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Katie’s Toofie Fairy Gifts


Well, it finally happened. Our little Katie aka KK had to have her remaining 12 toofies pulled. She only has a couple toofies left in front. She spent about four days in a recovery cage in Dad P’s office so’s we could give her pain meds and antibiotics. Her mouth was so sore. KK was very sleepy from the medication so she wasn’t very eager to leave her nice soft beddie. I loaned her my Alfie Bed from my OTRB buddy Alfie of Molly and Alfie fame. Dad P and Mom L picked her up and loved several times a day.

Finally the day arrived when KK could leave her recovery cage. Sage was not at all helpful and welcoming. But KK simply didn’t pay her much attention. Notice that she does check into Mom L’s office where our foster Gigi is living. KK wanted to make sure Gigi was doing OK.

Not long after Katie’s dental, a package arrived for her. Miss Ellen, from 15 and Meowing, sent her some hand crocheted new soft toys!! Mom L dipped them liberally in some pawerful new Meowijuana nip that has Silvervine in it too. Sage found the first one Mom L put on the floor.

Katie found the orange fishie toy right after and she fell in luvluvluv!!

Miss Ellen sent four toys, two fishies and a two balls. Sadly one of those fishies must have jumped into the delta water behind my home and swam away. I couldn’t find him when I set up the photo shoot of the toys.

We are all still having a fun time with Miss Ellen’s Toofie Fairy toys she made for little KK. Does the toofie fairy ever visit you if you have a toof pulled?


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12 thoughts on “Katie’s Toofie Fairy Gifts

  1. meowmeowmans on said:

    Poor KK. Angels Gracie and Zoe had very few teeth (they had stomatitis, too), and they did fine. We purr and pray for your recovery, and hope you enjoy all those toys from Mom Ellen the Toof Fairy.

  2. We got some of those tooth fairy toys, too…
    Hope KK is doing much better now.

  3. So glad Katie is on the mend. Miss Fitz had bad toothies for years and Dad wanted them all pulled several times and our vet DID NOT LISTEN. what is that about? Anyhow finally she got it better and gained 3 pounds and is happy as anything whapping all of us (she always did but now with more strength *Sigh*)
    We have gotten several of Miss Ellens great toys and they always are a favorite. TKS will be alright give him a few days Katie. We are so glad she is back to better. Purrs

  4. Aww, we love the tooth fairy toys. Binga got some once.

  5. Bruce&peg. on said:

    That’s a lot of toothed to lose,hope baby gets better soon.Lots of loving thoughts to pretty kitty.

  6. Sending belated healing purrz to KK. I haven’t had any teeth out thank Ceiling Cat although TW keeps fretting that that may change soon.

  7. 15andmeowing on said:

    Thank you for the shout out. I am glad Katie is enjoying her fishie. XO

  8. catladymac on said:

    We hope KK feels better soon…those toys will certainly help !

  9. I’m glad Katie is recovering. Those Tooth Fairy toys are the best and so is Ellen.

  10. Edie Chase on said:

    Sending healing thoughts to KK. Those toys are great!

  11. Poor Katie! Those presents from the Tooth Fairy should help her feel better.

  12. Oh, KK. We hope you are all better soon and get some nice softy foods to eat. Stay brave, sweetie.

    Love and licks,

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