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Come Meet Queen Victoria Noire: An Adult Homeless Foster Cat


I am now showing off my SEVENTH Adult Homeless Foster Cat. This will be the last interview in this series and I will do my final wrap up on Sunday, November 2nd.

Adult Homeless Foster Cats

My intention with this series is to draw attention to the serious backlog of adult homeless foster cats stuck, totally stuck in the foster care system.

Let me introduce you to Her Royal Highness Queen Victoria Noire…a senior, but totally elegant lady cat.

Pleased to make your acquaintance

Pleased to make your acquaintance

Savannah: *attempts to dip a tiny curtsy* “Queen Victoria Noire!!!!  I am so pleased you agreed to allow me to enter your royal quarters to have this interview. My that is a very high perch you have there.”

Queen Victoria Noire: “Good morning Lady Savannah, it is a pleasure to welcome you to my kingdom and a pleasure to be speaking with you today.  I trust you are well, as am I.  Here, here…allow be to come down and join you.”

HRH QVN eyes

Savannah: “It must be difficult for a ladycat of your distinction to be without your very own personal castle in which to live. I mean, one wants to do a bit of touching up in colors and styles that suit one’s taste, right?”

Queen Victoria Noire: “Absolutely.  This is my second foster home since being abandoned at the shelter. You see Savannah, I was ‘owner surrendered’…ahem…but let’s talk about that in a moment. I have been here, oh, about five months.  Prior to me coming to this wonderful home I was fostered for about four months with another lady.”

This will be difficult to talk about

This will be difficult to talk about

Savannah: “Ok, first your original ‘owner’ surrendered you to the public kill shelter, and then then you were saved from that place as was I and you lived for a few months with your first foster. And then you moved again to this foster…did I get all that right?”

Queen Victoria Noire: *sigh* Well, where do I start?  I had a loving home.  I was adopted as a little princess kitten and enjoyed my home life until the fateful day, *bows head in dismay* at seven years old, when my guardian decided to adopt a dog.

Don’t get me wrong, I wish for all animals to have a loving home, but this was not really a good idea for me.  My guardian “presented” me with this dog, and I reacted negatively. It was all so strange for me; my kingdom had changed, my status had changed and I became very upset. Because I didn’t react positively, I was surrendered to the high kill shelter and left to my fate.

The good news is someone cared about what had happened to me and they reached out to Community Concern 4 Cats (CC4C) and asked them to help me.  Thankfully they did, and they rescued me from that noisy, cold, harsh environment.

Savannah: “MOUSES! Queen Victoria Noire, how are you managing all this?”

Queen Victoria Noire: *Chortle* Well, let’s see.  First and foremost, I am not a princess kitten any more, I am a Queen.  And lots of people are looking for a prince or princess, not a Queen who can have a tendency to be ‘not amused’ about more than just a few things.

Oh, and the fact that I haven’t really been able to go to the adoption sites because I have had to spend a considerable amount of time decompressing from the multiple traumas I endured; this has not helped at all.  However, that is getting so much better and I have been to adoptions twice, and will be gracing Pet Food Express with my presence until such time as I have found my new kingdom.

Adoption events are so disturbing and challenging but I will endure to find my forever castle

Adoption events are so disturbing and challenging but I will endure to find my forever castle

Savannah: “ummm…Queen Victoria Noire, may I request that you tell me a bit about what happened to you during and after your stay at your first foster home? If it isn’t too much trouble, that is.”

Queen Victoria Noire: “Ahem, I adored my first foster home. She was so very accommodating and kind. However, not long after arriving, I was whisked off to the VET for a thorough examination to determine the state of my overall health. They discovered that I had a severe Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) to the point that my *whispers behind her paw to Savannah* ‘pee’ was almost pink. Yes, yes dearest Savannah. I had blood in my urine. It was terribly painful for me, and I never allowed anyone to know.

To make matters worse, the sweet person who was fostering me must have taken in some other cats to foster who had FLEAS!!! I was so distressed over those little demon things biting at me that I over groomed and created ‘hot spots’ all over my body. *shakes head remembering*The foster human to whom I was delivered after being treated for this stressful flea condition then agreed to allow me to create my temporary kingdom and spacious quarters here.”

Savannah: “You are the bravest senior homeless lady cat I can imagine. Any human family who discovers you and takes you to your forever castle will indeed have found a true Queen.”

Queen Victoria Noire: *blushing* Oh Savannah, you do boost one’s spirit I must say.

Savannah, you are too kind

Savannah, you are too kind

I have to say, my foster caregivers are doing everything in their power to make me feel comfortable attending adoptions, they even procured me a royal carriage so that I don’t have to suffer the indignities of being in a carrier or a cage.  They understand the needs of a Queen (they are, after all, British.  As am I) oh and there is this other teensy little issue; I am not willing to share my kingdom with other cats, or dogs.

Savannah: “Queen Victoria Noire, why don’t you tell me what your new castle and staff can expect from you as their Queen?”

Queen Victoria Noire: The first thing to expect is that, more than likely, I am not going to be a lap cat day one.  But given enough time and patience I will learn to trust and be a great companion.

They can however expect that I won’t shred curtains, or screens, or sofas.  I am also meticulous with my bathroom habits, I won’t be peeing inappropriately.  I won’t be demanding either.  I’ll survey my kingdom from on high to make sure everything is as it should be, and I will grace my new family with a dignified presence.  Although I might make out my current adoptive parents to be complete fibbers and sit on your lap day one.  After all, I am Queen Victoria Noire and I get to make the rules up as I go along.  I will love them, cuddle with them, albeit conditionally.”

I must put my paw down on certain interactions with my new humans

I must put my paw down on certain interactions with my new humans

Savannah: “Well said! Ok, let’s talk about your hopes and dreams for your permanent castle and the family who will serve you.”

Queen Victoria Noire: “Well, *claps front paws together in excitement* it is likely that I need a home that is more like a library than a circus, which probably means no rowdy children.  When you add it all up, it really starts to limit my options don’t you think?

Savannah: *holds up paws* Whoa, I am not the lady cat to be answering that because I also simply was not able to tolerate the commotion of human young people.”

Queen Victoria Noire: “Why that is very reassuring Savannah. Oh, and my fur is silky and beautiful, but all black. Actually, I will make anyone who becomes my forever family always look very slim; black IS the most slimming of colors you know.

I adore my foster parents but I am tired of being confined to one room. I’d love a home where my new family is willing to be patient with me and understand that I might be a little fearful to start with. I’m thinking that an older couple or person would be perfect for me. I’d love to have a castle (cat tower) that affords me a view out of the windows, as I don’t like to go outside but do like a room with a view.

I must be an only pet though.  I’m traumatized from my experience with a dog, and don’t believe I will ever recover enough to be able to live with other animals, be they cats or dogs. I’m not really asking for much, just a calm place to rest my head and have a nice human staff who will love me.

Of course I do still like to play, so someone who wants to bond with me through play time would be great.

I know I ask for too much

I know I ask for too much

It sounds like a tall order, doesn’t it?  I don’t think I am asking for much, and I know there is someone out there looking for a Queen like me, I just need you to help us find each other Savannah, so anything you can do would be wonderful

Savannah: “My Queen, it is my pleasure to work hard to assist you in finding that perfect forever castle where you can rest your head next to your human (s) and find peace and contentment. Let’s get to work!”

Please, Ceiling Cat, help me find my forever castle. I am not young anymore but still so much love to give

Please, Ceiling Cat, help me find my forever castle. I am not young anymore but still so much love to give

Please take a moment to enjoy watching my guest interact with her current foster human.

And so ends my final interview in my series “I Am An Adult Homeless Foster Cat: Savannah reveals hopes and dreams”.

I so hope that you have found this series both informative and enlightening as to the challenges all Adult Homeless Foster Cats face. It is a huge challenge and now is the time to make a difference. Please SHARE this interview and the others I have been posting.

You can find them all by simply going to the right of my blog post screen, to my badges and click on the badge for PAW IT FORWARD. All my series post on this topic will be right at the top.


My final wrap up post will be on Sunday, November 1rst. Hope you have time to stop by.


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36 thoughts on “Come Meet Queen Victoria Noire: An Adult Homeless Foster Cat

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  3. Queen Victoria… we can’t believe that your family would surrender you like that! Definitely not treatment deserving of a Queen. We are happy to hear that you have a lovely foster family and hope that the purrfect forever family comes for you very soon! Someone will soon realize that they need a Queen to keep order in their home. Sending purrs and prayers to you, beautiful Queen!

  4. What a beautiful black panther. I hope she can find a new castle to live in and be pampered for the rest of her life.

  5. Me-you Savannah LadyMum iss cryin! So mee iss typin fur her…. Shee says Queen Victoria Noire remindss her so-o much of Aunty Nylablue an shee so wishess shee could adopt her….butt mee iss here an wee iss so far away… LadyMum says Queenlee katss are thee sweetest katss!!(mee has to agree) 😉
    Wee purr fur Victoria Noire to find a forever home berry berry soon…..efurry Queen deeservess her OWN Castle ❤
    **nose kissesss** Siddhartha Henry an weepy LadyMum xxxxx

  6. These seniors who need forever homes just break our hearts. Their stories are always sad…..but this kind of thing – being in a home for so long then being the one who gets “sacrified” when the owner decides to get a dog – well – it’s just not fair. Queen Victoria is a beautiful cat and it would be our hope and our prayer that she is adopted as soon as possible by someone who understands her and will love her FOREVER…..not just temporarily. Bless her Foster Mom – it’s easy to see she cares about her too.

    Hugs, Sammy

  7. This was a fantastic final blog post interview, just love it. Queen Victoria has my respect & sympathy after what was done, how unthinking & unkind. Adoption wont be far away. purrs

    • Thank you for visiting Erin. The Queen is not having a ton of luck getting adopted.
      She has been returned twice because adopters tried to force her immediately to be a lap cat. They were told she IS NOT a lap,cat. She became anxious at last trial and peed twice out of litter box and they returned her. Please help me promote her she is a truly lovely girl and do s like to cuddle in bed. Share on any social media you use.

      • Just a little correction here on behalf of Queen Victoria 🙂 She didn’t pee outside the litter box when she was adopted, she did it when she returned to her foster home. The reason she was returned is as you state, they thought they could make her a lap cat overnight (despite me telling them repeatedly to let her adjust in her own time) and she wasn’t too happy with the attention and swatted the adopter. I’d like to chuckle but figure it would be inappropriate 🙂 But don’t worry, she is safe here with us until she finds her forever home. We won’t give up on her. Sincerely, Foster Mummy

        • Apologies. I do not have thumbs, as you know, being a cat and I must have missed hitting just the right keys on my keyboard. I do know, as the Queen informed me, that she absolutely DID NOT piddle outside the litter facility. My most humble apology to the Queen.

      • HI Savannah, How is The Queen doing? Is she still in need of a home?

  8. what a divine couple of kitties you both are, sophisticated yet humble and sweet. perfect I say!

  9. kittiesblue on said:

    Dearest and beautiful Queen, If anybody can help you to find a home, is is Savvy and her mom. What happened to you is pawful, and we will be purring and praying for you to quickly find that loving, forever home you deserve. XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

    • Hey guys *waves paw*. Tickled to see you. Here’s the scoop on this sweet Queen. She has been returned twice because adopters tried to force her immediately to be a lap cat. They were told she IS NOT a lap,cat. She became anxious at last trial and peed twice out of litter box and they returned her. Please help me promote her she is a truly lovely girl and do s like to cuddle in bed. Share on any social media you use.

  10. Great interview! I hope she finds a home soon!

    • Hey Gus. Would you mind giving her a helping hand? She has been returned twice because adopters tried to force her immediately to be a lap cat. They were told she IS NOT a lap,cat. She became anxious at last trial and peed twice out of litter box and they returned her. Please help me promote her she is a truly lovely girl and do s like to cuddle in bed. Share on any social media you use.

  11. She is beautiful! I don’t see why her foster Mom doesn’t rehome her other cats and keep Queen Victoria. MOL!

    • Her foster Mom and Dad only have about 5 other cats; all their own. They have had one for 20 years. They cannot rehome their own truly personal cats to whom they promised a forever home just for HRH. I know you understand

  12. pilch92 on said:

    I pray this beauty gets a forever home soon.

  13. QVN is a beautiful girlcat! We can’t believe someone hasn’t given her a furever home yet.

    Savvy, these interviews have been terrific! You’ve done such a great job to put the spotlight on an issue that many don’t think about…older cats in foster care lookin for their furever homes.

    • you really think so??I know you have shared and I thank you. If you could have seen Mom L at the photo shoots, you would have died laughing. They were not easy; and Mom L is no pro photo person but you would have had a ball with her and Miss Nancy who was with her. seriously

  14. We shared on Twitter and Facebook. We hope she finds her forever home soon.

  15. What a BEAUTIFUL kitty. All cats deserve foster homes of their very own. Adult kitties need forever homes and loving peeps as much as kittens, do. Great series, Savvy. Important information for peeps to know.


  16. Billie Cummings on said:

    Hi Savannah,
    Another great interview! Let’s hope that Queen Noire has her castle by the holidays. Please, everybody share!

  17. My stars Victoria; I pray to Bastet that you find; and are in… your permanent castle by the end of November; hugs to you and all the best ~~~~~ dai$y ♥♥♥=^..*=

  18. She does look very regal. She needs a household to reign over.

    Emma and Buster

  19. Another winning interview! Savannah, you are wonderful to highlight these special kitties.

  20. Such a beautiful Queen and we sure hope the magic happens soon for her.

  21. I’m so sad that this happened to a Queen :o( Why people can’t check in advance if a new member of the family will fit or not? And to replace one pet with another is a no go… I hope that there is a Kingdom what looks for a Queen and that you are back on your throne soon… I will spread the message to all kingdoms of facebook, let’s cross our paws that it works …

  22. This is one of my human’s pet peeves, and one of mine too: those horrible humans who dump a cat when they bring a dog home – hello! The cat was there first – you send the dog back! We don’t get that at all. I hope this lovely lady finds the home that she really deserves.

  23. mistletoeandhitch on said:

    Queen Victoria Noire is so beautiful! We will be sure that our HuMom shares her wishes on Facebook and Tumblr. Our paws are crossed that her forever castles is found soon.

  24. Ann Cluck on said:

    Purrfect Post Savanna!!! Shared with my 3500 + followers on my facebook page Crossposting and Advocating for Animals.

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