs you and TKS!

    Hugs, Teddy

  16. These are so cute… but I think Sage needs to wave her black cat flag high! Black cats are awesome!

  17. I gotta say thank goodness you not leaving us, Savvy, the world IS a better place with you! I just love TKS’s peacock meme and he is so ON TREND with the black chair! As for the kittens, well they are adorable, just so long as the, ahem, armlocks don’t extend to us MOL
    Toodle pip and loving purrs

  18. Savvy! What a relief! For a while (well, it seemed like an eternity to Us), We were afraid you really were going to leave the Blogosphere)!
    Now, as to today’s pics – both you and TKS look absolutely gorgeous, as usual!
    And the two Foster Kitties are adorable.
    Purrs and noserubs to you all.

    Trixie? Caspurr and Shimshi

  19. OOOH I love these. I know you’ve Peacock feathers. I put in to win last year’s WINN Foundation raffle prize off a box of them just for you. I didn’t win * sigh *

    Glad you realise how loved you and TKS and your Mom and Dad are.


    HUUUUGE HUGS!!!!!!

    Marjorie and Silver Kitten

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