Savannah's Paw Tracks

Autobiography of a Former Shelter Cat

My Icky RIng Worm

Hey there…so I thought I would start by sharing some stories from my volunteer staff at Kitty Corner!  I interviewed lots of them to learn about my life there…and gosh…so much of it brought up the time I had ring worm! YUK! So…here are some stories and I have tried to make my silly comments in bold…hope you enjoy these stories ‘cuz I believe they all show how much my volunteers loved me even when I was sooooo verrryyy scared!

From Tammy:  When Savannah first came to KC she was in an enclosure and she was so shy and withdrawn. After a week or so we left the door open but she continued to stay in there on her own volition. Gradually, she got more comfortable being out but would duck and cover when people came as just too overwhelmed. She often was under the white chair or in a tower perch. She enjoyed pets on her head, and ears and sometimes her back but only tolerated it for a very short time and then would hiss at times to tell you she had enough.
She behaved that way for quite some time. Very very shy and aloof never seeking out attention. She enjoyed it when she got it but in very small doses. Then, as you know she developed ringworm and that was really hard on her. She did not like being constantly medicated and touched as much as was necessary. It was extremely hard on her and stressful. I was starting to wonder if she would be a permanent resident since she was so shy. But Alas, came along her FM and FD to save the day!! Now this cat is completely spoiled and HAPPY beyond belief.

Savannah Comment: I LOVE YOU TAMMY!!! You soooo saved my life!!!  Please come over for a play day when I am feeling a bit more social than last time you dropped over to my forever home.

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