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Sunday Easy…Times Two

(peeEss and Foster Leo too)

So this won’t go on for much longer…maybe a couple of weeks or so…but for now…Foster Leo gets to be included once in a while…(like ‘always’…harrumpff) in my posts…sigh…

so this is my fave Sunday Easy Nap spot…the unmade bed…

…and hhheeerrrreeees Leo….

…ahem…koff, koff…ahem…sorry….Foster Leo here…I am a bit nervous…I didn’t know I was going to have to…well, ummm…meow with you….ahem…so…here I am …being “Easy” like sort of…after a very rigorous (what the heck does that mean?) aerobic session with Foster Mom Linda…

upper fitness 3

ahhh…cool marble on shaved tummy…nice

Ok, Leo…I’ll take it from here…Savannah back again…sheeesh…what a dufus…oh well…at least he doesn’t eat my fave stinky goodness…had to get him some of his very own…So…think I will send the extra off with him when he gets HIS OWN FURREVER home…nope, not gonna be here…more on that later this week…but if anyone knows anyone who would enjoy this Clown Cat, recently snatched from the jaws of death itself…let Mom Linda or me know via email (lcrodgers at sbcglobal dot net OR ms dot savannahcoolkat at gmail dot com)

Transport can be arranged within lower 48 states…paws crossed…

Paw pats, Savannah and Foster Brofur Leo

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35 thoughts on “Sunday Easy…Times Two

  1. Whoa! Great to see Leo without all that stuff attached to him!

  2. Fingers crossed both Leo and Mary soon find they forever homes they so deserve!

  3. spittythekitty on said:

    Well, Leo certainly is giving an excellent demonstrationof just how Easy he feels in YOUR house! I’m purring the purrfect home for him appears soon XOXOXOXO Happy Dad’s Day to your dad!

  4. We LOVE Leo’s froggy legs!

  5. You gotta admit, Savvy, Leo sure knows how to take it easy. Look at how he spreads it all out! Awesome!

  6. That unmade bed does look real comfy sweet Savannah. Sweet Leo gave us a giggle when we saw his froggy legs. We hope he real soon gets a loving forever home that is perfect for him. You know you and your mom are angels for caring for Leo and getting him healthy again. Hugs and nose kisses

  7. Hey, be nice to Leo, he has had a rough start in life. Learn to share Savvy, we ginger boys are OK.

  8. Chillax time dere!!! Bery nice pix…Leo iz lookin guud & Savannah you iz looking Mahvellous Dahling!!
    Lub Nylablue n Sherri-Ellen xo

  9. BOL – that is the first time we have seen a kitty do the froggy pose:) Your Mom knows what is best for you and Leo – we hope he does find a great forever home.

    Woos – Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  10. I am sure there is a human out there who will love Leo! In fact, I am sure he has enough love to go around for a whole family!

  11. Hope you both had a lovely chilled day xx

  12. Love the relaxed dangling feet Savvy! Too cute!
    And Leo is adorable laying like that! MOL what a silly boy!

  13. orientallily001 on said:

    That’s a neat way that Leo lies down on the floor. Ol’ Peepers says that one of us does the same thing but… bein’ a peep… she can’t remember which one! MOUSES!!!

    If you read my blog today, see if it gives you any ideas, okay?


    • Nissy, blogger is not allowing me to post comments on any sites that use the comment protocol you use. Not from my laptop and I can NEVER post comments on your site using my iPad. I have had trouble all weekend leaving comments on blogger. I am ever so sorry. Not sure about giving me ‘ideas’ other than maybe you and I outta go check out this “Zealandia/Atlantic” connection possibility…is that what you mean/??

      • orientallily001 on said:

        That’s EXACTLY what I mean!

        Hmmm… wonder why Blogger is bein’ so boogery again. Time to feed it a fish or something, I guess.

      • orientallily001 on said:

        But Savvy, there was a comment from you. Hmmm… was that this morning or last night?

        I have comment moderation so the comments don’t appear right away. I have to go through ’em first. That’s how I weed out the ol’ spammers, floatin’ around the blogosphere. Lately, they’ve been tryin’ to sell me a car. MOUSES!

  14. Awww I love Leo’s pose! What a cool cat! =^.^=

  15. Looking good Leo!!! Savvy, why aren’t you right on the center of the bed or laying on the pile of sheet so your Mom can’t neaten it? Guess you have your own style.

  16. Love the way he is Laying quality snap love him x

  17. both of you enjoy your easy,xx Speedy

  18. Leo is so very lovely, it is a shame you two don’t get along Savvy. We will be purring that he gets a great furever home!

  19. Flynn on said:

    That is a cute picture of Leo keeping his tummy cool.

  20. I like the picture of Leo.

  21. What a comfortable position he seems to have found!
    Purrs to both of you

  22. What a smart guy! I must laugh about his legs – he looks funny! I would enjoy this clown cat :o) Have a great Fathers Sunday Savannah & Leo.

  23. Savvy – You an the family are doing a great job of hosting Leo, and even teaching him to blog. We know it is very hard to share, even for a little while, but you are doing great. Good luck finding that home, Leo. Sorry it can’t be with us but the zoo is full up (and on the other side of the country).

  24. We like the way you two are starting your Easy Sunday! You kittehz really know how to celebrate it.

    Happy Father’s Day to your Dad, too! XOXO

  25. Awww Leo is such a handsome boy. We hope he finds a forever home soon.

  26. Savvy, we know you’ll be happy to have that scene-stealing Leo out of the picture again. He’s one famous foster, so hopefully someone will come forward to take in such a handsome social media celebrity. As much as we would love to see Leo in the blogosphere permanently, we imagine a local home would be the best thing for him so he isn’t too stressed out in a long transport.

  27. I think Leo is furry good looking laying on your marble floor 🙂
    Keep my paws crossed that he will get his very own forever home soon !

  28. Hi Savvy so glad to see you let Leo have a little time on the blogs! I am sure he will find a furrever home he seems to be a lovely strong little fighter and someone will fall in love with him!! I know fosters can be a real pain ..our fosters used to drive the gang crazy…mostly they were bottle babies though so annoying little hissy fits hehehe .
    Enjoy your relaxing fathers day Savvy 🙂 luvs fozziemum

  29. Fingers crossed he will find a good home, with the means to care for him, if his illness recurrs.

  30. Love Leo’s cool tummy squat on the tile there…he knows how to be a COOL CAT. As for you Savvy it’s nice of you to share – perhaps Leo will get his forever home quickly now that the whole WORLD knows about him! I know you’ll be happy to have your house back all to yourself. Happy Father’s Day to your Pop!

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

  31. Not bad for your first time, Leo. Savvy, you are still the expert.

    Love and licks,

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