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And The Winner Is…


Bet’cha some of you guys thought I was going to forget to announce my WINNER…right??  I know, I know…I have actually done that in the past but let’s just move on…Ok?

And I do have a winner for my fantastic new Best Cat Toy give away which I announced on my blog post last Wednesday.

Thanks to so many of you, my pals, who promoted my little Give Away on Face Book, Twitter and elsewhere, I finally had a very good showing of likely winners. I can’t thank you all enough for helping me get the word out.

I used Random dot org to randomly select the winner and it was hard work, I can tell you.

And then I KNEW who the winner was…since midnight Monday, October 19th. It was tough staying ‘under cover’ and keeping that a secret. one must know until revealed on Wednesday

shhh…no one must know until revealed on Wednesday

The waiting almost did me in.

How much longer do I have to keep this secret??

How much longer do I have to keep this secret??

Finally…I couldn’t stand it any longer…I just had to at least tell my family.

Woo Hoo!! You won't believe who won!!

Woo Hoo!! You won’t believe who won!!

And now I can officially announce my winner for the Wacky Bouncy Best Cat Toy Ever…


Yes, the very same BFGF who taught me all about the peacock feather is about to learn about MY new second favorite toy. Thank you all for entering and for visiting my blog. Hopefully I will eventually earn the ability to have more give away items, but until then…I remain forever your pal.

Please be sure to visit me on Friday, October 23 for the next ‘I Am An Adult Homeless Foster Cat’ interview. His hopes and dreams are worth the read.


you can read my 3 previous posts for the series ‘I Am An Adult Homeless Foster Cat’ here, here and here.

Wacky Bouncy Give Away


One month ago I gave out a little teaser about a possible Give Away coming from my blog…click here.

Well I was a tad premature in trying to tease my readers about an imminent upcoming Give Away. It took Mom L a month to track down the human who makes this incredible cat toy. Truly, you know how much I luvluvluv my peacock feathers, but I am a crazypants feline attack machine when Mom L hauls this wacky bouncy toy.(hover over photos to view captions…it’s worth it!)

A very creative woman, Ms Kristin, makes this fabulous toy and Mom L caught up with her at a fun event at a private animal shelter fund raiser. Ms Kristin makes this toy from metal clothes hangers. You all know about the Cat Dancer toy, right? Well I don’t pay it any attention…but this Greatest Cat Toy gets me going every time!.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Even better, Ms Kristin gives a portion of each sale of this toy to her favorite cat rescue Community Concern 4 Cats (CC4C). Yep, that’s right. This is the very same rescue where Mom L volunteers time when they have cat clinics. Also, my new hit blog series “I Am An Adult Homeless Foster Cat: Savannah reveals hopes and dreams” features adult foster cats from this same rescue. You can see my first two posts in this series here and here.

Be sure to join me right back here this Friday, October 16 for my third post in this six part series.

Now about this GIVE AWAY!!  Ms Kristin kindly gave me one of her “Greatest Cat Toys” so that I can give it to one of my lucky readers.

DSC_7337 ed


RULES: simply leave me a comment on this post between today, October 14 and Monday October 19 midnight Pacific Standard Time and tell me why you think you will luvluvluv this Greatest Cat Toy. That’s it. I will put all names into and voila! A winner will be selected and I will announce the winner on my blog post, Wednesday, October 21.

This GIVE AWAY is open to any and all including international readers; one entry per reader.

Lastly, even if you do not win this one, Ms Kristen sells these at an incredible price, only $5 USD. You can email her at gregersenkristin at comcast dot net. They will make a wonderful holiday gift for any cat.

Now excuse me while I go roust out Mom L for another play session with my Greatest Cat Toy.


Blog Paws Cat Lounge and Swag Bag


I know that lots of my readers would enjoy being able to attend the Blog Paws Conference. So I asked Mom L to share just a few more photos on my blog; the remainder will be on my Ms Savvy Do Face Book Page later today.

The first slide show gives you an idea of all the totally pawsome products that were on display in the Cat Lounge. This is a special area in the exhibitors hall set aside for ‘just cat’ stuff. Miss Kate Benjamin of Hauspanther works with a ton of vendors to bring fabulous cat products for our enjoyment. And best of all, anyone can fill out an entry form and at the end of the conference, Miss Benjamin pulls entries from a magic hat and all the products you see are given away to lucky conference attendees!! Bummer for me that Mom L did not win anything this year…pffttt!


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

And of course every attendee was given a “Swag Bag”…you could get a dog or cat specific bag. Mom L, or course, chose the Cat Swag Bag.

I will be GIVING AWAY A COMPLETE BLOG PAWS SWAG BAG next week; so stay tuned. Mom L had to ask her friend Miss Janet from The Cat On My Head to take hers home (Miss Janet drove) and then mail it to Mom L. Remember, Mom L had to leave a day early to get back to me and TKS and to get back to home hunting.

The Cat Swag Bag…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Hope you enjoyed seeing another part of Blog Paws 2015. Again be sure to visit my Face Book Page later today to see some of my pals Mom L met!


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