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Thankfuls Never Stop


It just never seem too tough to do my Thankful Thursday post and my Garden Report for Jonesie…I never have to search for what to say I am Thankful For…’cuz “Thankfuls” never stop…

And, even though my garden needs some noms…gotta get the Mr Gardener Dude and have a meow with him about that…I still have some stuff to share on that front too…

So first…Jonesie…here is my Garden Report…

Society of Feline Gardeners

…I sent Mom out to the garden to take some photos of stuff that I think is really pretty…and I  know Mom just luvluvluvs our Hydrangeas…and we have about 4 different varieties/colors it seems…

Now let me just hit the “SEND” button with my paw…(thump)…and off goes my Garden Report to Jonesie…hope she approves my snoopervision of my garden…

And then there is always the great Pepi Smart Dogs Thankful Thursday…click HERE to visit other pawsome Thankful posts all through the next week…go on…don’t be shy…click it every day to see the new ones…


I had a package arrive this week…one Mom and Dad and I have been eagerly waiting to see on our porch…

Mom won an auction last Fall that was raising funds one of my furriends…and the item she won was for a couple of 5×7 portraits of ME…hand painted by my bestest furriends Nellie and Kozmo’s Mom Barb…(I am an experienced secret agent in the FBI…Senior Agent Kozmo is my mentor)…

Now, efurryone needs to know that Miss Barb, well…ahhhhh…ummm…she sort’a had this teeny little axe-a-dent…and had a fall down and broke her wrist and stuff…so that’s why she needed some time to make my portraits PAWSOMELY PURRFECT!!!!….

Thank you, thank  you Miss Barb…and Thank you, Thank You Nellie and Kozmo, Bob and Cinnamon for giving us some of your Mom’s precious time…we know how VERY busy she is…so…check out my portraits!!

…my “Serious” self…


…and for those of you who may recognize this image…YES!!! This is the image I had Mom use for her biz card for Blog Paws…Miss Barb’s talent was sent to Miss Glogirly who then did some techie stuff to make Mom’s biz cards…cool, huh??!!

…now for my “Flirty Girl” self…we think Miss Barb captured BOTH sides of my REAL SELF PURRfectly…(sorry, but stoopid WP won’t let Mom flip the portrait to see it as it should be…with me on my side…MOUSES!!!)


Finally…so many of you have been so very very kind to me, Mom and Dad and Foster Brofur Leo…and I know you all want him to stay in our pawsome Paw Blogville community…so we are trying to introduce Leo and me…but today…he just simply scared the ‘MOUSES’ out of me when I got my first direct look at him.

Mom said she never knew I had so much lung space to put out FIVE, 5 HISSES SO LOUD…in like 5 seconds!!…once I saw “HIM (Leo)”…I hissed myself crazy…and as I dashed downstairs…I threw one last YOWL over my shoulder just so he knows I mean business!!!

…and yes…they allow him out when I am having my mid-morning to mid-afternoon nap…sheeeshhh…(be sure to ‘hover’ over the photo to see the caption…hover at the bottom…otherwise WP only let’s you see the photo number…bummer, huh?)..and you can always click each one to “BIGIFY

We are so THANKFUL that so many of you have great hopes that our Paw Blogville “Foster Child” Leo can have a blog presence…only time will tell…but he may need to be writin’ his posts from some other ‘puter other than mine…just sayin’…

Paw Pats, Savannah

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55 thoughts on “Thankfuls Never Stop

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  2. Oh My! Always enjoy your garden piccies. Your Portraits are stunning !
    And liked your other piccies of your beautiful kitteh and seat.
    Hope you can join us for Thankful Thursday this week too! :=o)

  3. Those paints are fantatsic!!! And I am keeping everything crossed that you and Leo will begin to tolerate each other, and if not he will find the most amazing forever home!

  4. Mousiez dat leo iz moved in ….even tho ya hissed n had a fit me finkz he wantz to stay…eberyone haz a cussin dat won’t leave n Leo might be dat one, MOL!!!!
    Yer paintin by Barb iz absolutelly pawsum!!! She did a bunderfull job of it…
    Da garden lookz lubly too. Ourz iz a bit messy tho we finkz da rosez may bloom soon…pawz crossed!!!
    Me iz fankful to have ya n Miss Linda as furendz.
    Lub Nylablue n SherriEllen

    • awwww..Nylablue, you and Mum know you are ever so special in our hearts…and Leo will need to find a furrever home elsewhere…we have tried and it is not going to happen…I am just too scared of other cats. But Mom and Dad will MAKE SURE he has a purrfect home…until then…he is here with us

      • Phanks Savannah…we iz so blessed by CATGOD to nose ya n da family!!! Me understandz why Leo needz to find a furever home…me iz just like ya. Me can not have catz around me or me goez crazzy!! Me don’t trust other Katz ’cause me waz used as a breeder…so when me seez a Kat me finkz all da bad stuff. Me bery aggressive n try to hert other Katz so me needz to be da Queen of me castle wif Mum as me servant, MOL….maybee me wuud tallerate a kitten but Mum iz too scared to even try….n me not shure what me wuud do either…it iz hard to be an adult rescue kitteh but we haz guud Hu’Manz who put us ferst! Me n Mum nose you will find da purrfect home fer Leo!
        Lub Nylablue n SherriEllen =^..^=

        • I know you understand Nylablue and Mum Sherri-E. Hard decision, but best for me and Foster Brofur Leo…

          • 😉 yeah we understandz fer shure. Mum sayz yer Mum will do da right fing n she LUBZ ya ferst n fourmost….me nose dat frum when Mum doez rescue n helpz kittehz frum outside. She makez dem a bed n feedz dem n givez dem water or milk if da like it til dey go to Shelter. No kitteh haz come in da place n me lubz dat Mum helpz da outside kittehz n doez not let dem in….Our Mum’z are da BERY BEST!!!

  5. Your paintings are beautiful. I am sorry that you aren’t getting on with Leo. Maybe in time you will see he is not so bad.

  6. stealthfur0ne on said:

    Those paintings really capture your sweet self but are you going to get a Hissy one too? Seems that we would like to see that one. (I am a hissy cat too. You go girl)

  7. Katie Isabella on said:

    Savvy, I can imagine how you must have felt considering I do all that and MORE when I just see a kitty across the STREET! Boy, that must have been an awful jolt for you! But I know that in your sweet heart you know Leo needs to share your home right now. xoxoxoxoxo

  8. Those paintings are just beautiful!
    I hope you and Leo manage to become friends…

  9. The portraits are wonderful Savvy! You lucky girl. The news on Leo is at last so very much more positive – delighted to hear it. We are very partial to ginger boys and hope that you’ll learn to be so too 😉

  10. Great post sweetie. I love that painting of you and you are so lucky to have your own business cards.

  11. OMC! You must’ve scared the heck out of poor Leo. I hope he doesn’t stop eating again. He’s, erm, beautiful and, uh, so’s your garden. I love love love those pics Nellie’s Mom painted of you. She’s so talented.

  12. Savannah…those paintings of you are AWESOME! Miss Bard did a fantastic job…and really captured your “inner beauty.”

    We’re sorry you’re not liking having Leo aound…but it takes time, y’know? You should give him a chance…he’s not as bad as you think.

    Oh yeah…the mom says hey to your Mom Linda. 🙂

  13. What beautiful paintings of you! We hope they’re going to be displayed in places of honor in your house!

    We’re sorry that you aren’t warming up to Leo, but we do know that it’s hard, especially when you’re not an outgoing cat and the newcomer is. Even though your place with your parents is secure and they will love you no matter what, it’s hard to feel secure when someone else needs so much of their attention. Not to mention when he’s big and not afraid of you! If Leo has to go to another place to find his forever home, we know your parents will help make sure that it’s a perfect home for him where he has all of the love and attention he needs.

    • oh my YES!! Leo will not go anywhere that has not had an FBI/CIA background check and we know just how to locate the new home at any time…what? Oh yeah, Mom says that is a bit over board…NOT! Thank you for your support Pierre, Newton and Ashley…it counts so much..paw pats, Savvy

  14. Your portraits are great Savvy. I bet Leo doesn’t have a portrait? See. You’re still top cat.
    I understand your feelings a little bit. I don’t do well as an only so they had to get another dog with me, but when Zac was still around and we had that Bichon to re-home who was wanting to sit on The Help all the time and take MY place, I can tell you I was not happy.
    But Leo is no threat to you. In fact, you might find he helps you feel a little more secure in time. I know I would be very scared as an only pet.

    • oh thank you Zena for your encouragement…actually I think I might like having him around eventually…sigh…but I am so timid and scared of even my own shadow! And Zena, I hope you will forgive me for not being around to visit. Mom and I have not found a way to do visits, comments, Leo feedings, Leo playing, Savvy playing, Savvy feeding and oh yeah…Mom and Dad get a life…this has been a bit more than we all anticipated and my visits have suffered greatly. I do READ…just don’t comment…paw pats, Savannah

  15. jank1961 on said:

    Hi Savannah….I love your Mom’s flowers, and I love those portraits of you! You are wise to let your feelings be known about Leo, but maybe you could come to like him in time?

  16. ~Of course he’s scary,but think how much fun it would be to order him round.The picture is beautiful.

  17. So sad to read you are not welcoming your foster bro – but it’s never easy to introduce a second cat – particularly with the first being a female. Male cats are more welcoming a second cat in their place – most are that is.
    It’s too early to say if you can or cannot get used to him over time – but you sound like you really dislike the idea of Leo staying … Maybe clicker training would help? Starting with you sniffing his scent – and getting a treat for that. Coming near his suite – and getting a treat there. Seeing him, getting a treat – but not, if you are hissing. Sometimes bribing helps best. It defo worked with my cat, who was so shy I could not pet her for 7 months – now she lies purring at my side.
    There are books out there to tell your staff how to clicker, if they do not know it. I used one.
    There are even people dealing with cats with behavioural issues. Not saying you have an issue – but those peeps could help negotiate you enduring Leo.

    • thank you so much for your encouragement. we do know about the clicker thingy from Leader Otis and stuff Mom has read to me. The issue is not Leo…but my fear of other cats…and most peeps. You would have to read my past posts to learn about my rescue. I am a very behaviorally challenged adult rescue cat…no one wanted…not ever really. Mom and Dad took me to foster…then loved me so much…I had my first ever furrever home. They care about all my progress over last 18 mos…and Leo may push me back…we will learn over next couple of weeks. Thank you so very much for your thoughts…we will let everyone know how it goes…

      • Leo has to be worth it – if he is not docile towards you, respecting you – he will have to find a new home.

        Don’t worry, your “Mom and Dad” – aren’t they more like staff? – will not risk the progress you made. They will need to take small steps if Leo is the right kind of companion cat for you. No good to hasten that – you took the better part of 18 months to feel at home there. Why should anyone expect you now to overcome your cat-aversion in a minute …

        • yup…just what Mom and Dad think. And Leo is not at all lacking in respecting me…the problem is all me…I am afraid of other cats…and he is not. But, Mom and Dad already said…I am first and firstest kitty in our home…what I say goes

  18. da tabbies o trout towne on said:

    meowloz savvy N leo….furst..way kewl garden pick sures again N thanx for knot tossin in any burd filled treez…thurd…total lee awesum job nellie & kozmo did on yur paintings…way total lee awesum…..N like eleventee 7th….if leo stays ther, it will take a few and a couple ta get used ta each other…wont happen over nite, N if it DOEZ…thiz wood bee total lee total lee soooper saweet…N just think savvy; EWE can get inta all kinds oh trubull N BLAMEZ leo…leo, dood, ewe can get inta all kinds oh trubull & BLAMES savvy…thatz what brothers N sisters do best !!! XOXOXO

    • sigh…thank guys…Mom and Dad wish it would happen that way…but I am definitely NOT a very curious or confident ladycat…and Leo is…and all he wants is to play and cuddle and all I want is to be alone with Mom…and Dad…that is our challenge

  19. I LOVE those paintings of you, Savannah! I love Leo lots… but I guess you don’t! But you know what? Maybe I can’t blame you because I bet he would be stealing lots of attention from your humans, even after he got completely better. The humans here rescued a cat many years ago and she lived with us for a few weeks while they were searching for a home for her – and all three of us gave her the thumbs down, even though the humans loved her! I enjoyed playing with her, but the day I walked into my office to see her all over my human’s lap and desk, I gave her the most injured look you could possibly imagine! And this kitty was just like that – an attention-grabbing, takeover kitty and none of us could deal with that.

    • oh Sparkle..thank you thank you for understanding…we all want Leo to stay…but he so desperately needs attention a lot…and I love it…but am afraid to ask for it and only just started doing that. So if he is allowed out with me…he may take over; not cuz he is mean; just because he is more confident than me; and I just want my safe furrever home…with Mom and Dad…we are all trying…but no matter what…we will MAKE SURE Leo has the bestest ever furrever home. He will definitely be with us a couple more weeks from his vet visit today…so time will tell…paw hugs, Savvy

  20. orientallily001 on said:

    I was gonna comment on the beautiful hydrangeas but then… then I saw the BEAUTIFUL pictures of YOU! Wow-oh-wow!!! You look amazin’! Of course, you are the perfect model. True artwork, indeed.


  21. catfromhell on said:

    Oh! Oh! Oh! Me is so furry thnaksfuls that yous liked the paintings as much as me! If yous looks carefully yous will see some hairs in the paint. That was me making sure yous would knows they came from us! And about the hissing, me STILL hisses lots at Kozmo! It has been 2 and a half years…Mommy wonders if it will ever cease and me tells her HISSSSSSSSS!
    And wes LOVES your hydrangea, we had one but it got winter deaded 😦
    Mommy misses it.

  22. Savvy, you sure has some purrty flowers!

    We love your paintings! They rock.

    We hope you can learn to like Leo without freaking you out so much. It would be great to keep seeing him, but we understand that you have to come first. Our Meowm thinks Leo is quite handsome.

  23. Those drawings of you are beautiful! I’m glad you had the opportunity to set Leo straight. Hissing, yowling, and running away is a pretty clear statement….. Right? Good job, S.

    Love and licks,

  24. Well, it sometimes takes a lot of time to introduce two kitties, even two kitties without prior issues, so that doesn’t mean you won’t accept Leo in the end 😉
    The paintings are furry nice. Kozmo’s and Nellie’s human is a multitalented human!

  25. Your pawtraits are beautiful, you must be very pleased with them!
    It would be lovely if you could get used to the idea of Leo being in the house.

  26. What a great bunch of Thankful! We hope you and Leo settle your differences, soon. We can’t wait to hear what he has to say.

    Thank your peeps for sharing the hydrangea pics. Our Mommy just luvs them, too! XOXO

  27. WOW! There is so much happening over at your place!! Garden looks beautiful and Mum says so does Leo!!!!! Sheesh! Humans have no discernment!! Miss barb has done you proud, Savvy. You look great! love from Austin xox

  28. Your garden report is purrfect! Love it..but wow, your portraits are stunning! Hope you learn to stop hissing at Leo…he’s kinda cute.

  29. This paintings deserve a place in the Louvre – The Meow Lisa :o)

  30. Awesome paintings! I think there’s something good about having Leo in the house: your vocal cords need to be trained sometimes and you just hissed it all out 😉

  31. mollieandalfie on said:

    Miss Barb is sure talented, that is a wonderful painting Savvy, looks just like you. All our plants are getting destroyed, the wind is horrendous here xx00xx

    Mollie and Alfie

  32. Fabulous paintings! just like you Savvy 🙂 and oh dear not Leo wandering around making you do the chips in hot oil sound heheheh it’s okay he just wants to say thanks Savvy 🙂

  33. Savvy your paintings by Miss Barb are spectacular and look JUST like you. She captured you purrrfectly. As for Leo – he’s such a sweet guy and we are hoping you adjust to having him there Savvy as he needs a good friend very much now that he’s getting better. Mom and I think he’s got the sweetest face and I think he’d love it if you were his “big sister” !!

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

  34. Absolutely in love with the paintings x Leo I would have you xxx

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