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Monday Meowsie News…


What a whirlwind week we have had! Efurryone knows by now that my foster brofur Leo is off his feeding tube and eating and drinking on his own.  If you missed that post…click HERE

I have now managed to hiss, growl, snarl and yowl at his hotel suite door…even if I can’t SEE him…I can certainly hear his cry baby caterwauling meowyowling noises he makes every night!!…sheesh…a ladycat can’t get her beauty sleep with all his noise!

And it has been hot, hot, hot here over last few days…so Dad always keeps the bird and squirrel TV glass doors covered to keep out the sun…but I  know how to watch any channel I want…heh…heh…if I can’t see him…then I KNOW he can’t see me…


…and we had Dinah’s staff over for dinner early last week…I allowed her to view me…but I made sure that as soon as she got off MY COUCH…she knew I was not purrleased with her hangin’ round too long…


…especially as she did not bring my furriend Dinah (member of RWB…Readers Without Blogs)…click HERE if you don’t recall my furriend Dinah…she is one hot sexy ladycat for sure!!…just sayin’…

Notice she left my fave blue afghan all crumpled…and I had to scrunch into my meat loaf position on the cold leather couch…she didn’t even care because she and Mom and Dad had all chowed down nibbled on the cheese and crackers…who cared that ‘little sweet Dad’s Princess Savannah’ was left to the cold hard couch…alone…

…then…I had to just hunker down and endure…


…no, seriously…I REALLY mean IT!!…this was tough to endure….zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…


…and so goes my torturous interesting week…

Now let me turn to my foster brofur Leo…and I don’t do this with “glee”…trust me…He was allowed to “ROAM FREE” in MY HOME!!!….CAN YOU BELIEVE!!!

…and then he was allowed…(I, of course knew this was going on as my master bedroom doors were CLOSED!…thus…I sadly, and forlornly…hid UTB…for the duration…alone…)…he was allowed to roam throughout my domain home…

…first he finds his way to MY upstairs TOWER!!…

…then he finds his way down stairs to MY  PLAY ROOM!!!…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Well…there is more…not so pretty…as Leo took advantage of someone very very special to me…I was disgusted amazed at his boldness!!

But that must wait until another post…this one had dragged on long enough already!

What?? Mom!! Dad!! S#!^$&%)ERIOUSLY!!   This is MY blog!…ummm…right??!!

Yes, Savvy, it is…but Mom and I want to share what we did today that took us away from catering   giving attention to you and yes, even to foster brofur Leo…

Dad here…today I helped Mom Linda drive a transport of two sweet 2 month old doxie pups…we moved them from the Sacramento SPCA to a foster in Los Altos, all in Northern California.  The two pups were from a litter of 5, the SPCA fostered the other 3, and the Southern California Daschund Rescue has someone in Nor Calif who took the last two…we logged 280 miles; about 6 hours…but it saves two precious lives…and no…they were not quiet…nor were they “non-productive”…yes…we had the pleasure of changing puppy poop pads mid trip…ick!!…these sweet pups have some mange which will be cleared quickly and they will find fantabulous furrever homes…we luvluvluv’d doing this today…

…the music they made…sorry so short…turn up volumn…heheh

That’s my Monday Meowsie News…hope you had a great time catching up with all the stuff going on in my home…never a dull moment here…

Paw Pats, Savannah

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47 thoughts on “Monday Meowsie News…

  1. stealthfur0ne on said:

    Paws up for Mom and Dad doing that great transport!
    Now as to Leo. Savannah he is a pretty handsome Man-Cat. You better watch out before those hisses turn to kitty kisses.
    Just sayin

  2. It’s nice to see Leo well enough to explore. Are you sure you couldn’t grow to tolerate him, Savannah?
    It’s a lovely thing to give those puppies a chance of a life, I hope they’ll find good homes.

  3. OMC… let’s go on strike Savvy… we must get rid of the intruders 😀

  4. Wow! There sure has been lots going on at your house.

  5. I am so happy Leo is doing well, but sorry that your humans decided he should be able to walk around freely and he is taking over your Queendom. But it will be ok. You will always be top cat in our book. Tell your Dad that his good work with the Doxy dogs is very impressive. You are all really good people and kitties.

  6. orientallily001 on said:

    Leo is gettin’ to be quite bold, huh? You know what’s gonna come next, don’t you? Next, he’ll be wantin’ his own blog!


  7. Thank you, sweet Savannah for allowing your mom to use your blog to tell about the busy, busy time around your place. We are happy to see Leo is up to investigating. You sure were sweet to allow him to look all around your domain. Bless your mom and dad for transporting those adorable little puppies. Hugs and nose kisses

  8. UTB is always safest when you aren’t sure what elase to do, Savvy. Better safe than sorry, right?

    We’re so glad to see Leo looking strong and confident, though. He’s such a handsome mancat, and he’s going to make a great forever friend for someone.

  9. Wow how massively bust have things been with your folks! You are very good to let him roam around your house, and on the positive at least the puppies didn’t come home with your folks!

  10. So much news! We’re very glad Leo is eating on his own and hope he will go from strength to strength!

    The Chans

  11. phew Savvy theres nothing dull about your home,that is one busy time!xx Speedy

  12. Poor Savvy. Leo seems to be improving in leaps and bounds.

  13. So never a dull moment at your place. Even though Leo is now encroaching on your territory, isn’t it nice to have his health continuing to improve? We can’t understand why you curled up on the cold leather couch when that nice blue blankie was right there. Trying to make the humans feel sorry for you perhaps? Have a great wee. Continued purrayers for Leo. Purrs and hugs from the kitties at The Cat on My Head, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Josette

  14. Dinah on said:

    Pink and pinkier ears —– you are so nice to mention me in your blog; I can’t believe I know a famous author! Sexy? MOI? Shouldn’t I have more treats or something if I’m that good looking? Pink ears are also for how thoughtless my housekeeper was when she visited. She SAYS (now) that she hoped you would get up on the blanket if it was on her lap, but that’s no reason not to put it back where it belonged after she got off the sofa. Your friend, Dinah RWB.

  15. Savvy, you be nice to Leo! He has had a hard life and needs peoples and kitties to love him.

  16. Well, we are glad Leo is doing so much better, Savvy. But that must be disconcerting to have him invade your space like that! Maybe you’ll get used to him as time goes on?

  17. Whoa! Your frosted brofur Leo is looking goo, I must say. Your Mom and Dad saved his life!! I hope he doesn’t stress you out too much since your recovery has been going so well. Why couldn’t you lay on the rumpled blue blankie? I think all Doxies have mange cos Prudence’s Mom does transports and she’s always talking about them having mange.

  18. spittythekitty on said:

    I think that Intruder should be punished for messing up your blue blankie. That was Not Acceptable. On the other hand, we are sooooo happy to see Leo exploring and looking like he feels GOOD! Also, so happy to hear he is still eating! I guess once he a-membered how, he a-membered how good and tasty it is! Your Peeps are like LIFE-SAVERS, Savvy, and even though it’s hard for you to share, it is a Good Thing you are all doing.

  19. Good for you sweet Savannah, you are handling the Leo tours quite well, even if it is UTB. Hooray for dear Leo and for those cute little pups.

  20. Well Savvy what a tolerant girl you are..gingers are very inquisitive! and foster Brofurs even more so! it is good he is well and getting confidence back and due in no small part I am sure to you sweet kitty 🙂

  21. I know you’re not happy about it, but it’s nice to see your Leo walking around with confidence and looking so good. Star would be glad to get together with you and have a Leo trash talking party!

  22. Savvy, you are a trooper for sure, putting up with a ginger boycat in YOUR domain! You are a saint, that’s for sure. But he does look kind of cute!!! 😉

  23. Your peeps are so good, Savannah. All that loving care they give to you and now Leo, and then helping with transports too. God bless them for their kindness.

    Woos – Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  24. Dearest Savvy,

    We know it is hard having your home invaded, but try to enjoy any extra attention that may come your way.

    And we know it is annoying having another cat in your home, but Leo has been thru a lot, so give him a little break okay?

    WE are very happy your pawrents took those little pups to a good place. Our Meowm loves her some doxies!

  25. Savannah that was some very fabulous news! We are so happy about Leo and about those two woofies. We hope you are feeling better and not neglected because we are sure your Mom and Dad would not want you to feel that way.

    • hi Abby! And yes, Dad and Mom both are going out of their way to make sure I get my attention; and I am still happy to share my king size bed with them at night…no problem as long as they understand which half is MINE!

  26. We girls need to have a pity-party every now and again, don’t we, Savvy. Just remember, you are the top cat in your house and I like to think I’m the top dog!

  27. Oh Savvy! The things you hafta put up with! You should get a gold star…or maybe lots of treats or nip…for all your troubles, right?? We’re glad Leo is doing so much better. And we know that, even though he’s taking advantage of your house and the things (and peeps!) in your house, you’re glad he’s doing better too.

    And how special that your peeps got to help out on that transport!

    • hmmm…maybe there is something behind me getting extra treats this week???…so Zoey…how did the lady with the yellow hair introduce you to Ernie and Wally?? Did she just toss you in a room with them and see what happened? Mom Linda would appreciate some advice…maybe an email to her would help if the lady with the yellow hair has time; paw pats, Savannah

  28. I know he is making you a bit nuts, Savvy, but it really is good to see Leo getting back to normal and exploring and stuff. I think all your pals have become rather attached to the guy… wish you would do the same…

  29. da tabbies o trout towne on said:

    leo…keep up de GRATE werk n eatin N drinkin N usin de box N eggs ploartion N playin with savvy’ stuff…..her doez knot care…trooly…her iz just bein a gurl…

    savvy; way awesum oh ewe ta let leo eggs plore yur houze; N pleez knot ta mind leo’s mewsic at nite…him just finded his voice…him couldna sing much bee for coz he had stuffs in hiz throats…sorree bout yur blankets gettin all de sizespect tho

    and way awesum oh yur peepz ta help de wee pupz like that…thoze pups dinna haza any trubull findin their voice huh !!!

  30. Savvy, it was just for a quick stroll – and hey, after all – YOU had something to sniff out too, after he went back to his suite.
    He should not TAKE things from you, though. If you meet him ONE day, you will have to make that very clear, if he ever dares you, that is. Red boys take some education – you need to be brave – after all – YOU are the Queen of your castle.

  31. Oh Savvy any chance you brother can stay permanently? xxx

  32. Glad to hear about sweet Leo. It’s too bad he’s invading all your privacy and using your stuff, but you’re a nice foster sister for allowing it 😉

  33. mollieandalfie on said:

    That was fantastic seeing Leo walking around like a normal Kittie, not all tubed up..wonderful.. he know’s you are BOSS Savvy cause he was sniffing all around at your scent.. That is total neglect though, leaving your blankie all screwed up on the couch like that..I think sometimes you just have to put your paw down 🙂 Hugs Your Alf xx00xxx

    Mollie and Alfie

  34. Yow Savannah you iz endurin alot at da momint fer shure!!! A crumpled afghan iz so so wrong!!!! Me haz Mum trained to keep me blankiezon da futon n throne (armess) chair….if sumone movez dem Mum putz dem back as SOON as da company leavez!!! MOL!!!
    As fer da Leo bein sprung frum da ‘hotel suite’ it iz guud fer him to explore n stir up da appytite…but me nose how upsettin it iz to have an introoder in da house. Maybee Leo will get a new home or else you get a new Brofur… can alwayz tellyport over here n stay wif us!!
    Yer Mum n Dad did guud transportin da Doxiez to dere new place…you have guud Hu’manz!!!!! Me hopez da rest of yer da goez well n Leo not bother you too much.
    Lub Nylablue n her sick Mum xo

  35. I am excited to see Leo acting so very cat-like, but OMGoodness, Savvy! He has definitely overstepped. He is all up in your stuff!! You and your family have a streak of kindness a mile wide! xoxo

    Love and licks,

  36. You are the perfect example of what a foster family should be!
    We love to share your adventures

  37. Fan-TAS-tic!! We love to watch (and re-watch) Leo’s explorations!! What a great foster family you all are … and yes, I mean you, too, Savannah!!

  38. It’s outrageous about blue blankie.Can’t you phone a lawyer?

  39. mistletoeandhitch on said:

    Hi Savannah! It’s Mistletoe! Long time no meow. I know having some smelly boy cat invading your home is really nasty. It’s just so aggravating to have them come in and spread their scent and hair all over. I don’t know how old Leo is, but at least he isn’t a kitten. Then, the humans can’t stop cooing and saying things like “watching them play is better than TV”. I have to mention though that, if you look really hard, there are a couple of not completely disgusting advantages to having a fur boy in the house. First, and foremost? Nothing is ever your fault again. Nope, I can leave a big, black hair ball right on HuMom’s pillow? And she’s like, “poor baby girl, did that evil Hitch stop you from getting to the carpet?” Also? If you don’t like your food? Check out boyo’s bowl. After all, they can’t expect you to share your food with him, but if you check out his? You’re showing an interest and getting along. Anyway, I know it’s hard, so feel free to give me a Meow if you need to shed a little over Leo.

    ?????….(Oh, alright! Geez, why can’t he post is own comment? ) (Sigh)….Savannah? We both wish you the best of luck with the alien invader. Hitch wants to offer his help and advice, too. After all, Hitch is an expert on annoying invaders.
    Again, purrs!
    Mistletoe & Hitch

  40. I like how Leo discovered Casa Savannah – like Indiana Jones! I was totally over the top as I heard the two puppies – I’m so glad they are on the way to a good Foster Home – Thanks to you:o)

  41. Wow Savvy….never a dull moment at your house! I know it was tough for you to share your house with Leo BUT he looks SOOOO GOOD!!!! He had fun exploring everywhere after being in his hotel suite so long and I know you hated having to be UTB while he did his thing it was generous of you to let him get a bit of exercise around your domain! We’re so very happy he’s better. Also bravo to your Mom and Dad for helping get those cutie pie doxies transported. Poor little hairless things – hopefully that mange clears up and they have their furrrrrrever homes soon!

    Kitty Hugs and Happy Monday, Sammy

    • Poor poor Savvy – you really have been neglected. We’re happy Leo is feeling so much better now, but that still doesn’t give him the excuse to take over the house! he he – The guy needs to learn some manners.

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