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The life of our Court Jester


As you all know, my new castle introoder furramily member, Eowyn, was appointed as my Court Jester. And she certainly has lived up to that assignment. She has also taken on a completely new role, but I will tell all about that in another post. Stay tuned!

As for her Court Jester role, she does not disappoint! Eowyn cannot stop thinking about ways to get any and everything that she deems as edible into her mouth! We keep our kitty treats in nice hard plastic containers so “some cat” aka “TKS”, cannot chew into a plastic baggie. Well—my Court Jester has figured out how to get those containers to pop open!

Now every container is hidden inside drawers, cabinets, the oven etc.!!

My Court Jester aka CJ—has no limits to what she is willing to do to demonstrate new and silly antics! She has discovered a love of warm piles of clean clothes and the bottom of the dirty clothes hamper!! Seriously??!!

And Eowyn aka CJ, is now introoding onto my our master bedtime with Mom L and Dad P in the morning! What a scamp! You can see her trying to get close to me on my our master bed during my our morning routine of having coffee, TV and treats with Mom L and Dad P. Just look at her brazen closeness to ME and then her luxurious stretch, without one care in the horror she instilled in me and TKS!!

She tries out every single thing she can to see if  she can make me laugh! HAH! There she goes into Mom L’s bedroom trash basket; then she sits waiting for Dad P to deliver tasty licks of ice cream which has always been Dad P and TKS’ special thing. And now she is hangin’ onto Mom L’s side of the bed every morning during my our treat time!!

And there isn’t a new box that shows up that she doesn’t try to hog! Not to mention her lack of discretion in showing up during Mom L’s preparation for her daily spit bath shower! That CJ is in the shower before Mom L can even turn on the water!!

Finally, she demonstrates some civility and shows off her “gentler, sweeter” side.

Until she then does the thing that drives Mom L over the edge into fear—and she hangs out on the outer teeny tiny edge of our upstairs railing.

Mom L is not a fan of this behavior. Are you?


Who’s been naughty or nice?


Well I KNOW I have been nothin’ but nice. How’s about all of you? But, lemme tell you about my newest castle furramily member, Eowyn. Remember I named her my Mistress of the Princess Guard? Well, now she is officially, until further notice my Princess’ Court Jester!!

Now what kitteh in its right mind goes messin’ around in Mom L’s bedroom trash can!! Well of course, my Court Jester!! And that’s the least of her capers. This is how she helped me and Mom L get my Secret Santa Paws gifts ready to mail to my our cat furramily who we are Secret Santa Paws for. (hover over photo to see captions)

Of course I was on duty helping Mom L get all the prezzies in nice wrapping packages. And yes, I did have to snuffle some of them to make sure they were of proper quality. But I am an official “Snoopervisor” after all!

So on with  the evidence to determine who has been naughty or nice—

Then last Friday night, my Court Jester did an amazing thing! None of us, not even Foodie Sage has ever done this—well—except for that chik-hen leg TKS paw forked off Mom L’s plate a couple years ago. But, well, never mind that; it’s history. I am building a case scenario to determine “who’s been naughty or nice” in my castle. Moving on…to that Friday night caper.

That is Eowyn, just before she leaps to Mom L’s side of the couch (we were watching a movies so’s Mom L had a lap tray) and with one nanosecond, she grabbed a French fry from Mom L’s plate and drug her pray to the area rug and devoured it!!! Holy cat!! I’m certain Mom L and Dad P were disgusted and appalled. Ummm—not  sure why they were smothering and choking what sounded like giggles???

And then she poses with my bestest plush furriend, Nanuk, as thought she is the Princess of my castle. Hah!

My Court Jester tries to show her “NICE” side; but that is few and far between.

Above, you can see her watching TV, right in front of Mom L’s sight line. And yes, that is a teeny tiny little glass of vino Mom L likes, with that water chaser. Just sayin’. And the one with the toys, on my  our stair landing  shows how Eowyn drags toys up from our toy basket downstairs and forces Mom L to tidy up after her. Then she does this “sweet” kitteh thing and falls fast asleep on Sage’s special hand knitted blankie. Looking all “nice”. Sheesh!

My last piece of evidence is about how unbelievable my Court Jester is about her obsession with food!! And I thought TKS was my food-aholic!! This happens two times a day when Dad P gives us our brekkies and dinner. She has even grabbed her dish and dumped it on the floor! *shudders*

So I say “NAUGHTY”! What say all of you about Eowyn’s behaviors??


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