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Confessions of a Bed Hog..Yeah..That Would Be Me!

  Getting a Good Night’s Sleep…ummm… least me!…about last night. We had company for dinner…I had’nt met her before…but I let her come in our bedroom and brush me a bit. THEN I smelled something weird but familiar on her fingers…and zippo bango..right under the bed I went!!!  YEP..ya guessed it…DOG! Mixed with a bit of cat to be fair…but SCCAARRRYY!

So..Dad, Mom and Cynthia (her name) watched her photos from her African Safari…yeah yeah you say… how the heck could I know it was Africa?!  Folks..seriously…I can hear and see… anddddddd..yep..I really do watch the TV…and those were some totally wild animals on that screen!!

Anyways…I cruised through the family room a couple a times just to make sure they knew I was around…then she I came out and watched TV with Mom and Dad…then let them know it was bed time cuz when I get up and go down the hall…wellllll…theyyyyy knowww….I want Mom in bed with me to keep me warm!’s Mom says…she wakes up…and well….ummmm….I, uh am sort’a like butting her off her share of the bed!! Hey, guys, how was I supposed to know we each only get a third..???..guess I was taking mine and most of Mom’s.

Then Mom tries to turn over to elbow me over some..she gets to her tummy to take more space…yeah, yeah…I did it…just what you are thinking…as soon as she did that…I almost jumped to get between her legs and as close to her butt as I could…veryyyy warm…yes!  “Course, Mom still was shoved against the head board…ouch!

Then I hear her say “bed hog”…and realized…holy moly…she was talkin’ to me!! YIKES!

Guess I kind’a didn’t sleep lots after that..worried ya know…so it’s been a hard tough day today…so I had to take a nap!

Bed Hog Day After

That’s it for today…too tired…back to ya all later…TTFN, Savannah PS…Mom says I am snoring!!!!

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10 thoughts on “Confessions of a Bed Hog..Yeah..That Would Be Me!

  1. Well, I’m a bed hog too, Savannah, and proud of it! How else are we supposed to keep our humans warm?

  2. my cousin Guinnivere next door at grandmas does that too!Grandma moans about it too.But don’t worry everybody love’s you Savvy just cuddle upto daddy instead..hehe,Speedy

  3. Since it’s gotten a little cooler here, we sleep on both sides of Mom Paula and she can’t move!

  4. Now wait just a cotton-picking minute…you only get a THIRD of the bed? That is soooooo wrong…you get at LEAST half! The middle half.
    Running both ways.

  5. Humans really don’t need as much room on the bed as they think they do!

    • Oh crap Sparkle!!! Mom and I almost lost it when we read your comment…and the post you made it on…ya see, Mom happened to pick that very one for a “repost” while she is gone…we thought WP had already posted it and it is scheduled for like NOv 17th…please tell us you just found it looking around my blog…wipes sweaty brow with paw…reaches over and picks Mom off floor…(thank Ceiling Cat for carpet)

  6. Nannah – Someone needs to point out to Mom that she needs to wake up enough at night to move you over a bit. After a while you might even learn that I give out a lot of heat, and you could cuddle up to me. Try it. You’ll like it. Love – Dad

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