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Feline Dinner Service Challenges


I must learn if any other fur family household has ANY CHALLENGES similar to mine. My pals, my readers…whether KITTIES or WOOFIES…PLEASE…SHARE in comments what you experience when the NOMS aka FOOD is served…

My purrsonal experience is about ‘cuteness’ competition…and ASSUMED ‘first in line’…PLEASE let me hear from you all…


Ok…now the ‘stage’ is set…

Delivering Noms

And now the decision maker…

Delivering the noms

So what happens in youR Castle when the noms are delivered???….


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28 thoughts on “Feline Dinner Service Challenges

  1. Oh yeah, we have troubles at my house, for sure. You know how I get the special-special, right? Well lately, Tobias and Rushton have taken a liking to MY special-special, too. Rushy will race in and get to the bowl first. Toby is more sneaky but equally as effective. And every now and then, I get to the bowl and do you know what? It’s all gone! MOUSES! Now just what is a kitty to do about that?


  2. pilch92 on said:

    My cats all go to their spots and I walk around the room delivering. Snowball is first, but not because she is favored, it just happens that way. Lucy was always first when she was alive because she was the Queen.

  3. mariodacat on said:

    I usually ask for my dinner and if I’m lucky, M has already taken it out of the refrig so it warms up a little. I don’t like really cold food.

  4. meowmeowmans on said:

    Simultaneous feeding here! One bowl for Gracie, and one for Zoe. 🙂

  5. The Swiss Cats on said:

    We get our dinner at the same time : two bowls, two cats… Purrs

  6. When it was me and Eric, we used to sit side by side watching mum get our food. When it was ready she would put both our dishes down side by side. We usually used to eat out of one bowl first then go on to the second one.

  7. Poor Lady Linda tryin to figure out who to feed ferst!! Mew mew mew….
    Mumma Mary-Ellen had a system where shee put food inn 2 blowlss fur Tyerrone an mee an wee wood circull her like sharks. Shee leerned how to put bth bowlss down rite at thee same time so not arguing could happen!
    With LadyMum iss easy because mee iss thee onlee kitty here….
    ***paw patsss*** Dhartha Henry =^,.^=

  8. Savvy Mom and I nominated you for a Blog Award – you can read all about it on my blog for January 21 (tomorrow!) – I hope you will accept the nomination my dear friend.

    Love, Sammy

  9. S & S…over at de cuzinz boomer & dai$y’s place; boomer haz kibble ta graze on all day, dai$y willna graze but herz been caught in de act, she getz cheeze at noon & boomerz getz a wee donut furst thing in de AM, dai$y used ta eat with boomer at dinner time but for reezonz known onlee two them, dai$y now chowz at 3:30 while boomer eats with hiz peepulz at 6 then left overz can be found at de side bar all nite long ore till de stuff ternz ta concreet !!!

    yea…eye noe

    tuna of moon ~~~~~ ♥♥♥

  10. The OP Pack on said:

    In our house we have to sit, then Mom puts our bowls on the floor at the same time. We have to stay sitting until she says “OK” – then we both chow down at the same time. We still haven’t figured out why we put up with this nonsense, but Mom says we do it very well.

    Woos – Ciara and Lightning

  11. mistletoeandhitch on said:

    Here there are two primary noms stations. Downstairs is controlled by Me, Mistletoe. I let MY HuMom know when it is time to bring the stinky goodness. There are dry noms and water available at all times because I an vigilant about maintaining my figure. The Doctor lady says it would be okay for me to gain a bit of weight so we have her thumbs up on MY feed on demand program. Upstairs the boys are fed on a first come, first serve basis. The boys sometimes show up to try and eat from my buffet but they have to struggle since they are all larger than I am and have to balance on the smallest platform of my cat tree where my food is layed out. I wonder if it annoys them when I curl up and sleep in that area, next to the food while they have trouble fitting they whole selves on there? Except for Hitch…..he just pushes the dry kibble to the floor then gets down and eats what he wants…but not until I’ve finished. He’s learned to respect my claws when I have higher ground.

    Good luck figuring out your dining schedule. Remember, it’s not about who eats first, the important point is who get things exactly the way she likes them when she wants them. Oh, remember to always be polite to your server when your entree is served. When your dealing with humans it’s important to reward them when they get it right.

  12. Being the Queen of my Condo, I get fed first and last. I’m a slow eater so I’ll take a few bites and walk away. Oen of my peeps HAS to be there to watch or I won’t eat.

  13. I feed my two cats three times daily.

    THE MORNING: At 7 am or just before, Ted, the big black guy jumps off the bed with a loud ka-wump! And then jumps up on the head of the bed leaping over my head then walking across the top of the bed jumping down, only to repeat the process again until I get up. The grey cat Teo, sits on some high corner in the bedroom and looks down upon us like a gargoyle, or starts playing with something on the dresser knocking it off.

    THE EARLY EVENING (“lunch” 6 pm): I am met by Ted & Teo peering out the door entry to the garage as they sit on the dryer. They stare me down until I feed them.

    THE LAST MEAL aka “TED-THIRTY” (10:30 pm): Ted somehow has a stomach clock and within 5 minutes of 10:30 pm, usually 10:30 on the dot, he comes out and meows at my husband to tell me to feed him. Ted looks directly at my husband on the couch and will meow periodically walking by him until I get up to feed them. Why Ted looks at my husband and not me … I have no idea. I AM the one who feeds the cats, not hubby. The two cats then beat each other up until I have their food ready.

    At EVERY meal: Ted always sings for his food bowl just before I give it to him. When Teo, a slow eater, finishes his food, Ted the gulper, hops on top of the fridge to check if Teo has leftovers. When Teo is done eating, he walks by Ted’s bowl, turns his back to it and acts like he’s burying poop. They get fed the SAME EXACT food! I don’t know Teo has to “bury” Ted’s empty bowl.

    So, that’s the scoop! You asked, I replied! 🙂

  14. Katie Isabella on said:

    I live by myself here but if there were another kitty *I* would be first. Mom? get that?

  15. In my house, I feed the cats upstairs in their zone, and thew huskies down in the kitchen, although my kitten likes to try and eat the dogs food, I keep them separate. I always ask the dogs to sit down before they get their bowls, otherwise they jump around like a bunch of…………. a bunch of……….. DOGS!!! LOL!
    ღ husky hugz ღ frum our pack at Love is being owned by a husky!

  16. Two French Bulldogs on said:

    You tell’m Savannah BOL
    Lily & Edward

  17. I’m always the first who gets dinner :o) maybe your mom and your dad can give it first to both of you? you can use such a cam they use at the owlympigs to make sure that it really happens the same time :o)

  18. Well being a One Princess Palace, I get my food first…… then second…. then third. No arguments unless its with the chef. purrs

  19. My assistant is a bit wacky. She alternates between feeding me (the resident dog) and my feline sisters first. She doesn’t want one side or the other feeling like second best. We are all pretty patient – though we do dine in separate rooms as I have been known to eat cat food.

  20. I am the only pet, so at morning dinner and night dinner time, I stare at Mom till she puts the food down, but then she makes me sit and be a good girl till she says, “OK.”

    Love and licks,

  21. It’s EASY here since I’m the “one and only” around here! No fights – just good food whenever I ask for it!

    Hugs, Sammy

  22. I usually get mine last cuz I’s a scarfer – but we all get fed pretty quick.

  23. We have such warm weather at the moment that there is a LOT of kibble being consumed and not so much wet food. We do have greed issues, and Jack has to have his atop the bannister as he gets pushed off, and being a gentle spirit, he doesn’t fight back.

  24. I always get my dinner first! My human says it is because I take the longest to eat sometimes. Binga gets hers second because she’s pretty slow too. Boodie gets hers last because she scarfs down her food – and then edges in on Binga’s. My human has to watch over us all to make sure there is no food theft!

  25. Here the human slave gets supervised cleaning the bowls, refilling them – and while on the way to the threshhold where the deities get served, both jump ahead. Then usually the female (comparable to TKS) concentrated on the food, while the male tries to get a sniff off her … I doubt you have ever heard of a horror movie human centipede – well, it’s a feline octipede you see here. Of course that only lasts seconds, than my version of TKS expresses her displeasure and either the male gets to eat, too, or he goes away. Food is NOT taken away after a while so he can return there later.

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