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Friday Memes for Frida Smiles


First up is darling Katie, caught in the midst of some happy daydreams.

Next up are my former foster siblings I named Arwen (the lovely Torbie girl) and Frodo (the handsome orange male). They have new names, Missus and N’Orangey. But as you can see, they have ever remained a bonded pair. As long as Frodo doesn’t make a farting noise.

Last up is me and The Domino Kid aka Domie aka brat!!! He simply cannot stop his incessant need to touch me!! ICK!!!

Do you have a younger brat in your furrfamily??


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6 thoughts on “Friday Memes for Frida Smiles

  1. Aww, it’s just that Domino loves you, Savvy!

  2. Domie just wants to be close to you, Savannah!

  3. Those sure made me smile!

  4. We have 5 brats, three year olds who are still going through the Terrible Twos.

  5. Great 😻 Friday Memes.xx😻

  6. aaah we hope the farts are far-t away…

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