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“Meme” an image I laugh about—


I have some way cool memes for you today. And one of my longest woofie blog pals has agreed to be a guest Memester today!

APAWS for Phinny from his and his Angel Brofur Easy’s blog Easy Rider!

My other guest Meme-ster is a repeat visit from The Kitty Platoon. If you are  gonna travel you need to beware the Tabby Platoon Patrol Rotation!

I couldn’t help but include TKS—she is such a Meme Diva!

That’s all I get?

Today you get four memes!!

I luvluvluv learning which Memes ring out loud for my readers—so give me a shout out in my comments if you have time.



What’s A Friday Without A Meme?


I’m pulling up photos of a kitten from the Community Concern 4 Cats special Kitty Kitchen Clinic Mom L helps out. Sometimes getting photos requires a firm paw. No kitten was harmed in creating this kitten meme.

The next is a woofie meme. Actually a Sibe experience Mom L is certain has been experienced by many a husky pulling a sled. Thank you to my pals from RA Husky for this great photo! This is Nanuk asking his Norwegian Elkhound buddy Miss Timber how she figures to get him home by supper time.

Last and never least, TKS is finally giving some clarity to what cats everywhere hear when told told to ‘wait’ by their human guardians.





MEME FRIDAY! Are you prepared to smile?


Seriously kitties and woofies, you really outta be sending me some of your funniest photos and see what kind of meme I can come up with! Otherwise, you are stuck with me, TKS and any other kitties and woofies I can drag in off the street to pose for photos.

Speaking of coming in off the street. My first guest is a non-blogging kitty named Cato. He was found wandering in a park and the kind human who picked him up quickly became his forever human.

Given his thoughts in his meme, how do you think he has settled in so far??

You might recognize the brown tabbies in this next meme from my post last Friday. Yes, it is the jailhouse tabbies once again only this time looking for another kind’a challenge.

I couldn’t leave you without a meme from the cats in the house known as HRH Savannah’s Castle. And perhaps said “castle” needs a bit of Spring cleaning. Alas, only us kitties know what “fragrance” resides in the carpets we examine on occasion.

Next week I begin my Monday Meowsie News posts once again. Not sure for how long, depends on how much news I can paw up for you. But you are gonna really want to read all about the final resting place of Mandy’s Hope Chest contents.

One kitty will be highlighted on Monday Meowsie News and the second recipient kitty will be highlighted on my Wednesday blog post.


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