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I Am An Adult Homeless Foster Cat…Meet Patches


I am back again with Part Three of my multiple series of Paw It Forward Blog Posts titled: “I Am An Adult Homeless Foster Cat: Savannah reveals hopes and dreams“.

As you already know if you visited me on Sunday Selfie, I introduced this  new Paw It Forward series of posts that I will be doing between September and December, 2015.

The series is to bring everyone up to speed on the most critical back log in our current foster care system; the Adult Homeless Foster Cats. And the operative word is ‘Adult’


If you missed my Part One Introduction, click HERE and for Part Two click HERE.

Please join me with my second guest Adult Homeless Foster Cat…


Hey Guys; pleased to make your acquaintance

Hey Guys; pleased to make your acquaintance

Savannah: “Hi Patches! I appreciate you having me over to do this interview. Ummm…would you mind skootching over just a tad so I can get my iPad out?

Patches: “ahhh…maybe just a teeny bit…but no fur touching, ok Savvy?”

savvy interviews patches

Savannah: “Oh sure thing kid; I know you are just a tad touchy about other cats touching you unless you are the one to get the tussle and hustle going…heh…heh. *pulls out iPad* There, I got my iPad, so let’s get started.”

“I know this is not your ‘real’ home because this is a foster home. Would you mind sharing with me how long you have been in this foster home? And also, have you been fostered by anyone else?”

Patches:*squirms a bit uncomfortably*”Well, truth be known Savannah, I was actually in another foster home. Now that foster place, just like where I am now, is part of the foster care network within Community Concern 4 Cats (CC4C). But even though the foster human cared for me with shelter and food and water, there just wasn’t enough space for me to play and learn how to be social with the other cats.”

What do you mean I am 'not' in charge??

What do you mean I am ‘not’ in charge??

Savannah: “Patches, how did you first come to be a foster cat with Community Concern 4 Cats?”

Patches: “Mouses! This part is hard Savannah. You see, I was very young, just a kitten. I don’t know if I had siblings or where my Mom Cat had gone off to. You see my first foster person found me in the cat colony he feeds which has grown up around a public kill shelter. People don’t want to pay to surrender their adults or Mom Cats with kittens so they just drive into the parking area and abandon us there.”

Savannah: *slaps paw to forehead* “You have gotta be kidding me Patches…*shakes head and rolls eyes*…no, no…I know you are not kidding me. I know humans abandon us cats and even the woofies just like we are nothing but some rubbish they can toss out of a car.  Go on, please.”


This is so hard to talk about

Patches: *flips a tiny tear away* “Thanks for understanding. So anyway, this nice man left out a humane trap with some food in it and of course I was always starving so I dashed right in and *WHAM!*I was trapped. He made sure I was spayed, had my vaccines and tested for FeLV and got a good vet checkup. And he really tried but he had several others cats to care for as well and I didn’t always get enough socialization with humans or other cats at such a young age.

He took me to adoption events; he really, really tried to make sure wherever my forever family is that they could find me. But unfortunately, I did not ‘show’ well. I was very nervous and hid in the corner of my cage. The other young kittens like me would go to the humans waving their fingers in the cage to get pets. I stayed away.”

Must you jab your fingers at me???

Must you jab your fingers at me???

Savannah: “That is exactly what happened to me Patches. I was older though and even more afraid of the humans.” Tell me why you were moved to this current foster home.

Patches: Oh gosh. I just became a nervous wreck. I started to scratch my head constantly out of anxiety. So now, not only was I reserved, nervous and scared…but I looked such a fright! So the nice foster person asked another foster person, a lady, if she would give me a place to live so I could calm down. Thankfully she was willing to help me out.”

Savannah: “By that time you must have been like a year old, right?”

Patches: “Yep; and I have lived with this really nice lady in a wonderful large space for over a year now. Her resident cat and I got along just fine until…

Savannah: “Until what…?”

Patches: “Until I was actually adopted by a nice enough lady. But you see, I don’t care for lots of noise and especially not loud human voices…you know what it sounds like at the pet store adoption sites, right? All those humans were talking loudly and all the woofies making such a clamor. I learned to be very afraid of loud voices and this lady adopter was really loud. So I hid all the time. She wanted a cat who would do whatever she wanted immediately and wasn’t very patient with me. She returned me to the same foster lady. So here I am, back again.

But when I came back; for some reason, I tried to sneak up on the resident cat and I scared her outta at least one or maybe even two of her nine lives.

She has never forgiven me; maybe because I keep going for the ‘stare down’ if the foster lady gives me a chance. Now resident Ava flees in terror if she sees me and of course I want to play rough and tumble…not a good situation for sure Savannah, not good at all. The lady has to keep us in separate parts of the house.

But I think it is because I am a Tomboy Savvy. I think I might be OK with another cat if the cat was ready to get down with me and wrestle and play and chase each other.”

Savannah: “I think it is about time for you, Patches, to tell the world all your hopes and dreams for your forever home. Are you up for that?”

Patches: “Do you mean I can talk about my hopes and dreams for my very own forever home, truly? Pawsome! Well, first *holds up one claw to tick off her hopes and dreams list*…

pawMy new family must like to play fetch with me. I retrieve! Seriously, I do and I love doing it over and over again.

pawThey also will need to make sure they take the time to brush me; it is something that I simply cannot do without.

pawOh yes, and they need never worry about any flies in their home ever again; I am a total fly huntress!

pawIf they are hoping for a lap cat, then they will need to be very, very patient. I do adore sleeping with my foster human, and she can pick me up, no problem. I never ever have scratched or bitten any human. I just don’t ‘do’ laps yet.

pawAnd I do prefer soft spoken humans and any time they want to whisper softly into my ears to tell me how much they love me, and give me smoochies on my head, that will be great by me!

Savannah: “I can see you have thought about this very deeply Patches. You are seriously longing for your very own forever family. They will need to be clear that you, Patches, set the rules for engagement…is that correct?”

Patches: “Oh my cat! Savvy, you nailed it right on the catnip!! Yes, I am a bit of a ‘control girl’ and so I prefer to set my own standards and have the humans come along.

*koff, koff…ahem* Apologies, just clearing my throat…so let me reframe that last part. I just need and want caring kindness, loving devotion, lots of brushies and interactive play and humans to snuggle with to watch TV and with whom I can sleep peacefully and safely at night.

Savvy, have I asked for too much?” *one more quick wipe of leaky eyes*

Savannah: *reaches to place a soft paw pat on Patches’ shoulder*…No dear heart, you are describing your very own personal hopes and dreams for you forever family and home.”

And so ends the third post in my new series…

“I Am An Adult Homeless Foster Cat: Savannah reveals hopes and dreams”

Thank all of you who stopped by to learn about Patches; and especially those of you who take the time to SHARE SHARE SHARE Patches’ search for her forever castle where she will be forever safe and cherished.

If you are interested in adopting Patches or in helping share her availability…here is her contact information:

Stay tuned for my next “I Am An Adult Homeless Foster Cat: Savannah reveals hopes and dreams” blog post on Monday, October 19th. This series will conclude October 26th.

You really do not want to miss one single Interview with Savannah…just sayin’…


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25 thoughts on “I Am An Adult Homeless Foster Cat…Meet Patches

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  7. This is a magnificent idea for a series. I do wish Patches well – such a love to have gone through so much in her life. One day she will find her furever someone that appreciates her for who she is and what she needs to thrive.

  8. Oh Patches, we are purring for you sweetie. It just takes the right human to come along. They will and they’ll fall in love. I have such a soft spot for kitties like you, Patches. My Katie is very scared of strangers and other cats (Waffles aside) and if she were in your circumstances… well my heart breaks just thinking about it.

    We’re praying you find a wonderful forever home very soon.

  9. Patches, we hope you find the purrfect home. ~Scylla & Family

  10. pilch92 on said:

    Poor Patches, I hope you get your forever home soon. You are beautiful.

    • thank you for your kind wishes. But please help Patches and SHARE her story on your Face Book page, or Twitter, Pinterest, Google + or even reblog it. Anything to get the word out. And she is but one of thousands of adult homeless foster cats

  11. Patches is a cute tortie. I love to play fetch too—MY way. TW throws the toy. I run right past it and run back and tell her she threw it so she should get it. BTW, I love this series.

    • oh thank you so very much BFGF. I am getting concerned as I have had few visitors for this blog post. I know it is long, but try as I could I simply could not cut out any part of Patches story and certainly not her hopes and dreams. She is the cutest sweetest kitty ever! Mom L wishes one of us would play fetch…but no such luck

  12. Patches is adorable. We purr that she finds the purrfect home for her.

    Patches story hits on why Zoey is with us. The mom knew that if she took Zoey to a shelter, Zoey would never get adopted…she’s too scared and lashes out at humans because of it. Zoey would do well in a home as an only cat, no kids. But those type of homes are few and far between. So she lives with us. It may not be the most ideal situation…but she is loved and cared for…and we think she’s happy. 🙂

    • you are so right and that is so unfortunate for the thousands of adult homeless foster cats who no one will adopt and they then live with their ‘foster’ who loves them, cares for them but who also often has so many cats that none get any length of special time to play, sit in a lap etc. The backlog of adult homeless foster cats may be a large factor in people becoming tagged as ‘hoarding cats’. That is the story we are trying to bring to light. And we have no solution, just worry and hope that if we can help even one adult get adopted it will be worth all the effort put into these blog posts, long as they are. thanks for coming by paw pats and hugs

  13. Two French Bulldogs on said:

    Adopting and fostering is so important
    Lily & Edward

  14. She’s absolutely adorable! I hope all of her hopes and dreams come true very soon!

    • I do too Miss Andrea. Would you mind helping her out and SHARING her on any of your social media networks? That is why I am bringing attention to several Adult Homeless Foster Cats. They are languishing in foster care solely because they do not ‘present’ themselves well when taken to adoption events in pet stores and other public event venues. Please help. Thank you so very very much for coming to visit.

  15. We sure hope that dear gal gets the forever home she so deserves, super soon.

    • Patches has had a tough time because she is much like your Sister Precious who lives upstairs by herself. In fact they kind of resemble each other, huh?! If you don’t mind, may I ask you to share Patches on your social media network…if you have time

  16. Oh Patches, you WILL find your perfect forever home. You really will! Just might take some time but I’m purring and purring AND PURRING that that perfect home will be found very, very soon. You just need some peeps who understand your needs, that’s all. I think that adult cats need that the most, don’t you? Adult kitties know what they need so it’s a little harder to find that perfect fit but when they do, it’s GLORIOUS!


  17. Patches, you sound like an AWESOME kitty! I hope you find the right home for you soon because you SO deserve it!

  18. Patches that’s so sad… no wonder that you couldn’t learn to trust humans… I’m speechless that people dump their cats around that kill shelter …. like old shoes… how evil :o( I will share your post and I hope for the purrrrr-fect match this time…

  19. The Swiss Cats on said:

    We hope Patches finds a forever home very soon, and that all his dreams come true. Purrs

  20. Aww she’s a cutie Savvy,xx Speedy

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