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Monday Meowsie News: Friendly Community Cats


Bet’cha my readers already know this, but—not all community cats are really “feral” cats.

Feral: in a wild state, especially after escape from captivity or domestication

Lots of them had homes and for whatever reasons, they were abandoned to live on their own.

My Paw It Forward work with Project Delta View Cats (PDVC) runs across many cats, adults, who fall right into the “friendly” range of our community cat work.

Thought you would enjoy learning about three new great “friendlies” we are now trying to help find forever homes.


Cinder showed up to eat at one of our volunteer’s backyard small colonies. Meow!! That was his lucky day! PDVC got him neutered, chipped, vaccinated and we are now trying to find adoption paths for him.

He is a very young, handsome boycat. We are working on helping him find his adoption path.


Miss Bianca appeared at our city River View Park colony one day, looking very bedraggled, and scared and hungry. Her fur was unkempt and she was showing lots of her bones.

Our colony feeders worked on her and within a bare few days, she started to show her REAL SELF. Caretakers names her Bianca and she is now on her path to adoption. Now spayed, chipped, vaccinated and loved by all who come in contact with her. Our Community Concern For Cats, CC4C, low cost S/N clinic hospital were taken with sweet Bianca and a member offered to recover her after surgery and foster he until she is adopted!!

Bianca has striking blue eyes and the sweetest temperament. When Mom L took her out of her carried to move to her recovery cage, she started purring immediately!!


Cruiser is a great name because we discovered that she was “cruising” between two of our feeders!! Yep! She now had a tummy on her!! Cruiser went in for her spay, only to discover that she was ALREADY spayed!! And she has a microchip!! We are now waiting to learn if that chip had a guardian attached to it. If not, we will work with the county near us who chipped her to get her chip released so she can be adopted out. Cruiser spent a bit of time with us and she is soooooo loving!!

It happens that when we work with “friendlies” in community cat targeted TNR that they have a chip. However, it also happens that even if we find that “chip owner” they refuse to admit they own that cat OR the chip is never registered.

Unfortunately for the “chipped friendly cat”, the rescue must find the owner of that chip and get them to “release” the cat from the chip so that we can then get the cat into an adoption path.

That is our work now for Cruiser.

Let me know if you have ever rescued a cat with a chip and how you worked through that.



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12 thoughts on “Monday Meowsie News: Friendly Community Cats

  1. meowmeowmans on said:

    Thank goodness these friendly cats found themselves in THIS colony, where they are cared for and now have a chance at real loving and safe forever homes.

  2. The Swiss Cats on said:

    We’re glad your humans are helping all these beautiful cats. Purrs

  3. We love all of those sweeties and they will be so happy when they get their own homes. We only had a kitty with a chip once and it was never officially registered.

  4. catladymac on said:

    What great stories ! Purrayers for Cruiser – I have read of cats having chips that were put in by the vet or a rescue organization and not an owner.

    Years ago – in the early years of WWII my Mom had a black cat named Cinder. She said he was the smartest cat she had ever known. She never forgot him. So when I saw your “Cinder” – I can only wish him well !

  5. I hope Cruiser is a cat who ran away and the staff will be overjoyed to see him. Human nature tells me just the opposite. Yes, we find friendlies all the time.

  6. best best fishes two ewe all…. 🙂 ♥♥

  7. 15andmeowing on said:

    I am so glad these sweeties don’t have to go back to a colony.

  8. I did not find a chipped, abandoned cat, but Tinykittens* did. The feral 19.5 year old Shadow dropped close to death on the feet of one of their volunteers. And Shadow is sooo loving, too. He only weighed 1.9 kilo or about 4 pounds … barely alive. With most of the diseases a cat that age might have: Kidneys, Thyroid … but at least those are treatable and he will have a nice, warm and dry place to outlive his last time (how long ever that may be), with people who feed him and pet him.

    *Those are the same organisation as the one that was behind the famous feral, Grandpa Mason, who helped foster and educate several litters of kittens, until he died a few weeks ago. When they originally caught him in October 2016, the prognosis was, a few more months. He spent 1069 days in their care and enjoyed those, a lot of those with his favourite foster kitten Aura.

  9. Paws up to your humans for helping these friendly abandoned cats. It’s sad that they have ended up this way.

  10. Memories of Eric and Flynn on said:

    I hope that those sweet friendly cats can soon be adopted. It would be nice if Cruiser was genuinely lost and can be reunited with her owner.

  11. Good news for these cats is that you and others care. Re-educating owners is the next big thing that needs to be done so more don’t end up in less fortunate circumstances.
    Lots of purrs and thanks for an uplifting Monday report.

  12. It always makes me so sad when a cat gets abandoned and winds up in a community cat colony. OTOH, maybe it should make me glad they wound up there, since groups like yours help them out. But they are not always as fortunate as the nice kitties profiled here.

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