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Friday Frolics Collage


I have some pretty fun photos to share today that are all about havin’ fun!

First…Mom Linda went to Blog Paws and she hasn’t had time to share some fun photos she took of Plush Savannah (that would be ME!), Plush Nerissa, Plush Cathy Keisha and Plush Bunny Jean Cook.  They all had some fun playing around in the Cat Lounge at Blog Paws…(click on a photo to bigify and see the whole capshun)

…and then, of course, CK and I spent some time with Mom Linda and TW in the presentations…ya know…checkin’ out whether or not those peeps speakin’ knew what they were talkin’ about…(we did have some quiet meows together too…catchin’ up on gossip and all…heh…heh)…

…and finally I got to hang out on the table at the Awards Ceremony with my bloggin’ buddy Nissy…we were waitin’ to learn if he won the Nose to Nose Award for Best Blog Writer…and he DID!!…

…and here is the bestest ever photos from my buddy Tuna over at Da Tabbies O’ Trout Towne …just to bring efurryone up to date…remember the auction and raffle Mollie and Alfie organised to help me raise some green papers to help Mom and Dad pay for Foster Brofur Leo’s medical costs???

Well…Tuna and his cousins Dai$y and Boomer WON the MEGA RAFFLE PRIZE…DONATED BY MY VERY BESTESSSSST FURRIENDS…MY THREE MOGGIES….now do you remember??? Of course you do!!

So Tuna, Dai$y and Boomer gifted their WIN to LEO…to spend as he purrleased.  Well, seeing as how Leo is under my care ya might say…I thought I outta send somethin’ to thank Da Tabbies…so I sent them one Tabby Hand Painted Stone by @TinyPearlCat for each of them…and I am guessin’ Tuna really luvluvluvd his!!..

Hope you enjoyed my Friday Frolics Collage…lots of different stuff…all good fun…

What Mom???…Huh??? You really think my readers want anymore stuff about Foster Brofur Leo??…seriously…this dude is gonna try to steal my blog…harruummmpppfff!

Ok, Ok…here he is relaxin’ in Dad’s office window seat…yeah, yeah…


…he had a vet check today and while he has NOT gained weight…he HAS NOT LOST weight…two more weeks…and he can be cleared to get out of my home be adopted…HELP LEO FIND HIS FURREVER HOME!!…no, no…sorry…didn’t mean to shout…

…and now he is taking advantage of my Upstairs Nip ‘N Nap mat…sheesh…


Paw Pats, Savannah

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42 thoughts on “Friday Frolics Collage

  1. Wow almost ready for adoption is such great news!! I am so pleased he is well on the way to recovery and hopefully a forever home!

  2. orientallily001 on said:

    I absolutely LOVE those pictures of our plush versions hangin’ out with one another. What great pictures.

    Hmmm… reminds me… I’ve got a germ of an idea for our adventure, together.


  3. Leo your progress gives us the biggest smiles of the day x

  4. mollieandalfie on said:


    Mollie and Alfie

  5. Blog Paws looked like fun! Our mommy might go next year but we’ll have to stay home. Leo is very handsome and looks very comfy in your house! We’ll purr that he’ll be able to find a furever home soon!

  6. Those are some pawsome BlogPaws photos!!! I know that Flat Katie & Waffles had a blast. ; ) And Savvy, I know exactly how you feel about the blog hijacking. I swear it must be in the DNA of every orange mancat.

    …hey! We’ve not been able visit much lately and just wanted to say how fun your new header is!

    xo, Katie & Glogirly

  7. I loved all of you plushies hanging out at BlogPaws Savannah, I would have joined you but I was feeling a bit flat MOL!

  8. Lubly Furiday collage!!! Doez plushiez are so cute!!!! Wish me n Mum cuud have gone to Blogpawz….
    As fer Leo he iz bunderfull n handsum n we lubz him…….but YOU iz me soul fursister n nuffin will change diz!!!! Purrleeze let Leo have a Nipnap mat fer himself; dat poor kitteh bin thru so much…me iz shure Miss Linda wuud buy you a new one if ya asked nice like!!
    Yer fursis, Nylablue xo

  9. stealthfur0ne on said:

    psst… Savannah… psst…
    Buddy Budd iz here frum da Timmerz Bloggie. Youz welcomer ta be visiter ta mah Secret Gardenz anny timez! We Bloo’z havvin fun alla timer!
    Purrz ta Ya! Gotta runz. Timmerz comin…
    Yer Bloo Buddy
    Buddy Budd

  10. Oh wow!!! What a great bunch of loot! We have some of those beautiful stones from Miss Pearl… they keep disappearing off the shelf because SOME kitty likes to bat them around…

  11. What great pics! I can’t help thinking that the world might not be ready for a Savvy and CK partnership!!! I hope you will let Leo stay until he finds a furrever home. You never know, Savvy, he might be a sweet brofur if you let him hang around abit!! xox

  12. spittythekitty on said:

    Darling, Have you developed a little, uh, drinking problem? What’s next–a pack of Winstons?? Your plush self really got around, didn’t she? Well, Leo looks grand but I understand how much you want him the heck out of your house, uh, to find a wonderful home of his own 😉

  13. The mom says all the plushes had a great time at BlogPaws, and those pictures are proof!

    Leo is looking good. How nice of the Trout Towne Tabbies to give him the prize they won.

  14. What a great post! Of course it was cos I was in it. I think TW was glad that pic of her your Mom took wasn’t in there. MOL! We certainly had a lot of fun. Maybe Plush CK can come to visit you once Leo gets adopted. After he’s cleared to be adopted, please don’t send him back to the shelter or he might stop eating again and get sick. See if you can stand, er, foster him until he finds a home. We’ll all help.

    • awwww CK…you are just like me…you like the dude…just don’t wanna have to see him! Yes, we will foster until he finds a furrever home. We are still trying to get me to ‘look’ at him…but every time Mom and Dad set it up…I just stay in my tent, don’t come out until they put him away. TOmorrow they are gonna set him up in our kitchen and see if I will come take a look…not Leo’s issue…all mine…and Mom and Dad won’t ever never give up on all the progress we have made in my recovery…but Leo…well, he will be a king wherever he goes

  15. We sure had lots of fun at BlogPaws, and it looks like YOU did, too! We LOVE your pictorial roundup, Savvy!

    Leo’s looking good. Paws crossed that he finds his very own forever home very soon. 🙂

  16. Love the collage!
    We hope Leo gets a new home fast! It’s too bad you don’t get along with him, just think of all the fun you could have playing with him! (I’m going to ignore that my Star just snorted at that..)

    • Hi Miss Andrea. So I know that you had to introduce your Leo to your Star…how did you do that? How long before you could leave them in a room together…I know they still have troubles…Mom and Dad and I all wanna make this Leo’s home…but not if it means I live UTB

  17. Oh we are so happy you and mom had such a good time at Blog Paws. I’m jealous cuz you even got to hang out with CK. What a pair you would make.

  18. Those plush kitties looked like they were having fun – too bad us IRL kitties couldn’t do that, but judging from your feelings about Leo… yeah, it ain’t gonna happen. I love seeing how happy Leo looks though! If you really can’t stand having him around, Savvy, I guess the only thing I can hope for is that he finds a home as awesome as yours!

    • thanks Sparkle. I am still trying with Mom and Dad to see if I can tolerate him more. We will have him 2 more weeks to foster before our vet OK’s him for adoption. His eating is still not as stable as we all want. He has lost no weight but neither has he gained and he can’t stand to lose any weight at all. So with the app stim this week and next we hope we can get him up a pound or so. But he is one playing demon let me tell you! I can hear him when they let him out while I nap…he plays Thundering Herd of Elephants up and down the stairs!

  19. All of you plushies at BlogPaws look like some real pawty animals! Tuna looks so cute with his little painted stone kitties too. And of course, Leo is a cutie 🙂

  20. its good to see Leo getting well,xx Speedy

  21. Savvy
    those were great pictures and we sure enjoyed the Friday Frolics!
    We also loved hearing the update about Leo and we hope that all goes well and he finds is forever and ever home very soon.

  22. stealthfur0ne on said:

    What a fun trip! Sounds like all the plushies and flat cats had a great time. So nice of the Tabbies to donate to Leo. He looks wonderfur and full of play. We were so happy and purred so loud Dad asked what we were up to (Suspicious) When we told him he almost purred too!

  23. Leo looks really comfy on your Nip n Nap Mat. How rude of him. You are SUCH a good sport, Savvy! xoxo

    Love and licks,

  24. We really love your pictures.
    Looks like the perfect place to be.

  25. mollieandalfie on said:

    Great photo’s Savvy, I didn’t realize how long Leo was, he needs one of my mat’s, that one’s too small for him..BOL ..How lovely to send the stone to TOTT, they will love it 🙂 You couldn’t see the photo’s Savvy on the blog as I had taken the voting poll of Bawahhwawww it wasn’t your eyepad. xxooxxxxx

    Mollie and Alfie

  26. Great photos Savvy! Leo’s looking so much better – his furs will be growing back soon and he’ll be ready to find his forever home. I hope he finds one quickly and that he spends the rest of his days being healthy and happy. Meanwhile, it’s been very sweet of you to share your home with him. It can’t be easy seeing him lounging around on YOUR spots and with YOUR toys. You’re a generous young lady!

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

  27. We love the pic of you and plush CK lounging in the litter boxes! MOL!

  28. It’s good to see Leo looking so well even if he is still a little underweight. Just think how much you’ll enjoy all that space when you’re alone again Savvy, though maybe a teeny, tiny bit of you might miss Leo being in the other room??? Maybe?

  29. I love the kitty toilet picture – how funny! I’m so glad Leo is well and he lost no weight. I feel a little bit sorry, when he will go to his new furrever home – but otherwise I wish he will find the best furrever home of the world.

  30. Oh Savvy, you’re such a good girl to share with Leo xx

  31. We really did enjoy your Friday Frolics Collage sweet Savannah. Those are all great pictures. Plush Savannah is sooooo cute!! Hugs and nose kisses

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