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Late Thankful Thursday…


I am late, late, late…but for a very good reason…heh…heh…


I always have lots to be thankful for and of course my garden is one of the things I am always thankful I have.  Without my garden I would not have such wonderful bird, squirrel, butterfly, hummer, bee, etc. TV!

Last week I did not submit my garden report to Jonesie…hope she will forgive me…there was a lot of stuff to share about foster brofur Leo and whatnot.  So here it is for this week Jonesie

Society of Feline Gardeners

My garden is in a state of constant blooming…but right now things have sort of slowed down so not too much new to show you…

Did someone say something as they were reading my post??…What??…Oh…why I was late…and for a good reason…yeah, yeah…I’ll get to that in just a sec’…’kay?

Next  I join Pepi Smart Dog in his wonderful Thankful Thursday Blog Hop…click here to read like a gazillion other great blog post for this special day


Of course I am always thankful to have things to be thankful for…and having my life in my furrever  home is a pretty big “thankful” and one I will never stop feeling…and Mom and Dad feel that same…they saved me and I saved them (from each other from boredom)…snorkle, snicker

Anywho…remember these photos of my foster brofur Leo when he first came to us and then when he had his first feeding tube inserted…???

And then we finally got him to my personal and pawsome vet, Dr. Melanie Ellis, from Civic Feline Clinic, who took such very good care of him and who finally got the proper size feeding tube inserted after Leo pulled the first one out…

Well, Leo had to go back to see Dr. Ellis Tuesday night…do you see anything different in his photos from today, Thursday…(he spent two nights with Dr. Ellis …)…do any of you SEE ANYTHING DIFFERENT…in these photos from today????

Mom and Dad had reached a plateau in the progress they were making with Leo…he would only eat less than a 1/4 C of hard kibble in 24 hours; not drinking on his own either.  So they took him back to Dr. Ellis…they all agreed…Leo needed more motivation…and so Dr. Ellis removed his feeding tube.  She asked if Mom and Dad wanted to leave the room…they said “nope”…we are in this together.

Dr. Ellis removed his feeding tube, you can see in the photos above how long it was hanging out…there was just as much INSIDE LEO!!…He was so relieved to get it out…but then he ran to the door and asked Mom and Dad nicely…”Can we go home now purrlease?”


To which they had to say “no”…Leo needed to stay in hospital for a couple of nights to make sure the teeny infection he had at the entry point of the tube healed (it is almost completely closed today!!).  And to make sure he would do what everyone thought…be so relieved to get that tube out of his throat he would chow down.

He did not eat a bit over night, so Dr. Ellis gave him an appetite stimulant and in an hour or so he was chowing down on anything they put in his enclosure…and yes…he was drinking that H2O like crazy!!

PURRlease enjoy both videos of Leo, back home with me, Mom and Dad…and yes, he has already had a bite to eat and Dad saw him drink what Dad called “the longest drink of water I ever saw a cat take in!!”

…this is a bit longer video…the first one did not record as planned…but I luvluvluvd them both…so you can watch either or both…

Now that is one great Thankful Thursday accompanied by a very bootiful Garden Report to Jonesie.


We could never ever have pulled Leo from the brink of a certain death if we did not have your help, support, guidance, input and all those precious and healing purrrs, woos, woofs,whiffles, neighs and purrayers.  We know Leo still needs another 10 days or so to really make sure he is OVER THE CURVE…but we are so incredibly hopeful.

We will make sure to PAY FORWARD all that you, our anipal/paw blog/FB furriends have given us…RESCUE AND FOSTER ROCKS!

Paw Pats, Savannah and Foster Brofur Leo

peeEss I hope many of you have started to see me show up in your comment queues. I am really really trying to get round to everyone and still stay involved in some auctions, and events going on. If you have not heard from me in a while, PURRLEASE let me know because I don’t want anyone to think I don’t read or care…I have just lost track of who I have caught up with who I need to get back to, etc.  Paw hugs, Savvy and Mom Linda

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73 thoughts on “Late Thankful Thursday…

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  2. stealthfur0ne on said:

    This is just the Bestest News!
    We are all still sending plenty of Purrs to Leo!
    Thanks for keeping us infurmed of his progress and give a big purr to your Mom and Dad! They are great people!

  3. Yay for Leo!!!!
    I am sooo behind Savvy. Mummy has had a stupid cold and hasn’t been able to help me so I’m frantically trying to catch up! Hope all’s well with you

  4. That’s just the most PAWEsome news!! So glad he’s motivated to eat and hoping he keeps it up and finds himself a wonderful forever family.

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  6. Hopping over from Thankful Thursday – wow, you all DO have a lot to be thankful for: I love your garden, Savannah, and Huzzah! that Leo got his tube out. I, a human, have one, too, (in my stomach), but it will never come out so eating is boring but I can eat and type at the same time – LOL. ARROO! from Silverwalk.

  7. Katie Isabella on said:

    Savvy, this brought tears to mom’s eyes. We are so grateful to learn Leo is better and has his tube out. So grateful.

    • more news on Monday post…purrlease forgive me for not always being in comment queue…Mom L, my typist, is having serious car-pool-tunal stuff…very painful…but we are trying to come round, paw pats, Savannah

  8. A wonderful and touching story about Leo, and all you have done for him.
    Hip, hip, hooray and lots of paws up for Savvy and family!

  9. It’s just so wonderful to hear how well Leo is doing! Big purrs to you Savannah and your humans, the vet, and everyone else who is helping Leo to heal.

  10. Wonderful news,hip hip hip hurrah.

  11. Flynn on said:

    This is wonderful news. Leo looks so happy playing. A big thank you to you and your mom and dad for all the love and care they are giving Leo.

  12. Great job with the reporting, as always, Savvy! Your garden looks beautiful, and Leo looks AMAZING! We’re so happy he’s doing better, eating, drinking and playing. We’ll continue to send purrs and prayers that he gets better and better. 🙂

    Hugs and big thank yous to you, Mom Linda and Dad Peter.

  13. This was a wonderful post! I’m thankful that Leo is eating and is getting better. I’m sending a whole bunch of healing purrs for a 100% healthy, happy kitty!!

  14. da tabbies o trout towne on said:

    thanx mew St Francis…. !!!

    leo …DOOD…

    savvy, we dont meen ta ignore ewe in this commint..Hi…

    but leo..DOOD…
    we could…knot…bee…happier….ewe…iz….eatin…on…yur…own…if….we….winned…de….furst..N…onlee….mega…bazillion….trout…loter ree

    THIS IZ AWESUM !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    mor blesings oh st francis comin yur way ya keep up de grate werk, eat on yur own, drink on yur own, N use that box like litterz never been used 🙂


    hope everee one haza grate week oh end !!!!!

  15. Leo looks much better! 🙂
    I still need to catch up on your blog posts (I’m trying to get clean up my inbox!)! But I’m glad to see Leo is doing better. The auction was lots of fun too!

  16. Thank you for the videos of Leo – we can’t believe the difference taking that feeding tube out has made. It must have been so uncomfortable in his throat for him – we are hoping he will be getting real cheeky now!!
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  17. I’m so glad to read all the good news about Leo . It took a load off my mind as I saw him in the videos. I think he is a little bit like the “godchild” of Blogville.

  18. Leo is looking a lot better – he’s quite playful. I hope he continues to eat and improve.

  19. Wonderful news!!! Leo looks so happy now and we are so happy he is eating, drinking and playing. Hugs and nose kisses

  20. Oh, my dogness, that’s the best news EVER, Savvy!! Leo looks so happy playing with the mousie…he is one lucky kitty.

  21. You have a beautiful garden!

    We’re so happy for Leo!! Thanks for updating us.

    The Florida Furkids

  22. So so so happy about Leo!! OhMyGosh!! I have tears leaking out and going down my cheeks. Thanks heavens you all took him in and gave him a happy loving place to have the will to keep on going. Just the most bestest best news!!!!!!!!!!

    • It has been a tough road for Leo but he has had the love and support from a global paw blogging community to bring him around! We could not have afforded to keep going without this generous community

  23. You’re garden is as beautiful as ever and we are so happy Leo has improved. Great job with both!

  24. What a SMART doctor! Of course Leo couldn’t eat, his belly was already fed. This was a wonderful idea. He needed the tube when he needed the tube, but now he doesn’t need it. Brilliant! Leo looks so happy! We are happy too! Yay!

    Love and licks,

  25. alasandrathecatsandadog on said:

    We are so glad Leo got his feeding tube out and that he is eating. Your garden is looking lovely. ~Socks, Scylla, Fenris & Tuiren

  26. O i am so so so pleased!!! A brilliant end to the week, keeping everything crossed he continues to improve!

  27. Oh Savvy and Miss Linda this is the very BEST news in the whole world to hear on a Friday morning. It’s gloomy and rainy outside but our hearts are full of sunshine to read that Leo’s tube is out, he’s eating and drinking, and most of all playing and looking SO very much better than when we first saw him. The power of love and help of an amazing family and vet seem to have turned Leo’s course in his life around. There’s no way all of us here in MY house say it in any other way than BLESS ALL OF YOU…..He just looks grand! Thank you for absolutely making our day…..special Sammy Hugs all ’round!

    Love, Sammy and his Mom Pam

  28. It’s great to see Leo doing so much better! What is going to happen to him when he is fully recovered?

    • Ummm, well Austin…we were all sitting here in bed having coffee, ear scritches and readin’ and watching’ TV and whatnot and meowing about that very thing. He has a quirky behavior that we don’t know what to do about. Mom will send your Mom an email. Hard to explain. But he needs to be in a foster now that can have him out in the whole house and we can’t cuz of, well, ….me

  29. Those videos are fantastic to see the difference x

  30. mollieandalfie on said:

    All I can say savvy is that made our eye’s water.. Lets hope it’s onwards and upwards for Leo now, he is so adorable xx00xx

    Mollie and Alfie

  31. Bless you all for taking such good care of this special little fella.

  32. Oh we are so happy that your Leo is rid of his feeding tube and is eating!! We’ve had out paws and fingers crossed for him and we’ll keep them crossed until he’s well well well on his way to recovery!

  33. yippee for Leo,I’m full of happiness!xx Speedy

  34. How lovely to see Leo without the tube. Great progress 🙂

  35. Dinah on said:

    Squeeeeeeeee! What happiness! You and your folks are really great! I am excited at the great news about Leo! (Can you tell?) Your friend Dinah RWB (Reader without Blog.)

  36. Wonderful wonderful mews! Savvy you and your mum and dad and the vets have done a pawesome job! I am sending much more purrs and kitty hugs to Leo in the hopes he continues his great recovery! 🙂 xxxxxxx from fozziemum,Marbles,Pickles,Dinnermintz,Cleo and Forrest and Doc and even the sheepies Oscar,Jock and Felix…big down under hugs sent up to you all!

  37. Could only like this once – but I want to like it over and over again. Was so hoping he would recover!
    Savvy, you will have to like Leo – he needs your people! He needs their attention – if this ever occurs again, they need to take him IMMEDIATELY to a vet. YOUR peeps would make sure of that – not everybody would. So it is a life necessity for him, to have so dedicated cat-takers. Give your heart a nudge. It is essential for him.
    Just *horror scenario no. 1* guess, what would happen, if Leo went to somebody else – and he would stop eating there – cos he missed you? Well – miss that only home he has ever known?
    Or *horror scenario no.2* Leo went to some other place and would not agree with another being living there – and he would stop eating therefore?
    Both might be the end of Leo. Be generous. YOU will always be the QUEEN of your home. But a queen needs somebody to reign over 😉

  38. I shared that last picture with Miss Khyra cause she likes those crossed paws!


  39. Well, I, Emily have Khyra as a new friend, but the boys have been visiting with her for some time. I am working on some whikked whendsday photos!

  40. Fantastic news about Leo! Our mom thinks he is the cat’s meow (well, he is a cat isn’t he…silly bean) ‘cuz she says he looks so much like our brofur Silas. Silas went to the Bridge too soon and mom still misses him.

    Your garden is lovely too!

    Sasha, Sami, & Saku

  41. WOO HOO!!!!!!!!!!!!! We are so very excited Leo is eating on his own! He looks very happy and even looks like he has put on a bit of weight! Great job to your pawrents and to Leo!!!

    You must go over and see our blog!

  42. It’s nice to see Leo having fun and without the feeding tube. So glad he is feeling better. Hope he just keeps improving.

  43. Mom loves gardens and your garden is lovely, but the news about Leo is so spectacular it outshines everything else. To see him tubeless and playing has our mom grinning from ear-to-ear. You are the most pawsome foster family ever. We’ll continue purraying for Leo to make a full recovery. Purrs and hugs from the kitties at The Cat on My Head, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Josette

    • awww..shuffles paws…pink ears…we have just been hopin’ and purrin’ for Leo to find his way…hope this is it! Purrlease forgive me for being absent for so long from your bloggy comments…I read, just no comments for a whole month almost…starting to come back…but slow

  44. Yay for Leo getting his feeding tube out and eating on his own. We have a super soft spot for Orinch kitties like us. Good to see him playing!

  45. spittythekitty on said:

    Oh frabjous day! The Human and I could not be happier for this good news! Savvy, your Peeps are the BEST! XOXOXOXO to efurryone

    • can you BELIEVE! Spitty!! He is so different!!…still some behavior stuff to work through…and hope he keeps on drinking and eating…thank you for being my furriend and for continuing to read my blog when I have fallen so far behind on commenting on your and others…we hope to get better now

  46. OMC! This is such GREAT news! YAY Leo! We knew you could do it. Now let’s purr that you continue to eat and do better!!

    Savvy, you and your peeps have done good. 🙂

    • YEA!! Thank you Miss Sue and Ernie and Wally and Zoey. Now we need to know what you did that worked and did not work to introduce adult Zoey to adult Ernie and Wally. We are gonna start trying that this week…wrings paws together in worry

  47. Paws up to your humans and your awesome vet (and you know me, I never put the words awesome and vet together ever!) for helping Leo through his recovery! And paws up to Leo for hanging in there – keep up the good work!

    • MOL neither do we…but this vet who is a cat specialist is great and we had a vet in So Calif for our cats and Sibes who everyone in So Cal knew in the dog show world. Northside Vet Clinic in San Bernardino; Dr Barbara Allard…PAWSOME

  48. That is very good news about Leo – we hope he continues to eat a bit more each day. He sure likes to play:)

    Woos – Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  49. Leo is one happy cat to have the tube out of his neck. Wishing him the best as he (hopefully) fully recovers. I’ve grown quite fond of him so I can imagine how your Mom and Dad feel. Your garden is so pretty.

    • WE too are very fond of Leo…but if I don’t accept him or he makes me give up my cuddles with Mom and Dad…then he must find another home. We are already starting the introduction process to find if it might work…but he really does demand a lot of people attention.

  50. Yow Savannah N Miss Linda…ferst let me n Mum say yer Garden looks beeutefull n we lubz da Tiger Liliez da BEST (of course).
    Den we want to say OH MY CATGOD look at Leo go, go, go!!! Oh diz iz pawsum n Mum iz in tearz watchin da videoz of Leo!!! he lookz so much better…We iz hopin dat he will eat now; it soundz like he iz on hiz wzy to gettin better!!!
    Ya know hiz fur iz even orange-er den it waz befur!!!! Dat is a guud sign!!!! Go leo Go!!! WE doez a *happy dance* here!!!!!
    Lub frum Nylablue n SherriEllen xo

  51. Your garden is lovely. Three cheers for Leo. We are purring that he gets all the way better as quickly as possible.


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