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Young Adult Cats Require Table Manners


Maybe I am just getting old. But, today’s young feline adults are about due some table manner education don’t you think?

Tell me I did not see that!

Tell me I did not see that!

Some of you think I am going to talk about how they pull out those sMART phones at the table, right? Naw…nothing near that. I think this is much deeper. Something their CATmoms and CATdads failed to teach them when they were wee kittens. Simple, proper table manners when dealing with humans and their human food.

First, don’t beg with those longing cat eyes…

*silent eye begging*

*silent eye begging*

Now with  most humans that’s more than enough. But for Ceiling Cat’s sake, don’t jump up and reward the human by responding right away when they offer some silly tiny ‘lick’ of the goo on their finger! *ICK* Remember, they have already handled that food!

Oh gosh, thanks for this sniff of your over loaded plate contents

Oh gosh, thanks for this sniff of your over loaded plate contents

Let’s get serious Senior Cat coaches and mentors. We simply MUST teach these young adults to train the humans far better. How can any cat possibly get the ‘whole enchilada’ (meaning whole plate) when being willing to take *shudders* measly morsels.

Oh thank you, thank you...such a gift

Oh thank you, thank you…such a gift

Oh Cat! this is such a hard post for me to write. To see how The Kid Sage (aka TKS) allows her huDad P to pretend to share. This is so hard to observe and I know it is tough for all you other Senior Cats out there. We, older generation, have always trained our humans far better. We know the true GOLD is when we are offered any morsel we want off their plate…often before they even touch it. These young adult felines just don’t understand what they have lost. We must SAVE this next generation of feline plate cleaners!!

'scuse me huDad P, but I'll just help myself

‘scuse me huDad P, but I’ll just help myself

I finally could not stand watching TKS ‘beg’ for huDad P’s left overs. So, I took paw in paw and gave her some serious coaching. Her next attempt was far more successful.

That's a very large portion

That’s a very large portion

She has learned to insure that Dad P understands that she KNOWS he has a ton of food on his plate and truly a huge amount to share with her. She has taught him she can ‘recognize’ the portions. (notice the possessive paw on the food tray…brilliant!)

I see there is a ton more for you over there

I see there is a ton more for you over there

Now she has learned to let him know he has ample for himself…and much to ‘share’ with her…heh…heh…the Kid is so coachable where food is concerned. (notice the dainty sweet little paw slightly reaching, as tho’ begging…but NOT begging)

Oh Dad P!! All that just for li'l ole me??!!

Oh Dad P!! All that just for li’l ole me??!!

*SCORE* She will now be receiving far larger amounts of human food to be shared between her and her human. (notice she never removed her little dainty sweet paw from that human food tray…BRILL!!) All I did, as a Senior Feline Coach, was teach her some more effective moves. So come on all you Senior Feline Coached…let’s get these young adult felines ready for a whole new world of feline domination over their humans’ overloaded plate of food!!!

I rest my point fellow Senior Feline Coaches. We have much work ahead, but my ‘grasshopper’ has learned. You can ask her after she is done licking her chops and cleaning her toofies from that large hunk of meat her Dad P just gave her.


PeeEss…I, myself, HRH Savannah, would never, ever stoop so low as to even consider allowing any of the human food to pass through my toofies. But then we Senior Adult Felines have a far more sensitive and delicate palate than the younger generation. Actually, similar to what the senior humans are finding in their own younger human offspring. Strange isn’t it…how much we felines still have to teach the humans. Hopefully, we can train our next GEN to carry on. Get to it Seniors!! COACH!! TEACH!!

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27 thoughts on “Young Adult Cats Require Table Manners

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  3. Awww…those asking eyes…so adorable, who could ever resist such a cutie pie 😀 Pawkisses 🙂 ❤

  4. Marty the Manx on said:

    What a quick learner! Are you sure you didn’t stop over here and teach Anne? She has that down to a science too! You are so wise Savvy!

  5. Totally inspired Savvy – this kid will learn from the best!!!

  6. pilch92 on said:

    Awww….I wouldn’t be able to resist that adorable face.

  7. Well it’s a good thing you’re there, Savvy, to show young grasshopper the error of her begging ways. 🙂

  8. Oddly enough, my cats don’t like human food. Every now and then my Sadie may eat a piece of turkey if I give it to her, but otherwise she’s not a fan. Joey never eats human food. He’s completely uninterested.

  9. Don’t worry Yin stole the omelet right out of the cooking pan, Mommy never even had a chance to taste it. ~Scylla

    PeeS: It’s kinda nice having someone around that gets in more trouble than ME.

  10. Oh my that training sure does take patience, doesn’t it? Hope you get the whole enchilada!

  11. meowmeowmans on said:

    Great job, Savvy! It’s up to us more mature kitties to show those young ‘uns what’s right and wrong!


    Moosey, Gracie and Zoe

  12. I want the food for myself not a youngster! The only time TW will show me her full plate is when she knows I don’t like anything on it which is most time. When she has chicken, she’ll hand feed me morsels that are larger than the pieces of cat food I make her cut up for me.

  13. It’s nice that she has you to coach her! How would the young generation learn the “right way” otherwise?

  14. Although I don’t have cats, we’ve trained our dogs pretty well not to beg for food by not giving them any from what we are eating. They do often sit under us when we eat in search of anything we may drop without noticing. There are times I would like to cave in and give them something but they have IBD. If I were to give them food they are not accustomed to, it could make them sick.

  15. The OP Pack on said:

    Ummm, we hate to admit it, Savannah, but it isn’t only young cats who need to learn table manners. But we won’t say who else we mean.

    Woos – Ciara and Lightning

  16. My cats find that tag teaming works,while one begs and is refused ,another sneaks in and steals it.

  17. Katie Isabella on said:

    Oh I loved this. What a great bloggie Savvy! You outdid yourself again!

  18. Sage certainly is learning the fine art of wrapping a human around her paw (!!!) and that seems to be something most of us are truly born with….HOWEVER, we seniors should reinforce that natural behavior AND add training with those little extra flourishes (like the pitiful little squeak of starvation) that mean a BIGGER score!

    Hugs, Sammy

  19. It sounds like TKS is well on her way to learning to be finicky. I’m more a beg-hard-and-take-anything kind of girl. We doggies are way less discriminating than you kitties are.

    Love and licks and get-in-my-belly,

  20. mariodacat on said:

    Thanks for a.ll your wise words of wisdom. That was a pretty good class yu just taught.. Keep up the goos work.

  21. I like the TKS-style… that looks like the power of the paw – literally :o) I rarely want something of my humans food, they are veggies and they have weird things on their plates :o)

  22. This is good advice… except there’s an even bigger problem here: more often than not, my human’s boyfriend’s meals are VEGETARIAN! No wonder he lets us on the table – once we see what he’s eating, we mostly don’t care!

  23. Wait till you cats meet humans who are NOT sharing – under no circumstances – NEVER … I still wait for those humans to appear, though …

  24. Ok, I’s studyin up so I can get even more foodz!

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