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Returned to Sender: Address Unknown?


We have been having some real drama in my castle over the past 48 hours. You see, the door bell rang and I padded off to find Mom L to let her know. She’s been slaving away working on some graphics for a super duper new blog post; gonna be a smash hit come Monday Morning. My pals Nissy and Silver and I are planning something BIG.

Oh, my apology for digressing. Anyway, I let Mom L know someone was at the door and when she opened it no one was there; just a largish brown box with all kinds of writing and stuff on it. Naturally, she brought it into the house,  Then she and I just stared at it and at once we both moved.  While she only stepped back a couple of steps, I, (it’s so embarrassing to tell you this),had to be peeled from the ceiling. I could have been mistaken for Ceiling Cat, truth be known. That’s how fast I was stuck to that ceiling. But, I tell you, there were some unreal and very loud sounds coming from that box. Enough to scare anyone caught by surprise.

On inspection we both saw that it was a return package The Kid Sage sent to Ashton, Sometimes Cats Herd You, with new product for her Chik-Hen Emporium. Only this box was bigger somehow…with lots of cross outs on the addresses and such.

Well, it wasn’t my prob so I just shouted to TKS up in her tower to get her ‘butter butt’ down here to take care of this troubling package.

pkg final ed

TKS sauntered down the stairs and examined the box; listened to the noise and then carefully and slowly opened the box. Not a pretty sight, no, no…not pretty at all.

Arghhh!! what in MOUSES name are these?

Arghhh!! what in MOUSES name are these?

Now TKS was as shook up as Mom L and me. She sent Ashton some cute tiny chiks to grow for product for Ashton’s Grand Opening of her Chik-hen Emporium. Albeit we all know TKS did this hoping Ashton will hire her as a taster tester of incoming product. But these were other worldly, beaked, squawking birds. Not sure they ever had anything to do with those cute little chiks.



I am not sure those chik-hens even knew what had happened to them let alone where in the heck they were! They didn’t even try to flap out of that box (which by the way, had also grown)

This was getting more and more curious. And then I could see that TKS had a brainstorm.

sage worries final

There you have it. An “AH HAH” moment TKS had may help explain what happened to that chik-hen shipment. But we will have to wait and see what Ashton comes up with. In the meantime; we are dumping taking these over grown chiks back to Smokey who sent them to The Kid Sage in the first place.


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Product for Ashton’s Chik-hen Emporium


(This blog post is dedicated to all my feline and canine pals who totally luvluvluv Chik-hen!)

HRH Savannah allowed me to have this blog post to inform all of Blogville that Ashton, from Sometimes Cats Herd You, will definitely have some incoming fresh product for her Chik-hen Emporium!!

ashton chik emp

As you all know from Ashton’s blog posts,here, here , there has been some concern about the availability of fresh product for her business endeavor. I am here to make sure Ashton and all of you know that I have her back on fresh product and I can now supply all she needs.  This is due to big THANKS to my buddy, Lt. Smokey of The Kitty Platoon.

Smokey discovered a brand new source for fresh product. He knows that I, The Kid Sage, have a PASSION for all things ‘CHIK-HEN’.  When his female human, my former Vet Dr Josie, presented him with a package…he immediately thought of ME…and I, of course, thought of Ashton’s Chik-Hen Emporium!!

Smokey sent the package off to me right away…

Smokey sends the package via local delivery

I was overjoyed to receive Smokey’s package.

Oh My Cat!!! Was I ever excited to think I could offer my gal pal Ashton such a gift!!

sage tells ashton

I got the package all wrapped up and it is now on its way to Ashton!!

sage sends the package edited

Ashton’s Chik-hen Emporium will be a great success!!!


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