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Boldness Part Two!


I know, I keep harping on the same old subject but come on my pals, how much more do I have to take in my own castle??!!

Banished from my own couch!

See that? There I am, forlorn, in a sun puddle on the FLOOR!!! Know why???

THAT’S WHY!!!! Kit Katie is takin’ over my place, using my special towel that Mom L puts there for ME in the Summer when I don’t need my blue afghan anymore. KK gets there first and stakes out a spot and I am left on the floor! I ask you, what’s fair about this??

Why only today, Mom L had to walk toward KK to get her to dash away. You see ever since Mom L and Dad P had to use so many meds on her draining eye, she has become hand shy again. So they are workin’ on her for that, but thankfully for now when Mom L approached MY COUCH KK ran. Then Mom L sat down and invited me up to my personal spot.

Finally I could settle in for my nice long morning nap downstairs, on MY COUCH, where it is cooler on this hot Summer day. Then I hear the softest paw pat on my nice cool towel. And I feel something moving slowly past me on MY COUCH. I peek open an eye and what do I see??!!!

The gall!! Sneak past me and steal my space!

And now let’s make matters worse. Check out this!!

Both of them!!

And if this isn’t bad enough, I have also had to tolerate KK and TKS trying to sneak closer to my tent on my bed.

What? She couldn’t find another place to nap???

KK also comes right up in the morning when I get my morning snack along with TKS. KK acts like she is part of our family. What?? Did I just say that?? *slaps paw to forehead*—please tell me this ain’t so!

Good morning Princess Savvy. How was your treat?

So you see my life is becoming more and more intruded upon. Everywhere I got, KK wants to be right there and then, after she shows up, here comes TKS. Sheesh! What am I ever gonna do??

Now we are practically nose to nose!

As you can see in the photo above, KK was even bold enough this morning to turn around and face me—on MY COUCH!! *shudders* This is getting really hard to take my pals, really hard. What can I do??


PeeEss—Mom L here…Katie’s eye has apparently cleared up with the antibiotics so that her tear duct is no longer clogged. She still has her limp and gingivitis, but all in all this is the most healthy she has been since coming to us eleven months ago. For all intent and purpose Kit Katie is now home. For good.

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22 thoughts on “Boldness Part Two!

  1. Awww. It’s sweet that Katie wants to be your friend. After all, she doesn’t trust everyone.

  2. Awww. Well it looks like whatever happens now is for the best, as the best have surely helped save you all. Katie has some rules to discover and adhere to, but I am sure you can sort that Miss Savvy, after all this is YOUR palace and you have first dibs on the best places. Maybe take her under your wing and groom her for success in the years to come. . .
    Loving purrs

  3. meowmeowmans on said:

    TKS and KK just want to do what you do, Savvy. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, and all that.

    Welcome home to Katie Kat!

  4. After slowly accepting her around you, what did you think Katie was going to do? Keep a respectful distance? She is not this kind of kitten. She likes a good role model.

  5. Oh, sweet Savvy we think it is wonderful and we love the photos of the 3 of you so close. You are still queen so not to worry. Hugs and nose kisses

  6. The Swiss Cats on said:

    Those are all great spots, we can understand why they are so popular ! Purrs

  7. Carole Schulman on said:

    Savvy, I have to tell you I loved hearing my mom read me this today. To Katie: Welcome home darling.

    XXX Katie Isabella

  8. You are the perfect model for sharing.

    Emma and Buster

  9. KK…a MOST happee gotcha day o fish ull sorta kinda like two ewe; we iz BUZZED happee for ewe….♥♥♥

    S & S; add mit it; ewe noe havin a lil sis a round iz like de best ever; eye mite even say that bout mackerull….mite !!

    we give 984 pawz up to de sofa foto…N 984 mor 🙂 ☺☺☺♥♥♥

  10. Well, Savvy, you get all the good spots – it’s hard for the others to resist.

  11. Sometimes the younger ones do things without asking. We hope you two will be sharing all your favorite spots together really soon. At least you got some naptime it. Thanks for sharing. Have a great week.

  12. Well, you two do look awfully sweet together Savvy. Hooray, there’s no place like hope sweet Katie!

  13. Ra Husquiberian on said:

    Love an woooos mates,

    Nuk & family

  14. ATCAD on said:

    We are so glad Katie has found her home, we sort of think KK knew she was home all along she just had to wait for the rest of you to figure it out. Savvy we think you should just decide to love your sisters and embrace togetherness. (PeeS from Scylla for Savvy’s eyes only – don’t tell but having siblings is nice and when it’s cold you might even want to cuddle with them)

  15. mistletoeandhitch on said:

    It’s hard when your responsibilities to the younger generation intrude into your actual life.

  16. Memories of Eric and Flynn on said:

    That last sentence makes me so happy! KK may have taken your spot on the couch, but in that first photo you have a lovely sun puddle.

  17. A congrats to Kit Katie on being “home.”

  18. She really did sneak herself into your furmily…happy for her…eventually you may love her too! Oops, did I mew that??
    Sorry you are miffed…I feel that way with those hooligan dogs that live here now…

  19. Home. For good……

    I like that ………

  20. I hear ya… same happened here as that Nelly came… he really thinks he can sleep in MY bed… that squatter LOL

  21. KK and TKS just want to keep you company and make sure you’re ok and are there if you need them…..royal servants to you,xx Speedy

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