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Autobiography of a Former Shelter Cat

Isn’t she lovely?


This is all about my incredible sisfur, Katie aka KK aka Kai-Kai. KK is such a doll!! She is still very afraid of all people, including Mom L and sometimes Dad P. But KK has developed over four years a bond with Dad P and every night she allows him to stroke her furs, brush her and spends time letting him get close. Mom L can sometimes brush and pet KK, and in the cooler months, KK even will sleep between Mom L’s or Dad P’s legs. We never thought that Katie would come as far as she has in trusting all of us to keep her safe and loved. We tried to help her find her purrfect furrever home for almost two years. And then, we decided no one will ever love her and care for her as much as all of us. Katie is OUR girl—”Isn’t she lovely?”

Stevie Wonder wrote these great lyrics. And we believe that they fit our sweetie pie Katie

Isn’t she lovelyIsn’t she wonderfulIsn’t she precious

That’s KK trying to wind me over and she sure did! Our Katie is just the bestest thing to ever happen in my castle.  And now look at her! And yes, she has a bit of a crooked smile. She had stomatitis and finally we had to have all her toofies removed. Nonetheless, KK is such doll!

Katie did a little photo shoot with Mom L recently. It was hard ‘cuz KK would not leave that sun puddle alone!! So Mom L had to try to grab photos without all that bright sun streaming through the blinds behind her.

Katie’s eye are green like mine. But a soft sort’a jade green. Not as brilliant as mine, but oh so lovely!!

Our Katie is now playing like a champ with our former foster The Domino Kid. Domino is now a ‘foster fail” and will live forever here in my castle! He and KK are so much fun to watch as they rip around our two story townhome! And KK lets Domie know when he is being too pushy and she gives him her best hiss, snarl and even a paw whack when needed!!!


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16 thoughts on “Isn’t she lovely?

  1. KK is beautiful, and we are very pleased the Domino Kid has found a forever home!

  2. KK surely is a beautiful and special kitty, Savvy. Just like you!

    P.S. – Yay for the Domino Kid, and all of you in the Castle! XO

  3. Yeah, a foster fail! 🎉

  4. Sounds like something is always going on in your Castle, KK is pretty though xoxo Little Miss Titch

  5. Katie, you’re lovely! I love those eyes.

  6. She is a beautiful girl and I’m so glad that she is with you, right where she was meant to be.

  7. Katie is adorable! And hooray for the Domino Kid!

  8. Mary McNeil on said:

    She sure is ! It is so good that she has been absorbed into your family with so much love – and now Domie too ! Purrs !

  9. She is pretty sweet! And so are you, S. xoxo

    Love and licks,

  10. Yes indeed, Katie is VERY lovely and she has the sweetest face!
    Nice that Domino kid and her can zip around, so you don’t have to deal with their excess energies, LOL!

  11. She is pawsome!!!

  12. K-k-k-Katie, beyootifull Katie…
    There’s a song for you!
    And now you have officially added the Domino Kid!
    Your furr-mily is growing by leaps and bounds, Savannah (though you will always be the Queen of the Castle, of course).
    There is nothing that can beat a Houseful of Kitties!

  13. Oh that is wonderful news about The Domino Kid, and KK is indeed lovely.

  14. Christine Carroll on said:

    Yes you’re beautiful 🎹😻xx

  15. KK is a charming kitty! Those green eyes are really beguiling, and she looks so sweet!

  16. Billie Cummings on said:

    I enjoyed hearing about your even more joyful household! Always enjoy your writing.

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