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Katie got another box challenge


Well, Miss Katie found herself another box challenge. Not like the one at Christmas last year, but close.

Well HELLO Ms Box!!

Dad P bought new sneakers/trainers and left the box in the living room for us kitties to check out. Katie was on it like a termite on wood!!

I can at least sit up straight in it

Katie used multiple positions to insure that “this” box was approved as cat usable.

I must mark this box as MY box so’s TKS and Nana don’t invade

Then  came the ‘test driving’ positions.

Great! I can lay on my back with no toesies hanging over

Then another position…

Oh! I can squish my toesies into my tummy and no pressure

Oh my this is great…

I can go upside down and not fall out!!

Katie test drove this box like you can’t believe.

I claim this box as “just the right size” for me and only me!!

How do you do a test drive of you new boxes?? Let me hear in comments and photos please!!


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13 thoughts on “Katie got another box challenge

  1. your cat is super cute 🙂

  2. Katie that is a high purrformance box alright. Great driving

  3. Our Angle Minko was attracted to boxes like they had magnets in them…but I, Pipo don’t often check them out. Not even when I was a wee one, many moons ago.

  4. meowmeowmans on said:

    Nice job, Katie. That box is most definitely perfect for YOU!

  5. Aww-some moves there, Katie! Looks like that box, like the proverbial shoe, fits! MOL
    Now to keep it from the others!

  6. Edie Chase on said:

    Cat trap. My cat Jake loves getting a new box too. I don’t know if he was ever so thorough in test driving his boxes as KK was though.

  7. You are adorable sweet, sweet Katie!

  8. Katie met the challenge!

  9. Katie is adorable! Lately I don’t get boxes cos since the crony virus, TW immediately tosses any boxes out. She hoards shoe boxes to repurpose. MOL!

  10. Thanks for sharing these wonderful photos. Katie, you did such a wonderful job making sure that box to kitty approved from top to bottom. Have a fantastic rest of your week.

  11. Christine Carroll on said:

    Boxes are great fun I love jumping and hiding from mom.x

  12. We don’t believe a box has effur been checked out and tested so thoroughly. We can see that the Bureau of Box Registration (aka KK) is purrfectly satisfied and ready to put the Seal of Approval on it (mol).

  13. Aww, Katie loves this box!

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