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Seniors Rock Trap, Neuter, Return (TNR) !!


Let me set you  straight before I start—when I say “Seniors” I mean the human ones. I have a story about a whole 55 year old+ Senior Mobile Home Park that will make you happy all week long!!

Now I know whenever some of us in the community cat rescue and TNR work have all had unpleasant experiences when trying to work with mobile home parks. These can be a breeding ground, literally, for over population of community cats.

So the story begins with me sitting at my desk pawing through some emails and Mom L’s mobile phone rings. I pawed the answer button and a nice lady asked for Mom L. The lady couldn’t speak “cat” so she didn’t understand my meows asking her if I could help her instead, so’s I hollered out for Mom L.

Mom L took over and soon learned that this group of senior humans at a mobile home park were looking for Project Delta View Cats (PDVC) to help them with a colony of community cats in their park that was continuing to grow.

Finally after some chit-chatting they agreed that Mom L and Dad P would go to their facility and speak with interested residents about how to humanely trap, neuter and return their cats and kittens to be able to manage their population. Lots of residents showed up, some just wanting the cats to “disappear”. But there were enough who were ready to learn how to do TNR to form a team. Our PDVC volunteers taught them how to trap humanely and another one visited them to demonstrate how to use a drop trap.

If all communities came together the way this one has, our work to humanely manage the community cat over population would be so much easier!!

They held a couple of fund raisers at their mobile home park; one was a breakfast that Mom L and Dad P attended. They cleared $400 and will use that to buy their own drop trap and other supplies.

Dad P getting his breakfast

The residents were cooks and dish washers so they kept their costs down to next to nothing.

The kitchen was busy!

Mom L and Dad P sat with some of the residents and had a great chat about their community cats they were helping out.

Nice people shared their table with Mom L and Dad P

Their team leader, Miss Rio, had just caught a litter of six kittens before the breakfast started. She was taking them to our county animal services, who partner with PDVC, so they could be fostered then put up for adoption.

Kittens waiting for transport

Mom L got a couple of photos and was surprised to see that two of the teeny kittens had brown fur!

Aren’t they cute!! So Delta Hawaii mobile home park is standing proof that when a community works together, they can indeed humanely manage their community cat population. All PDVC has done is to teach the residents and then they are buying their own trapping equipment, doing their own trapping, transport and recovery. The adults are released back where they were trapped and will be cared for by residents.


Let me know if you think this will work in your community.


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18 thoughts on “Seniors Rock Trap, Neuter, Return (TNR) !!

  1. The Swiss Cats on said:

    Well done ! That’s great ! Purrs

  2. We really love this story as it shows what can be done with some education and encouragement from the TNR community. Wonderful people with a wonderful result. Thanks for the support Mom L, Dad P and Savannah of course

  3. meowmeowmans on said:

    Awesome! Way to go Delta Hawaii mobile home park. We love it when humans work together to make good things happen!

  4. S & S & K….. 984 PAWZ UP two everee one at de senior park N thoz who helped with de fund razer !!!

    sa ~~wheat 🙂 ♥♥

  5. Carole Schulman on said:

    I loved every word here and I am so grateful for you, and for all the seniors who cared enough to help these innocent beings.

    Katie Isabella

  6. Well done everyone! If only all communities could come together in this way.

  7. I wonder if you have ever heard about Grandpa Mason and his kitties. Grandpa was a feral senior cat, of course and he was caught at the ripe old age of about 9 (which is very old for a feral tom), with several diseases, which made it impossible for him to return to the wild. So the tinykittens-founder Shelly Roche took him in, fed him (wrapped up like a burrito) every day so he would get all his food as he needed, with medicine – and despite him never wanting to be pet by her, he settled in.
    Then Mason discovered kittens … Shelly does a lot of fostering of feral mothers and their litters, the mothers stay with the kittens unless they do not feed the little ones anymore, then go for a spay and if they cannot adjust to living with humans, they go back to the colonies they came from.

    Mason took over when kittens were orphaned, or when mums went back – and taught the little ones some manners and cat-tricks.

    He died on my birthday this year, but it is such a heart warming story of compassion and proof that even a feral cat has the capacity for love, it is absolutely worth saving them and try to improve their lives – which you certainly do when you stop them reproducing.

    Tinykittens, along with Cole and Marmelade (who have a video out with Jackson Galaxy) are fully onboard with TNR! They try to spread the message, too. They live just a few hours North of you, in Canada.

    Tinykittens has a channel on youtube …

  8. I love this way to live together and to care for each other… oh how I wish some people here would ponder about a better solution than… well you know ;O(

  9. Wow, this is so awesome! I wish all communities were this easy to work with.

  10. Marjorie Dawson on said:

    Wow Just WOW. THANK YOU Delta Hawaii for your humane compassion and your reaching out to people who can help you make a real and positive difference.

    This is one amazing story. Everyone needs to do this!!!!

  11. What an amazing project. We live across from the senior center and one of the guys has started feeding a feral cat. He misses his old cat, Buddy. We’re afraid that it’s gonna bring a new community around. We already have one in our garage and one about 4 blocks away.

  12. This was so heartwarming.

  13. catladymac on said:

    Humans are pretty great when they agree to work together with kitties, huh Savvy !

  14. Just shows that one is never too old to care, love or learn a new talent. Great for them doing that, and well done to the Savannah Team for helping them out.

  15. Oh my, that is so wonderful, they sure are rockin’ it!!!

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