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Happy Tails Ending: Round Up Report


You know I like to keep my paws in all things about cat rescue here in my community, right? And lots of times I share the stories of cats, usually adult cats, who are searching for a forever home. I decided my readers deserve a Round Up Report  to share what is going on in the lives of the cats I write about and also those I come across who have a great rescue story to share.

First, I am excited to be able to share some news about some of the Adult Homeless Foster Cats (AHFC)  I interviewed in late 2015.

Adult Homeless Foster Cats

My interview series featured 7 adult homeless foster cats, representative of all those adult cats who languish in foster care across the USA, and the world. Humans do not always see that an adult cat, even a senior cat, can be the best fur family member ever.

Remember the first AHFC cats I interviewed? Coco and Chanel. Well, they were ADOPTED TOGETHER!! A very nice lady saw them on the CC4C website. She was looking for a tuxedo cat, but went home with BOTH! The two girls have very happy tails indeed!

c and c

Another AHFC I interviewed was Queen Victoria Noire. She had a tough time because she was adopted twice, and returned within a day both times. The adopters did not follow the foster human’s instructions about how to make sure Noire was comfy before trying to ask too much of her. After the second return, Noire was very distressed and depressed. She was forming a close bond with her foster human…and yes, Noire is also adopted now…by her foster human!


The other AHFCats I shared through my interviews, Irish, Nicky  and Patches remain, sadly, unadopted. If you are able please be sure to share their stories once again. I sure do appreciate it.

Now one more Happy Tails Ending I just learned about today. This is sure to put a smile on your face. I just posted about the Return to Field (RTF) Program my pals from Outcast Cat Help implemented last year in partnership with my county’s Animal Services shelter. Well take a look at this adult senior cat who was liberated from a life in the wild to a life of luxury…just from being discovered by my county Animal Services shelter and the founder, Ms Julie, of Outcast Cat Help.

Oliver (renamed Mortimer) is a 12 year old cat that came to the Martinez shelter as a stray & ended up in the feral room in November 2015. This sweet boy was born with a split nose/cleft palate. It was determined that he was not a good RTF candidate due to his health & age; so we marketed him on our FB page. His photos caught the eye of Milo’s Sanctuary, Inc. in LA, and we assisted them with his adoption/ transfer. We received the below update & photos from his caregiver Michele. Thank you for rescuing wonderful Oliver/ Mortimer, he really is living the Life of Riley!

“Mortimer was transported to Milo’s Sanctuary in Los Angeles and was super-skinny, with broken teeth and anemic. Well we can happily say he’s doing great! He had his dental to remove his teeth (we couldn’t do it until he was stronger and his anemia had gotten better). Mortimer came through his dental with flying colors, the bad teeth are gone, he’s gained weight and his anemia is completely resolved. This darling senior boy with a cleft palate is a shining star here at Milo’s and we want to thank everyone involved in his rescue including Outcast Cat Help, his Foster home in N California and his personal chauffeur to Los Angeles! It takes a village and we are proud to be a part of this one!”

milo 1
That’s my Happy Tails Ending: Round Up for this month. I bet’cha you have a grin like a cat on ‘nip’ just reading about these Happy Tails!!!


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19 thoughts on “Happy Tails Ending: Round Up Report

  1. Grate newss about Coco an Chanel an about Noire kitty….wee iss so happy her Foster Mumma adopted her…it was meant to bee….
    Wee iss sad about Irish an Nicky an Patchess……it iss so hard to find so many of us good homess…..
    An Mortimer lookss a bazillion times better now that he iss at Milo Sank-tuary!!! Woo Hoo!!!!
    Now to get thee other 3 new homess…. 😉
    ***paw patsss*** Dhartha Henry =^,.^=

  2. irish, nick & patches…..sendin ewe all de best of flounder, perch, & mackerull that ya findz & ya iz IN yur for everz…by de end oh thiz month …..♥♥♥♥ 984 paws crossed for each oh ewe ~~~~~

  3. Oh what Pawsome news!! Thanks fur sharing!😺

  4. Hooray for all the happy tails! I have one too!

  5. We love happy endings, Savvy! We’re purring for happy endings for Nicky, Irish and Patches, too.

  6. pilch92 on said:

    I am glad there are so many happy endings. Good job sharing their stories to help get them adopted, I pray they all get their forever homes.

  7. That is good news! I hope the others soon get adopted too.

  8. Good news is always welcome, Miss Savvy! It was good to get the round up. Thank you xoxox

  9. Two French Bulldogs on said:

    our friends do a lot of foster kitty kat stuff
    Lily & Edward

  10. We love those happy stories Savvy and we always are ready for more good news!

  11. Oh how great that Mortimer found a good home… and yes, Coco and Chanel belong together, how good that this nice lady had a place for both :o)

  12. That is so much great news! Paws crossed for Irish, Nicky and Patches to find homes soon!

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  14. Smiling and cheering and whooping for jou for the cats now in homes!! We will share your unadopted little hero cats savvy!!!

  15. I really enjoyed reading about those adopted cats. I adopted my black cat who was almost 2 from the local humane society. My other cat who I got a couple months later (all this happened a few years ago) came from another pet rescue organization. In fact, I’m not sure how I would adopt a cat any other way?! Also, there were soooooooo many beautiful cats I wanted to adopt at the humane society, but I don’t want to become the crazy cat lady … or at least not yet! Plus husband says no more cats than people.

    Love the story about the cute kitty who got the cleft palate surgery. He is a cutey pie! 🙂 I can’t read the stories about the cats who haven’t been adopted yet because I don’t want to cry.

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