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I Am An Adult Homeless Foster Cat: Help Me ROAR!!


I am now showing off my THIRD Adult Homeless Foster Cat.

Adult Homeless Foster Cats

My intention with this series is to draw attention to the serious backlog of adult homeless foster cats stuck, totally stuck in the foster care system.

Let me introduce you to my pal, IRISH…he is two years old…a total mancat bachelor searching for his forever family.

Oh hello all...I am a bit nervous...

Oh hello all…I am a bit nervous…

Savannah: “Hello Irish. Thanks for responding to my text message so fast. I really wanted to get this interview and photo shoot with you wrapped up for my Friday blog post. You’re a real pal for taking the time.”

Irish: *waves paw to Savannah* Hey Savannah, no problem. Actually time is what I have a lot of these days. I just hang out here in the free roaming cat room and try to not bug anybody else. ”

Savannah: “I know this isn’t your ‘real’ home; just a stopping off place. But something must have happened to you Irish to cause you to end up here. You are certainly in great health from the looks of you and just two years old. So what’s the scoop? ”

Oh my, I wish I knew

Oh my, I wish I knew

Irish: *shuffles paws uncomfortably* This is a bit of a hard story to share Savannah. You see, I was what humans call a ‘neighborhood’ cat. I was living on the streets in a neighborhood for as long as I can remember. I think I was abandoned by humans when I was about 9-12 months old. No idea why, but I clearly wasn’t feral. Some of the humans fed me now and then. Finally one started to feed me more regularly and I hung out near that house.”

Savannah: “Irish, you must have been so lonely.”

Oh Savannah, you have no idea how lonely I was for human touch

Oh Savannah, you have no idea how lonely I was for human touch

Irish: “I guess so Savannah, but at that time I didn’t even know what loneliness was. I just knew I needed water, food and a warm dry place to sleep. Anyway, as I was saying, this one human started to feed me regularly and she noticed I was really going downhill. My furs were getting dirty, I was losing weight and I started to kind of totter along as I walked.

This human also noticed that the middle of my tail was all chewed up, raw and ugly. So they contacted this rescue, Community Concern 4 Cats  (CC4C) to ask for help for me. A nice lady came to their home and she could pick me up easily and took me straight away to a VET.

Savannah: “Oh my cat! Irish, didn’t your tail hurt? You must have been in so much pain!!”

Irish: “I most certainly was, and when I went to the VET the first time, he said my tail must be amputated.”

Savannah *GASP!* “You must be kidding?! *looks back at her tail with concern* I can’t imagine losing my tail!”

Irish: “Neither could I, and they also discovered I wasn’t neutered either. As if all that wasn’t enough, the VET looked at my eyes, ears and gums and could see I was very jaundiced so he did some blood work and took an xray. It didn’t come back with good news. My liver and kidney functions were all down. And they could see that my right hind leg had been broken, healed wrongly on its own but I don’t have a limp thankfully. Then, this VET told the rescue lady I must be euthanized.

I was stunned to hear I must lose my life

I was stunned to hear I must lose my life

Savannah: “Aiieeee!! Oh Cat!! Irish, no, no…I know how it feels to have humans say you must be put to sleep; ended! I am so very sorry this happened. But you are right here in front of me, so what happened?”

Irish: “Well this rescue lady doesn’t give up that easy or fast. She thanked the VET and said she would take me home with some antibiotics and other meds for my tail and let him know how I was doing.

She called this Feline Specialist VET who is retired but gives her time and skill free to CC4C. This lady VET said ‘He is just dehydrated, give him fluids and lots and lots of food; keep him on antibiotics to clear up the infection on his tail. She said it could be that tail problem that caused the jaundice.”

I rebounded enough that they could finally safely amputate my tail. And as you can see, it kind’a looks like a bunny rabbit tail…*sits up so Savannah can see his tail.*”

See my 'bunny rabbit' tail? Isn't it cute?

See my ‘bunny rabbit’ tail? Isn’t it cute?

Savannah: You’re right Irish; you DO have a bunny tail!! “. Tell me something about yourself Irish. How would you describe your personality to your new forever family?”

Irish: *hmmm…tapping claw on tile floor* “I guess first I want to say how much I love to play. I don’t get much chance here in the cat room to play interactively with a human. And I want my forever family to know I am very affectionate and easy to get along with; I am also pretty laid back with others cats too.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Savannah: “Tell me what makes you special?”

Irish: “You mean besides my bunny tail and mancatly good looks! *Irish looks surprised then winks at Savannah* Well, given all I have been through, I am very trusting of humans and believe that they will protect me and take care of me.”

*licks lips* Let me think a minute

*licks lips* Let me think a minute

As for my hopes and dreams about what I want in my forever home…lots of interaction with my humans; lots of interactive play, after all I have playtime to catch up on! I don’t particularly think I will want to have very young children trying to pull my bunny tail and dogs kind of scare me; so no dogs preferred.”

It seems like I am asking for the moon Savannah.”

Savannah: Absolutely NOT! You are barely asking for the basics all indoor cats need Irish. You forever family is out there right now searching for you. I hope I can get enough of my pals to SHARE and RETWEET you all over social media to shine a beacon of positive white energy on you so your forever family can find you fast!

Irish: “As you say Savannah, paw pats. I so hope you are right.”

I dream of a forever home that keeps me safe and love me as I will love them

I dream of a forever home to keep me safe & love me as I will love them

Here is a great video of Irish showing off his loving nature…short video I promise!

PLEASE SHARE SHARE SHARE Irish on any and all social media networks with which you interact. Just putting his name out in the universe with positive energy can help Irish get close to his forever family.

Anyone can learn more about Irish by contacting his foster human at: gemmaos at sbcglobal dot net

Thank you all for coming over to read my fourth blog post in my series “I Am An Adult Homeless Foster Cat: Savannah reveals hopes and dreams”. If you missed the Introduction to this series, click here. And for the first two interviews click here and here.


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19 thoughts on “I Am An Adult Homeless Foster Cat: Help Me ROAR!!

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  4. meowmeowmans on said:

    Irish sure is handsome, and he seems like a really nice mancat. We’re purring and praying he finds his happily ever after soon!

  5. Well we fell in love with him and his bunny tail. We’ll share. You should put a tab up for the series so you can just tell peeps to go there to read them all.

  6. Irish is one handsome guy and we’re purring like crazy that he finds his home. He sure deserved it.

  7. Ann Cluck on said:

    shared to my facebook pg Crossposting and Advocating for Animals

  8. Mee-you Irish yur a BOBKAT an a hansum one at that!!! Pleeze sumone adopt thiss mankat….or else mee finks LadyMum iss flyin out west, mew mew mew…..Siddhartha Henry =^,.^=
    Hello Irish what a life you have had so far! You are one strong & resilient mancat. If I lived closer (far closer) I’d adopt you in a quick minute. You are simply amazing!
    ((hugs)) Sherri-Ellen ❤

  9. Irish you are super adorable. You could pass for Buster’s brofur. How lucky the human you would pick to be your furever pal.

    Emma and Buster

  10. dood….we wish ewe all de veree vere best on findin yur for evers forever home….we troo lee hope ewe….. & all yur pals ther…… R in ther forevers by de end oh thiz month…how kewl wood THAT be…… 🙂 ♥♥♥♥♥
    heerz two a velvet belly lanternshark kinda week oh end ~~ ♥♥♥

  11. I think it’s wonderful! Mancat! You are so clever, Savannah! Thank you so much and I’ll happily let you know if Irish gets some hits from this.
    Mancat’s temp momma.

    • *waves paw* Hi Miss Gemma!! How kind of you to visit my blog today. I totally luvluvluv’d having a chat with that handsome mancat Irish. Paws crossed we can get some positive energy shining on him so his forever family can find him ASAP

  12. Billie Cummings on said:

    What a handsome honey! That Irish–doesn’t anyone have room in their heart for him?

  13. Two French Bulldogs on said:

    Irish is so precious
    Lily & Edward

  14. Irish you sure were a lucky boy to be rescued and helped… you are indeed ready for your “FOREVER” and I just HAVE to think that someone will be stepping up soon to take you home where you’ll never ever have to worry again. You are one handsome guy and look very healthy AND cute with that bunny tail! Sending you special hugs of hope for a happy future in a HOME.

    Love, Sammy

  15. Irish, you’ve gone through so much and it hasn’t stopped you from being a sweet natured kitty! I know there is a REALLY great home out there for you!

  16. OMD thanks to that rescue lady who brought you to a special vet, Irish. I hope so much that you will find the best place ever… you reminded me of Leo immediately and I hope so much that you find the same fabulous furever human like Leo. I will share this post and I hope all readers feel the same when they look in your eyes…

  17. What a friendly fellow Irish is ,I sure hope he gets his forever home soon,Have shared on google and FB,xx Speedy

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